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We were not perfect today, there’s so many things to improve and to understand. But at the end of the day was a great result for the team. Congratulations to @Max33Verstappen who had an excellent race and to the whole team. Now on to Canada! 💪 #azerbaijangp.

Canada Photo,Canada Photo by Sergio Pérez,Sergio Pérez on twitter tweets Canada Photo

No government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. I want women in Canada to know that we will always stand up for your right to choose..

La mayoría de trabajadores de Ecopetrol votaron por Petro. Hoy Ecopetrol se está desplomando en la bolsa de Brasil y Canadá; ya cayó en casi 8%. Cuando empiecen los recortes de personal, no lloren. Se pegaron un tiró en el pie. A vivir sabroso….

Pakistan Army Chief Gen Bajwa was supposed to visit Canada and host country was supposed to pay $50,000 for it. Trip was canceled due to Covid. Now Canadians want to know why their government was funding Gen Bajwa’s trip to Canada. Nice words used for Pak Army & it’s Chief 👇.

Hoy Canadá aprobó el AMX 0035, una droga para la ELA. Este es un estudio que los enfermos de ELA venimos esperando, mientras que la FDA demoró su decisión de aprobación para septiembre de este año. (Hilo👇🏻).

Hindu Supremacist leader Ron Banerjee, the Executive Director of Hindu Conference of Canada openly demanding killing of of Muslims and Sikhs in India, saying “they deserve to die”!.

Canada has sanctioned Alexander Lebedev on a list of 14 people it says has ‘directly enabled Putin’s senseless war in Ukraine.’ At today’s Home Office Qs, I ask for the 7th time, did Boris Johnson meet with him without officials, during the Salisbury poisoning? No answer..

Such a great interview with @rjcity but when asking him about wrestling in Canada vs the states I referred to the states as “North America” (why??????) so I had to delete the episode..

Small arms from Canada and Belgium Weapons coming from Poland that are not disclosed Azerbaijani mortar Bulgarian anti-tank gun.

Looking for a Qualified Babysitter for Our Child in Barrie – Canada.

@OzraeliAvi @RebelNewsOnline greenies ??? Here in Canada, that might be referred to as boogers, the snot from your nose. I do agree with you for sure. Let the woke cry babies try to survive without Tik Tok..

Not being funny but the Canadian GP would be the perfect last race for Latifi before Piastri takes his seat Williams could just leave him in Canada.

@g900ap Eerst zien en dan pas geloven. Duitsland leverd ook niets uit, zijn veel te angstig. Tot nu toe alleen USA, Canada en GB hebben echt boter bij de vis gedaan. Ook Nederland zou meer kunnen doen..

🍁 Canadá es territorio de luces y sombras para Alonso. 🔙Ganó en 2006 y sirvió para marcar un inicio histórico en F1. 😬No puntúa desde 2014 y no acaba una carrera desde 2016. 🇮🇹 En Ferrari no le fue mal, solo una vez se retiró y siempre en puntos. #F1 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦.

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@QuebecSolidaire Ben oui, c est partout au C est certain que qs au Québec vont tous ré faut tout de même pas nous prendre pour des idiots..

@DChilcottFCDO @UKinTurkey Myself applied for Visa for Eu countries,USA,Canada,UK legally but unfortunately not attation not issue mentioned deference excuse deference law. No other way for me if I return to afghanistan back Taliban terrorist toture,kill me . only way I enter to Eu countries UK illegal..

Throwback to fighting from P21 with six visits to the pits. 😳 A remarkable JensonButton victory in Canada where everything went wrong… until he won. 🏆 #CanadianGP 🇨🇦.

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❗The last time Argentina won the World Cup was in 1986 and Peru did not qualify for that World Cup. The last time Canada qualified for the World Cup was in 1986 and they will be in Qatar. 🇦🇷.

Canada Photo,Canada Photo by FC Barcelona Fans Nation,FC Barcelona Fans Nation on twitter tweets Canada Photo

@LaBombetta76 Non sarà tra quegli sfigati che non viene curato con tachipirina e vigile È il presidente del Canada.

@bdkoepke Bingo.
What could have been a huge boon for Canada turns out to be a political boondoggle..

🚨BREAKING: Today our government launched the Canada Greener Homes Loan program which will provide Canadians up to $40k interest free financing for deeper home energy retrofits. #cdnpoli #whitby 🔗.

This week in ransomware – Friday, June 17, 2022 – IT World Canada.

@ShadyCrossing @theJagmeetSingh What the FFF !! U Fn formed a coalition and guaranteed his autocratic rule for the next 3 years !!! And now you want to backtrack !!! WHAT THE FUCK !!!!!!.

El vídeo de Dalas y la señora que afirma hablar alienígena, me hizo plantearme de nuevo si estudiar o no inteligencia artificial 😔✌🏻
Ya estaba de nuevo decidida a estudiar psicología porque ví que se paga bien en Canadá y tengo la ilusión de ser psicologa y eso.

@GailSimone @ThoughtBubbleUK Loved meeting you in York when you came last time. Sadly I moved from the UK to PEI Canada – if you like 680 miles of shoreline you should come visit :).

📰 SpaceX fires workers behind letter criticising Elon Musk’s behaviour Powered by @PiQSuite.

@zryanverse kawawa naman itong dilawan wala nang maniniwala sa inyo dito nga sa canada ang mahal ng bilihin sobrang mahal ng gas pero ang mga tao dito hindi naman nag reklamo dyan sa pinas ang nag reklamo mga dilawan.

@HockeyAgent1 Does Andrey have a wife and kids? If so, I strongly recommend Canada over the maniacs south of the border. That leaves Vancouver because you Andey knows firsthand how hard Podkolzin works to win!! Plus the city is beautiful. #WeAreGoldStar!.

@JustinTrudeau Will you be addressing the GENOCIDE DENIAL here in canada?
Like the South African, Rwandan, Ukrainian, Serbian and many more suffering from oppression and the Murder of CHILDREN … First Nation, Metis and Inuit. have/are suffering still..

@MaximeBernier She’s trying to bankrupt Canada for the great reset. She’s a notsee..


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