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Top Hollywood Actors Today:
-Candace Cameron
-Melissa Joan Hart
-Patricia Heaton
-Kelsey Grammer
-Kristy Swanson
-Tim Allen
-Tom Selleck
-Jon Voight
-James Woods
-Clint Eastwood
-Stacey Dash
-Scott Baio
-Roseanne Barr
-Antonio Sabato Jr.
-Dennis Quaid
-Randy Quaid
-Dean Cain.

@natsechobbyist @hilaryluros Dean Cain blocked me apparently. I have no friggin idea who he is. Is he like Chachi?.

@RealDeanCain I don’t even know what to say to mock you for this, because usually when I want to mock someone, I call them Dean Cain..

What did we learn today, kids? Dean Cain is softer than baby shit. Not a man of steel at all..

Dean Cain Photo,Dean Cain Photo by Comics Dude,Comics Dude on twitter tweets Dean Cain Photo

Damn, Dean Cain blocked me. Oh well, I guess I can always catch him Umm … Hmm 🤔.

@RealDeanCain Didn’t have blocking Dean Cain on my to do list today but here we are..

Plot twist: Covid doesn’t exist, this is just an elaborate worldwide scheme to avoid seeing Dean Cain’s face 🤡.

Dean Cain MUST be required to wear a face mask at all times. I don’t want to risk anyone catching #AndyTheTalkingHedgehog-19 from him!.

Dean Cain is telling ppl to do their I did, Dean.
I read you are an American has been who has no right to enter our country if all you’re going to do is whine. Research go home 😊.

Dean Cain, you were a lousy superman and you still suck now. 🖕🖕🖕.

Dean Cain Photo,Dean Cain Photo by John Jacobs,John Jacobs on twitter tweets Dean Cain Photo

@CailinasEirinn @RealDeanCain To be fair, not all polls have Canada as the BEST country to live and raise a family in. Some polls have us 3rd BEST IN THE WORLD!
Do Re Me Fa Q, Dean Cain🖕.

@laynekushiyama He played a character in the 90s who would absolutely kick the crap out of him if he were real. Same with Dean Cain..

@RonFilipkowski He owns a Christian film company with fellow MAGAT Dean Cain and all they make are awful religious movies with equally bad acting and they wonder why Netflix doesn’t want them..

Dean Cain read my tweet and blocked me lmaooooooo.

Dean Cain Photo,Dean Cain Photo by Rich Boatti EXPAND SCOTUS NOW 🦋🗝🗽🧷🌊 ⚖️🍎⛓,Rich Boatti EXPAND SCOTUS NOW 🦋🗝🗽🧷🌊 ⚖️🍎⛓ on twitter tweets Dean Cain Photo

@KhameekJ03 Dwayne gotta get all the supermen back to match the hype (sans Dean Cain lol).

@JacksonBrittsny CW was into hiring nostalgia relics like him and Dean Cain for SG even though they were problematic as hell. Didn’t Teri Hatchers character kill him on the show? He was such a non entity on the show I honest to god forgot..

@tlhicks713 @RealDeanCain Was telling my wife that Dean Cain was complaining about wearing a mask on a plane. Her response: Who? Exactly..

Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo trending on the same day? If Scott Baio tweets something before midnight, we know this was a coordinated attack.

Dean Cain complaining about wearing a mask on a flight. This response is frickin priceless! 🔥👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼😂🤣😭💀.

@meghanttucker The guy was in Supergirl like 4 or 5 years ago. Of course, Terri Hatcher had to dispose of him rather quickly for plot reasons that become rather justified but Terri should be given a medal for playing the wife of both him and Dean Cain..

@RealDeanCain Last year when I was hospitalized nurses were fawning over me because you and I look alike. I later enjoyed how one of them noted how I was powering thru recovering from spinal surgery, without “acting like a snowflake as Dean Cain often does”🤭.

@OhDangitEvie @RealDeanCain Why did Dean Cain block me????? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

Dean Cain Photo,Dean Cain Photo by angry buni 🤬,angry buni 🤬 on twitter tweets Dean Cain Photo

@ThadiusCornwall Who the hell is dean cain? Is he another member of the Quaid/Sorbo etc clan of irrelevant has beens?.

Just in case I get in trouble I called Dean Cain out and yes I meant every fucking word of it..

Dean Cain Photo,Dean Cain Photo by Kate from Milwaukee #SmashThePatriarchy,Kate from Milwaukee #SmashThePatriarchy on twitter tweets Dean Cain Photo

In God’s Time 🎬 written by actor Dean Cain. ✍️
@RealDeanCain You are so talented that without a doubt this film will be great 👏 Movie is to be filmed primarily in Buckhannon during October.

@RonFilipkowski Kevin Sorbo thinks he acts good enough to get an Oscar. That’s rich. He might get an AHole of the Year award but he has some stiff competition for it. Randy Quaid, Jon Voight, Dean Cain & Chatchi are all in contention. There are more but I’m drawing a blank….

@blitzkriegbauer @RealDeanCain So you come to Twitter to bitch about Dean Cain? Feel better?.

@GallagherWitt Why is he such a bloody idiot? There’s a running gag in France that people named Kevin aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but he takes it to a whole new level! Seriously what’s going on with actors from my childhood? I’m still not over Dean Cain being a Trump voter..

interesting article regarding the beginning of the filming of the movie In God’s Time 🎬 written by actor Dean Cain. ✍️👏 @RealDeanCain
Movie is to be filmed primarily in Buckhannon during October.

@SpiderQueer @RealDeanCain “hey is that dean cain on that park bench!?”.

Dean Cain Photo,Dean Cain Photo by Rhonda Sentence,Rhonda Sentence on twitter tweets Dean Cain Photo


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