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The Astros have reinstated IF Jeremy Peña (left thumb discomfort) from the 10-day IL and have optioned OF Chas McCormick to Triple A Sugar Land..

獣神化「オフィーリアα」!コピーと光属性キラーを所持し、他のキャラの強力な友情コンボを、光属性キラーが乗るコピーで出す戦法が超強力!スピードとパワーがアップ&味方がふれるとスピードがアップする状態になるSSや、超強防御ダウンブラストの友情コンボによるサポート能力も抜群! #モンスト.

Chas Photo,Chas Photo by ちゃす@モンスト,ちゃす@モンスト on twitter tweets Chas Photo


Chas Photo,Chas Photo by ちゃす@モンスト,ちゃす@モンスト on twitter tweets Chas Photo

я вже налаштувалася на фенсі-сніданок з соціалізацією, а людина захворіла(.

Церемонія просто неба, за гостей – бойові побратими: як проходять весілля під час війни – сюжет ⏯ #новини.


It’s #ChildrensHospiceWeek – this year is a major milestone for CHAS; 30 years of supporting children with life-shortening conditions and their families across the whole of Scotland. We want to say thank you to all our supporters for their continued generosity💛.

Chas Photo,Chas Photo by CHAS,CHAS on twitter tweets Chas Photo

When are we gonna accept the fact that Mauricio Dubon is a better starting CF than “Chas”?.

This is what annoys me Chas is arguing with al but later in week she will have her tongue down his throat. 🙄 #Emmerdale.

Haven’t been bothered with this lately and one thing I haven’t missed is face ache, fog horned voice Chas 🙄 #Emmerdale.

Is Chas on a mission to piss everyone in the village off cos she’s nearly done it #Emmerdale.

Could use a personal visit from Chas, come to think of it. Got a wall that needs repainting & it ain’t going to strip itself. #Emmerdale.

The fans over the past couple years: Shut up, Chas, you loud, whining cow! #Emmerdale production: How about we have Chas continue being a loud, whining cow? The fans seem to love it!.

Chas is in denial and so she’ll go & snog Al, is this the best #emmerdale can come up with, poor Paddy should dump her..

So Chas turns up, for no reason what so ever. Then walks off after 30 seconds of talking about Faith 🤷🏻‍♂️ #Emmerdale.

У Запоріжжі прогриміли вибухи під час повітряної тривоги: залишайтесь в укритті.

Chas Photo,Chas Photo by 24 канал,24 канал on twitter tweets Chas Photo


whenever i watch emmerdale pre 2017 I am always reminded how much i actually love Chas as a character they have really ruined her beyond repair now.


Chas is in complete denial here and I feel for her. As annoying as she is being she must be struggling! #Emmerdale.

Jeez…I bet Paddy wished he was deaf, Chas is always shouting and moaning…🙉🙄 #Emmerdale.

@senhoracovinhas Poxa vida ;.;
Infelizmente o único jeito é ir provando até gostar de um Seria interessante que vendessem uma caixa de chás sortidos nesse caso pra dar pra fazer uma degustação.

@chas_haos Люди, напевно, повернулися з мукачева, де світломаскування і перевірка документів на кожному кутку.

And if you’ve been affected by issues raised in tonight’s programme, don’t come back for Al and Chas tomorrow #Emmerdale.

Never seen Paddy and Chas having a cuddle in Emmerdale, or have i missed it ?#emmerdale.

@ShazDrama @KingdomRapper55 Many hundreds of thousands in same boat I’m sure. Chas Hodges insisted on cash before he played, I’ll probably end up doing same before too long ! 😅.

#Mets 3 @ #Astros 5 [B6-2o]: Chas McCormick (swinging; 2) RHP Tommy Hunter (1)
Seq (4): ff FC SI FC×
s3: 88mph Cutter.

@_leya_leya як скажеш, але красиво (на картинці муха, яка свято сповідує думку про 5ту ранку).

Watching Chas in CF and seeing Siri at the plate are two of the most frustrating things about being an @astros fan. 🤬 #NYMvsHOU #LevelUp.

I’m not upset about the McCormick demotion to triple A. Let’s see what JJ has, we already know who Chas is..

Rapaz se depender da mamãe vou ganhar meus 8kg de volta essa semana mesmo. Toda hora me dando comida e chás e frutas… 😅 #doentinha.

@milena_vargas tô numa crise de sinusite ferrada desde ontem, me sugeriram chás quentes e dorflex, deu uma aliviada.

ICYMI: Blaine Athletic Director Chas Kok joined Mark in The Zone.


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