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Carolyn Adams, nuera del presidente de México, es accionista mayoritaria en CA Twelve SA de CV, empresa que tiene como objetivo principal representar a compañías y a empresarios en negocios de todo tipo en México. Su socio es un viejo contratista de Pemex.

Her Breath was catching in her throat—100 feet away Ashli Babbitt was SHOT IN THE THROAT. She saw Blood? ASHLI was BLEEDING OUT as she was DRAGGED BACKWARDS out of that building. -this cop (Carolyn?) is a DRAMA QUEEN.

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En @mxvscorrupcion te contamos cómo Carolyn Adams, nuera del presidente de México, es accionista mayoritaria en CA Twelve, empresa que tiene como objetivo representar a compañías y a empresarios en negocios de todo tipo en México..


El nuevo libro de Raúl Olmos, “La casa gris”, da detalles de la creación de la empresa de Carolyn Adams, nuera de AMLO, en la que su socio, un contratista de Pemex, tiene intereses en Dos Bocas..

Carolyn Adams confirmó la constitución de una empresa a su nombre y en sociedad con un exproveedor de Pemex, pero aclaró que nunca inició operaciones.

3rd Carriage
The Duke of Bedford
The Duchess of Bedford
Sir Johnny Weatherby
Lady Weatherby 4th Carriage
Mr. Martin St. Quinton
Mrs. Martin St. Quinton
Mr. John Warren
The Lady Carolyn Warren.

Ms. Carolyn proudly cast her vote for Team Jake today! She didn’t believe my opponent’s baseless attacks for a minute and looks forward to us fighting for her and our conservative convictions very soon. 🇺🇸.

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happy bday writer Carolyn Wells, , Rahway, NJ. “One never knows what difference anything will make until the difference is made.”
“Happiness is the ability to recognize it.”
“Take care of your common sense, and your dignity will take care of itself”.

As a result of the Oversight Committee’s investigation into the workplace culture of the Washington Commanders, Rep. Carolyn Maloney introduced legislation to rein in the abuse of NDAs and non-disparagement agreements and create new protections for employees..

“A switch was thrown and the electric current went through my body.” Carolyn survived so-called ‘conversion therapy’. Now she warns that the government’s decision not to include trans people from a ban on the practice could be “condemning some people to take their own lives”..

Carolyn Hax: In-laws are upset with couple who don’t believe in God.

Kait, Carolyn, and all survivors of gun violence deserve more than thoughts and prayers from our elected officials. They deserve bold action to end gun violence in our malls, schools, places of worship, neighborhoods—everywhere. Call your senators: Text BOLD to 644-33..

Hot Carolyn Reese doing what she does best – eating tonnes of sperm!.

“People will take their own lives”, Carolyn survived so-called ‘conversion’ therapy – after the government’s decision not to include trans people in a ban of the practise she tells me she’s afraid of the consequences @Channel4News.

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Well done, Instagram and Facebook. It used to be Carolyn Everson and Sheryl Sandberg would work the phones and advertisers would calm down about their investments going to your company after seeing reports you’re playing matchmaker for drug dealers and addicts. This one hurts..

Carolyn Hax: How do you tell your partner you’ve decided not to have kids?.

Didn’t get to the stadium but loved it from the settee tonight @BBCWales.

HOY ES UN DÍA MUY ESPECIAL! 🎂🎈🥳 Hoy cumple años mi hija mayor, una de mis pedacitos de cielo ♥️♥️♥️
Ya 21 años! Parece ayer cuando era chiquitita, y cuando jugaba con una varita que la convertía en Princesa, cuando viajamos por sus 15. Hoy para sus alumnos es la Seño Agos♥️.

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FELIZ DIA A TODOS LOS PAPÁS TWITEROS! Que reciban muchos mimos y el cariño que sólo el amor de los hijos puede acariciar el corazón ♥️
#DiaDelPadre #FelizDiaDelPadre.

Carolyn Photo,Carolyn Photo by Patri Carolyn del 42% 🇦🇷 🌺🌻,Patri Carolyn del 42% 🇦🇷 🌺🌻 on twitter tweets Carolyn Photo

Carolyn Hax: Girlfriend thinks hugging other women is “inappropriate”.

Snake | PDP and SDP | IPhone 13 | Ameerah | Carolyn | Abgalumo | Asake | Adeleke | Poverty | Tupac | #cryptocurrency #photography TwitterNG can you help me make this get to @DIESEL 🙏 Behind the scene vs Outcome 📸.

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My thoughts on the whole chioma Vs Carolyn Vs Iyabo fight #RHOLagos #RHOL.

Oversight Committee Chairwoman Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney issued a letter to Dan Snyder’s attorney today in which she urged Snyder to reconsider his decision to not testify or appear at its hearing June 22..

How did Chioma sell out Carolyn? She was simply correcting her friend. What are friends for if they can’t correct eachother? Carolyn is just a difficult person. I see nothing wrong in what Chioma did #RHOLagos.

Seals & Crofts with Carolyn Willis (from Honey Cone) – Get Closer was written by Jim Seals and Dash Crofts and produced by Louie Shelton. It moves up four to #26. #AT40.

@tribelaw I think the Republican Party has run out of ideas and they have no interest in governing. They have this idea that being in the opposition is about attacking the other side and getting back to power instead of competing with ideas, –Carolyn B. Maloney.

But why is Carolyn so hostile towards Chioma. Chioma just wanted to level with her but she went ahead to insult Chioma’s family. This is bad! #RHOLagos #ChiomaOurQueen.

His rags to riches story is quite incredible. Had lunch with Hotel 81 founder Choo Chong Ngen and his only daughter Carolyn, who is CEO and MD and set to take over his Worldwide Hotels group of 38 hotels in Singapore..

Ooh Carolyn logged off herself, she wasn’t removed, but still, they tried to down play her, speaking over her, disrespectful shit #cyberkpopspace.


En redes sociales, José Ramón López Beltrán, hijo de AMLO, sigue defendiendo a Eduardo Arratia, socio de su esposa en una empresa y mencionado en “La casa gris”, el nuevo libro del periodista Raúl Olmos..


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