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Dear Nick Castellanos, Move out, & sell the Ben Simmons house. Sincerely, every Phillies fan.

🛑Meses de ataques, mentiras, demonización y bulos contra @juan_ggallardo . Ahora resulta que @juan_ggallardo pierde dinero por dedicarse al servicio de los castellanos y leoneses. Gracias, Juan por tu compromiso frente a los que llevan años en la poltrona..

Thomson- castellanos? He’s jumping a little bit. He’s got to get back to who he is. Still trust him still believe in him and think he’ll be where he usually is at the end of the year..

Not sure what’s more worrisome about Nick Castellanos: The eye test or what the numbers are saying. 😬.

Castellanos Photo,Castellanos Photo by Joe Giglio,Joe Giglio on twitter tweets Castellanos Photo

Como todos los vasos, quebradizo.
Como todos los vasos, demasiado pequeño
para el destino que se vierte en él. Rosario Castellanos.

I have Covid, but at least my Castellanos jersey finally came in. @michcast05, looks good in Phillies pinstripes 😏.

Castellanos Photo,Castellanos Photo by 𝐾𝑦𝑙𝑒𝑒 ☻,𝐾𝑦𝑙𝑒𝑒 ☻ on twitter tweets Castellanos Photo

Castellanos and Realmuto are like an automatic 2 outs whenever the Phillies need a run.

Astonishing how awful the Phillies lineup is once you get past the 3-hole. Castellanos and Realmuto have zero plan at the plate right now.

@PhillyThe13th @phillysportsszn They’re not really fraudulent it’s just that the Phillies are cursed. Like how do JT and Castellanos just become shells of their former selves like all of the sudden? And no matter what our young players do in the minors they come up and suck. There’s talent here though..

@JakeMarc23 Simply, Castellanos and JT just can’t be your 4th and 5th hitter in the lineup right now. I don’t who else you can put there, but it can’t be them for right now imo.

Castellanos and Realmuto continue to be a gaping black hole in the middle of this lineup. Season is almost at the halfway point. Just terrible, really. #phillies #RingTheBell.

Philles stink and never sign good players from losing organizations. Castellanos is awful. Trade him asap.

@StupidMoneyPod Castellanos needs to own up to being a big pile of shit right now. Enough of though talk by him.

@ahodgson92 Thom Brennaman: I pride myself and think of myself as a man of station ID breaks, as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a home run..

If Rob doesn’t address JT and Castellanos’s positions in the line-up, he’s just another Joe. #phillies.

The dead at the door Phillies arrrre BACK!!!
JT needs to go asap. And Castellanos has no interest in playing baseball, I swear that Ben Simmons house has put a hex on him!!!.

@Xuxipc Si no lo leo, no lo creo!
Los niños castellanos/leoneses estarían más contentos, si vieran que el Gobierno del Sr. Mañueco, se preocupa de conservar el patrimonio natural de la comunidad y no despide bomberos forestales sin ton ni son!.

Castellanos doesn’t just look lost, he looks like he in a whole other country at this point..

@jonjohnsonwip Realmuto and Castellanos have to be split up an removed from the middle of the line up until they learn how to hit again. Maybe 6th and 8th or something. I have a JT jersey and love the guy, but he sucks right now!.

if u want to play the Schwarber had a really bad stretch too well that stretch was better than what Castellanos is going through and Schwarber was at least walking + dingers sometimes.

@Iranzo_vic @kmi2001, para tu puñetera, información te diré que el primer siglo de una lengua romance fue para el Valenciano. Entiendo que a Castellanos y Catalanes os joda, pero es lo que hay, si hay que enviaros al infierno se hace y santas pascuas, analfabeto..

Nick Castellanos swung at the first pitch in 3 of 4 ABs and swung at 2 pitches for strike outs that were so far out of the zone the Catcher had to slide for one and the other was an actual wild pitch WTF is he doing 😐.

Castellanos and Realmuto back to back is akin to having an offensive black hole in the middle of your lineup! #Phillies.

I understand struggling at the plate but I can’t understand the at bats I’m seeing from Castellanos. 2-3 terrible swings after taking pitches to hit like clock work. Will give him a little more leash bc his resume speaks for itself but my god..


La producción de los temas es una locura, Castellanos y Doktor Rheal entre otros se pasaron.

Castellanos has been a disappointment so far this season he is really struggling swinging at awful pitches he looks lost at the plate right now.

@NBCSPhilly – Has Nick Castellanos checked out? The look on his face after that last at-bat was like the 10,000 mile.

JT still gives you mostly defense and elite base running when he doesn’t have pop. Idk what Castellanos is doing right now #RingTheBell.

i might have to agree with @U7CaptainGohan and say Castellanos is likely the worst contract in the sport.

@AndreaNimchuk Something is definitely going on with Castellanos and it’s not good. 😡.


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