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Republicans would impeach Clarence Thomas if the tables were turned. It would be the top story on Fox & Friends and then the top story on Hannity and Ingraham and Carlson. They would beat that drum over and over and over. Clarence Thomas is too compromised to sit on the Court..

Per the Jan 6 Committee, Ginnie Thomas corresponded with coup plotter John Eastman who once clerked for her husband, Justice Clarence Thomas. She texted Mark Meadows that she was “disgusted” that Pence wouldn’t overturn the vote. Anyone else get strong Aunt Lydia vibes from her?.

!!! Ginni Thomas corresponded with John Eastman, the former Clarence Thomas clerk who devised the whole pseudo-legal theory behind Trump’s coup. (Eastman also spoke at the Stop the Steal rally that fomented the insurrection, which Ginni attended.).

Why in the hell is Clarence Thomas still ruling on SCOTUS? His wife is directly implicated in the insurrection. Either he knows & is complicit in some way or he is too stupid to see what is evident. Either way, he has no credibility. And, where the hell is Chief Justice Roberts?.

“I wonder how long we’re going to have these institutions at the rate we’re undermining them.” – Clarence Thomas.

I just signed a @commoncause petition to SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas: Recuse yourself from all 2020 election cases. Sign here:.

She’s already done more work on stolen election than our R senators, reps, and govs..

@CalltoActivism I know this will sound trite, but Ginny & Clarence Thomas are horrible,rotten, thieving, lying excuses for human beings. I say Lock Them Both Up..

@cslnutritional @RepLizCheney Hopefully she also goes after Ginni and Clarence Thomas..

@TheEliasRework Ginni is as corrupt as they come. Clarence Thomas, never should have been confirmed. Anita Hill..

@bambooshooti I am old enough to remember hearing about Southern racists wanting to impeach Chief Justice Earl Warren for Brown v BOE, reversing Jim Crow laws and Loving v Virginia (ironically, w/o Loving, Clarence Thomas could not be married to his insurrectionist wife, Ginni)!.

Mr. Eastman had been a clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas. The committee is also reviewing emails between Mr. Eastman and Virginia Thomas, the wife of Justice Thomas..

oh hey howabout that And Mr. Eastman’s email, if taken at face value, raised the question of how he would have known about internal tension among the justices about dealing with election cases. Mr. Eastman had been a clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas..

Please let this woman’s emails be the reason we get rid of Clarence Thomas I BEG OF THE UNIVERSE TO BE ABLE TO TWEET BUT HER EMAILS😈.

Eastman clerked for Clarence Thomas. Clarence Thomas’ wife lobbied politicians to overturn the election..

@YahooNews Another Trumpstool and Committed Sedition and Coup to over through a LEGIT Election. LOCK HER UP and IMPEACH CLARENCE THOMAS!.

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Clarence Thomas Photo,Clarence Thomas Photo by Daily Mirror Online Nigeria,Daily Mirror Online Nigeria on twitter tweets Clarence Thomas Photo

The plot thickens! Time to impeach Clarence Thomas & prosecute Ginni; the insurrection power couple corrupting our judiciary system!.

We have approximately million inmates in our prisons, that’s approximately million criminals who committed lesser crimes than Donald Trump, Clarence Thomas wife and 100s of R officials. In an autocracy, they would have been executed. In America, a coup isn’t a big deal..

Clarence Thomas Photo,Clarence Thomas Photo by Patrick Way,Patrick Way on twitter tweets Clarence Thomas Photo

@american2084 I want to see if any emails exist between Clarence Thomas & Eastman..

The fact that Clarence Thomas is still sitting on the bench while his wife tried running a coup is truly criminal..

@lindyli What do you bet it was Clarence Thomas, through his wife, who convinced Eastman to pursue the electors plot?.

@steve_vladeck @January6thCmte My bet is on Clarence Thomas pushing it on behalf of his wife. Uugghhh see can’t even trust anything from the #SCOTUS anymore. They are so tainted.

Ginni Thomas has had too many interactions and involvement in the plot to overturn the election….without believing that Clarence Thomas knew exactly what she was doing! #ClarenceThomasMustResign #Dripdripdrip.

“And Mr. Eastman’s email, if taken at face value, raised the question of how he would have known about internal tension among the justices about dealing with election cases. Mr. Eastman had been a clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas.” 👀.

Furthermore, Clarence Thomas has to be a willing accessory to a major government may want to add more than one charge here. He should be charged with sedition, police assaults etc., once he is gone..

And now emails between Ginni and Eastman have been revealed. It’s over for Clarence Thomas. He’s corrupt and protecting his wife who was involved in the insurrection. Time to go..

@TheRickyDavila Clarence Thomas might not have known the details, but he must have been aware that his wife was involved. #January6th.

Eastman email claims he knew of a heated fight underway between SCOTUS justices whether to hear a case contesting the results of the 2020 election. How would he know this? figure it out. He clerked for Clarence Thomas. And SCOTUS is livid about the abortion ruling leak?.


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