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Today has to be the last straw. ABC News must fire serial liar Chris Christie immediately..

Chris Christie is trash. The fact that ABC continues to have him on air is an indictment of their news judgment..

The failure of mainstream media institutions in one clear example: @ABC had Chris Christie right after the #January6thCommitteeHearings for his opinions. Amazing. Dude is utterly complicit in all that is Trumpism and he is paid by media to comment on its attack on our democracy..


They oughta drop the name of one pardon seeking house Republican in each hearing. Agatha Christie this..

I was watching it on ABC News, until David Muir asked Chris Christie what he thinks. CHRIS CHRISTIE? What fresh hell is this?.

#PNEFC now being strongly linked with free agent wing back Cyrus Christie. Plenty of Championship experience and a threat going forward, seems to be what Ryan Lowe is.

If I ever get suspended, my new account is going to have a Chris Christie profile picture..

@RottenInDenmark I’ve seen tiktok videos where people who supported JD are freaked out that other celebrity women are being abused in this way. Like this was a consequence they never foresaw?.

A Testemunha Ocular do Crime, de Agatha Christie, chega em julho com capa dura pela @HarperCollinsBR: 🧐 Não há um suspeito, outra testemunha, nem sequer um cadá mas a detetive Miss Marple está determinada a desvendar esse mistério..

Christie Photo,Christie Photo by ɪᴍρᴀɢɪɴᴇ,ɪᴍρᴀɢɪɴᴇ on twitter tweets Christie Photo

BREAKING: Crazy Eddie fraudster considering Chis Christie as running mate in planned 2024 run for President..

Christie Photo,Christie Photo by Sam E. Antar,Sam E. Antar on twitter tweets Christie Photo

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Christie Photo,Christie Photo by compre livros com desconto,compre livros com desconto on twitter tweets Christie Photo

@MillieWiller I think christie will go off after the booking. He could change pretty much any of them though to be fair.

Christie / woodman / gray are exactly the signings north end have needed for the 6 years we have been back in the championship. Ready made for the first team! Full of experience in this league and above! Let’s make it happen #pnefc.

@barrybhoy39 Well when you added up physio fees and the cost of all the balls that Christie lost, it was a no-brainer to get rid 😂.

#OnThisDay: The gifted Errol Christie loses his battle with cancer:.

Christie Photo,Christie Photo by Boxing News,Boxing News on twitter tweets Christie Photo


@Jim13221338 @barrybhoy39 Mate Christie was dogs mess for Celtic. And I’ll bet you he’ll be dogs mess for Bournemouth next year in the EPL. His level is championship and he was lucky to play in a such a good team at that level..

@ReliableRovers @TheFLZone when woodman was last playing regularly in the championship with swansea he got 20 clean sheets in a season and christie is very experienced and has been in playoff teams and matches before so yeah they are top quality mate.

@kieran_ashton1 Christie has been abysmal and Mcginn is having his worst game in a Scotland shirt. Another humiliation..

@SwanzJackz @swanseabeat Exactly Christie can’t stay consistent for 90 minutes after an hour he’s fucked we can bring in someone a lot better 100% where are we gonna get one from I’m not sure not to bothered about Christie going elsewhere.

@Jacob_Faust2 I don’t mind hand wavy stuff, of course. As long as the reader is told that they can’t solve it until they figure out the hoodoo. Agatha Christie always played fair. Rex Stout withheld vital info, but he told you he was doing it..

@laloABQBITCH @InsaneLetterbox It has all the ambiance of an Agatha Christie novel, only without a single charming character. Beth herself is just a trial to have to watch..

@1978Dreamwaker そんなものなのかもしれませんね。。 ジーベックスさんはCHRISTIEとBARCOを担当してるかと思われます。

@TylerKnowsBall Yea he’s funky. Max Christie has some of that slitheryness in him too.

Jogadores ligados ao Preston North End até agora: 👉 Cyrus Christie
👉 Freddie Woodman
👉 Andre Gray Mais de ingressos de temporada vendidos . #pnefc.

oh wow great all new agatha christie covers maybe now she finally find her readership super just great.

@Celticfan677 @barrybhoy39 Can’t ever remember Christie being unplayable for more than 1 game at a time, I’m open to be corrected 🤷‍♂️ I do remember rogic being unplayable( his fitness at times frustrated me) and I remember him winning many games for us with a piece of magic.

@NevilleBartos7 @thisisibrox And that is the problem, plays his favourites whether they are on form or not. Ryan Christie FFS.

@AdamSc077 Not really. For what we need they’re all very good. Woodman proven to be one of the better goalies at this level, Christie again proven to be one of the better RWB’s and Gray playing consistently gets you double figures, it’s what we need.

@Queenmachine88 Christie excels at that. Pretends he’s working but doing nothing. The invisible man.


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