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Carl Lawson sack. Everyone is getting in on the action today. #Jets D-Line has been dominant. (I believe Bryce Huff has been on the field during every sack.).

@Connor_J_Hughes @ZackBlatt And I thought Carl Lawson made the biggest mistake on this stadium today.

What a terrible roughing the passer. Literally 0 reason to do that by Carl Lawson. It’s always veterans.

Carl Lawson with the definition of a 70 IQ play. One of the dumbest I’ve seen in 2022. I am FUMING..

the #Jets had the opportunity to put points on the board before the half but lost that chance after a Zach Wilson interception Carl Lawson then commits a horrendous roughing the passer penalty, setting the #Steelers up to hit a 59-yard FG dumb football. 10-6 Jets at halftime.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid penalties always burn the Jets. That is a sign of a poorly coached team. Way to go Carl Lawson. Just an idiotic play. Just as dumb as JFM’s roughing the passer penalty last week and it cost the Jets points as well. #jetstwitter.

If Carl Lawson did that on a good team he would be getting a uber back to the hotel rn.

Carl Lawson is a bozo. Roughing the passer leading to a 59 yard FG (longest FG in their stadium’s history). #Jets.

Carl Lawson just tagged Tribisky for a roughing the passer call. Bad blood with the Steelers never goes away..

Carl Lawson Photo,Carl Lawson Photo by BengalFanForever🐅,BengalFanForever🐅 on twitter tweets Carl Lawson Photo


Fucking Bench carl lawson i don’t care. Byrce Huff might be playing better then him and he wouldn’t have done that dumb shit.

Castigo con valor de 3 puntos el que cometió Carl Lawson de los Jets🤦🏻‍♂️ Así es como los equipos malos se mantienen malos.

Os Jets podia ter fechado o primeiro tempo 13-3, mas o que eles fizeram? Zach Wilson lança INT absurda
Carl Lawson bate no Trubisky pq sim
Steelers vão para Field Goal Range e acertam.

Only the @nyjets can rough the passer on a hail mary. Carl are you thinking? What a bust #TakeFlight.

Instead of being up at least 13-3, it’s 10-6 following a Zach Wilson interception and a Carl Lawson roughing the passer. Jets offense needs to be better. Too many 2 yard plays on 1st down. Wilson interception was inexcusable #Jets.

@GovnaChief @JoeGoodberry Damn I can’t believe he hit a 59 yarder at the Ketchup Bowl stadium 😞 cmon Carl Lawson no more penalties to almost get a sack.

Som fantasyejer af Chris Boswell i flere ligaer sætter jeg virkelig pris på Carl Lawson🙌.

6 point swing on ZW throwing away points and Carl Lawson gifting the Steelers field goal position. 13-3 now 10-6. Saleh has to face heat for a poorly coached and undisciplined team, especially on defense.

That is the dumbest fucking penalty ever, send Carl Lawson to the fucking bench for the first possession out the gate.

Saleh needs to sit Carl Lawson for the rest of the game. Inexcusable play from him and this is Saleh’s opportunity to show we can’t have those penalties ever..

@SpyroKush Big time I think they’re were more painful plays than that InT too though Carl Lawson hit, missed fumble recovery etc.


@Espngreeny Next time I do something stupid, instead of getting down on myself I’m going to say “at least I’m not Carl Lawson!” Then I’ll feel better about it..

@NYJ_Matt I like that they just kicked the longest FG in history of the stadium. Thanks Carl Lawson. How do these things happen to this franchise over and over and over and over and ……

You can’t blame the Carl Lawson roughing the passer on coaching. I’m sorry. You just can’t..

@JakeAsman great half… until the two final minutes. Zero discipline!!!!! I’m all for being aggressive but damn man just take the 3 points and lead by two scores! Carl Lawson has to know better! Inexcusable!.

Two insane and inexcusable mental breakdowns by Zach Wilson and Carl Lawson turned a potential 13-3 halftime lead into 10-6. Those mistakes just can’t happen, especially in those situations. Pathetic..

Carl Lawson penalty….🤬 That is just so jets…that’s no discipline and a reflection of coaching @nyjets.

Stadium record FG in Pittsburgh for Chris Boswell. Good from 59 yards on an untimed down after Carl Lawson was flagged for roughing the passer. #NYJvsPIT.

@NoProfanityZone Last one for the day Jag, can I redeem my “please stop talking about Carl Lawson I don’t care” token yet????.

Terrible coaching by the jets again. We lose the ball near the redzone and give up an easy 3 points because Carl Lawson wants to destroy trubisky with the ball out of his hands. No grit..


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