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Felicitaciones de mi parte a Diana Trujillo nuevo cohorte de directores de vuelo de la NASA..


A tribute to the White Mamba, Diana Taurasi 🐍 Narrated by Vanessa Bryant.

Diana Petrenko won 2nd place at the international boxing tournament in Hungary. During the award ceremony, she unfurled flag of Azov. #SaveAzovstalDefenders.


The Duchess of Cambridge channelled her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, in ravishing polka dots at Ascot today.

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by Tatler,Tatler on twitter tweets Diana Photo

Ukrainian boxer Diana Petrenko proudly unfurls the neo-Nazi Avoz Battalion flag during the awards ceremony for a boxing tournament in Hungary.

Kate Middleton channels Princess Diana at Royal Ascot in nearly identical outfit FULL STORY:.

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by Daily Mail Online,Daily Mail Online on twitter tweets Diana Photo

RCN Radio
RCN Radio

No somos rentables para algunos sectores políticos de izquierda: líder indígena Diana Perafán.

PA Media
PA Media

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived at #RoyalAscot in the traditional carriage procession on Friday. Wearing a polka dot Alessandra Rich dress, Kate mirrored a look from when Diana, Princess of Wales wore a similar outfit to Ascot in 1988. 📸 David Davies/PA.

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by PA Media,PA Media on twitter tweets Diana Photo

Estas cuentas automatizadas retuitean a la cuenta diana designada para los ataques en cada país, por ejemplo en Colombia si analizamos la conversación sobre Petro, casi siempre destacan los expresidentes Pastrana y Uribe, Semana, Vicky Dávila y Jaime Arizabaleta..

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by Julián Macías Tovar,Julián Macías Tovar on twitter tweets Diana Photo

Such a blast! So excited for everyone to hear my childhood friends’ @diana_hawk work! Honored to voice her characters and story!! Get ready to order yalls copy!.

Feels like @KeremBursin had one of those if you get to spend an evening with 5 celebrities, from any field, dead or alive, who would they be? nights 😅 I wont be surprised if pics of him with Obama and Lady Diana pop up next 😂.

Prince William stepping up being the future king Princess Diana always said he would be capable of. #PrinceWilliamAt40 #PrinceWilliam.

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by Toria,Toria on twitter tweets Diana Photo

Sinceramente con un plan tan elaborado de asesinato no es mas facil haber ido al exterior y parecer inocente que ponerte una diana en la nuca no yendo? Y lo digo yo que no me gusta ir a donde vayais vosotros..


@lowlifewastaken ye i can kill them through taric ult trynd ult diana thanos and samira shieldbow tabi.

se a princesa Diana foi a trocada pela other woman quem sou eu para não ter insegurança.

こんにちは!ゆあです🌼 今日は学校があるので、授業が終わってから出勤します🐻 お仕事終わりによかったらゆあに会いに来ませんか?💗 17:00から22:00までルームにいます🎀
@THE_DIANA_Esthe #メンズエステ #春日井.

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【6月16日静岡ルーム出勤情報】 もも💋15時〜23時 この後6/16限定割引開始💚
お伝え下さい💖 💌 📞070-8315-3003
LINE🟩 @879ajflb 静岡・藤枝

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by Diana(ディアナ)メンズエステ🏹,Diana(ディアナ)メンズエステ🏹 on twitter tweets Diana Photo


@Diana_Cherry15 @GayshinOficial Mas mulher a gente tinha falado o menino de Hydro ou o Thoma doida.

@swamilee @dianacalibana Io vado quasi sempre in treno alla Reggia di Caserta e faccio il biglietto su,a Piazza Garibaldi. I treni ci sono quasi ogni 30 minuti. Se Diana chiede di un passaggio diretto che avviene a Piazza Cavour,mi dispiace,ma non lo conosco..

Instead of looking at the past, I put myself ahead twenty years and try to look at what I need to do now in order to get there then. -Diana Ross.

Hay un señor en mi vagón que no sé si no se entera de verdad o está trolleando a la peña. Cada vez que entra alguien preguntando si es el vagón 15 (que sí) él dice uno distinto:
– No, este es el 14
– No, el 16
Pero acaba de decirle a uno que es el 12!!! 😂😂😂.

My jaw dropped when the producer (jokingly🥴) asked these questions of Diana. #RHOBH.

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by Chatterbox Keirn,Chatterbox Keirn on twitter tweets Diana Photo

• En Instagram ➡️ les dejé un post delicioso, sobre el tributo que le rinde Kate Middleton a Diana de Gales, en esta salida para asistir al Royal Ascot 2022. Dame pepas y tocado de flores ¡Regia! FIN..

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by Ucker.Androa,Ucker.Androa on twitter tweets Diana Photo

@L0STXCAUSE wtf cože déčko má skoro už 9 let??? to neexistuje teprve 3 roky?😭😭😭 vždyť to bylo nedávno, wtf, já jsem časově dezorientovaná.

hi good morning stacie and diana r making fun of me yet again.

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【6月16日藤枝ルーム🈳情報】 こころ💋〜12:15🈵
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16:45〜20:45🈳 🆕うた💋18時〜26時🈳 🆕ゆあ💋23時〜26時🈳 合言葉はホームページでご確認下さい💌 📞070-8315-3003
LINE🟩 @879ajflb 静岡・藤枝

Diana Photo,Diana Photo by Diana(ディアナ)メンズエステ🏹,Diana(ディアナ)メンズエステ🏹 on twitter tweets Diana Photo



@home_nextdoor Ahhhh very good points! They can always say when she begins talking that she prefers Diana..

anacris tem 18 anos porra bancou a temporada inteira eh lógico q ela não tem a msm maturidade q a diana porra.


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