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Bryan Danielson announces he is not cleared for #ForbiddenDoor and #BloodAndGuts Get better soon, Dragon 🙏 (via @AEW).

Gotta say, for a card missing CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Naito, Despy, Taichi, a large percentage of Bullet Club, Andrade, the Lucha Bros. and any female Japanese representation whatsoever, #ForbiddenDoor looks dare I say… solid? Took some super glue, but I’m excited. #AEWxNJPW.

Danielson Photo,Danielson Photo by Reece Kelley Graham,Reece Kelley Graham on twitter tweets Danielson Photo

AEW Dynamite recap for 6/22/22, Bryan Danielson makes announcement.

All the best to Bryan Danielson, Red Velvet and The Bunny by the way. These damn injuries man..

So far tonight announced:
No Danielson match
Bucks, ELP, & Hikuleo vs Darby, Sting & UKNOWN
#forbiddendoor #AEWDynamite.

Everyone seems to be thinking that Claudio Castagnoli will be Bryan Danielson’s replacement at Forbidden Door and the newest member of the Blackpool Combat Club. What if it isn’t?.

Danielson Photo,Danielson Photo by Standard Bearer Wrestling,Standard Bearer Wrestling on twitter tweets Danielson Photo

#AEWDynamite live results: Bryan Danielson speaks.

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@LazRuiz2 Darby would have been a viable option but now he is in the match with Sting against the Bucks, ELP and Hikuleo. So hopefully one step closer to Kenny. With Danielson out of the show, Kenny would be a much needed addition to the card.

@ADumbMillennial I love him. That Suzuki match was the best Suzuki match in the US other than maybe Danielson. Wore that track suit on a WWE doc and when they asked him to take it off, he said “absolutely not”. 👑 He will get a run sooner than later..

the injuries to Punk and Danielson really suck (obviously), but the pivots to Mox vs Tanahashi and Sabre vs Claudio (probably) are cool and it’s going to be a fun show if you like wrestling, which you should.

@Headliner5 ONE JOB!! Well… ZSJ and Danielson would’ve been the best match on the card anyway. 🤣🤣🤣.

The show will be very good when it comes to crowd and matches. Hopefully next year I have that tasty Danielson, Punk and Okada single matches uwu.

@SpotMonkeyss Podria ser el reemplazante de Danielson. Salvo la elección de Cesaro, me parece la unica alternativa lo suficientemente fuerte como para reemplazarlo y aún asi no llenan los zapatos de Danielson..

@TheMagic_Al For what they had left on the table with the key injuries to Punk and Danielson, I think they did an ok job of turning lemons into lemonade. Post-PPV will be interesting with how they book interim strap, should Moxley win it of course..

Ok hear me out. The battle of two men without social media. Winner gets the login to Danielson’s TOUT account..

Danielson Photo,Danielson Photo by Mojo,Mojo on twitter tweets Danielson Photo

@PhilDL616 You know this is all building to Punk and Danielson vs Mox and Eddie right?.

#AEWDynamite    Refresh my memory did Bryan Danielson and Cesaro have any kind of a connection in WWE?.

@nxt_aew @JobberNationTV Here you are again, letting your fingers do the thinking for you… not an apples to apples comparison: Danielson was not cleared by WWE to take certain risks because of his history with brain injuries. On the list you provided, the only one with a comparable history with injury.

Why people sell their own $SHIB and buy $BOJI? Portland Claudio Bryan Danielson.

Danielson Photo,Danielson Photo by Queen of BOJI,Queen of BOJI on twitter tweets Danielson Photo

remember when Silas Young and Bryan Danielson had basically a theme song match on an indy show #AEWDynamite.

Cool Thanks @AEW for having Danielson come out just to tell us he wont be there Fucking unreal #AEWDynamite.

@PhilDL616 Wouldn’t make sense but I totally want it to be Omega 😂 Danielson, Omega and Hangman all team up (just because Hangman said something about going to find ‘Brooms’ on BTE..

@SeanRossSapp just thinking out loud here – Jay White vs TBD. Says its not Page, or Cole. Could this end up being Kenny to the rescue with no Punk or Danielson now?.

@TonyKhan Tony, matches we need to see with unbelievably talented (and underused) #MalakaiBlack Malakai Black vs Danielson
Malakai Black vs Kenny Omega
Malakai Black vs Adam Cole
Malakai Black vs Adam Page
Malakai Black vs Darby Allin.

Danielson Photo,Danielson Photo by Jeffrey Holloway,Jeffrey Holloway on twitter tweets Danielson Photo

@ouopina um card fodastico sem nomes como: Omega, Ibushi, Naito, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk. Fora nomes femininos que agora não me recordo. STACKED..

Bryan Danielson has a special guest replacement. But Zack Saber Jr is in AEW and will be at FORBIDDEN DOOR. LETS GO.

Bryan Danielson Announces He’s Out Of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Blood & Guts.

Bryan Danielson Officially Pulled From Forbidden Door – Replacement To Be Revealed.

What if Danielson’s surprise opponent for ZSJ at Forbidden Door is Cesaro? #AEWDynamite @MSidgwick.

@DrainBamager Unfortunately yea I can’t be too excited. Missing Desperado, Naito, Punk, Danielson, Cage, MJF, Ibushi, SANADA, Yano, etc. No Rumble/Ranbo as well which is kinda sad, I was hoping for that to open the show. I’ll still watch but not the card I was hoping for..


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