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The Suns are interested in the Pelicans pick and want to give up a “roster” player. That roster player can’t be Cam Payne or Jae Crowder. Those are the rules. Also, no thanks to Cameron Johnson..

There is almost assuredly some important context missing with these 8th pick for Cam Johnson trade buzz. Most notably that the Pelicans would not trade the 8th pick for Cam Johnson and get nothing else in return lol.

Latest mock draft from @DraftExpress & @espn is interesting for the Pels, suggesting that the 8th pick has created quite a bit of chatter in NBA circles for trade purposes & mentions the Suns & Cam Johnson..

People kept saying Trey could develop into a Cam Johnson role, and people saying no to Cam johnson. 🤷🏾‍♂️. I need someone to explain to me why not. Why not have 2 of these dudes..

@sideshowbrady Trey Murph is our cam Johnson except more athletic, better shooter, better personality and better contract.

i dead don’t care who the Suns trade not named Book in a deal with the Pelicans to get 8. I think Cam Johnson in NO would be fire, more spacing for BI and Zion.

So let me be clear. I’m not saying I’m trading the 8th straight up for Cam Johnson. Naw, you want to jump@that high…you gotta give us some shit. But people saying don’t want Cam Johnson at don’t get that..

Wait what? Legion Hoops deleted the Cam Johnson possibly being traded to the Pelicans tweet..

Cam Johnson: good fit, good player. But he’s expiring AND is simply not as valuable as pick 8.

8 for Cam Johnson & a distant future first would be fine. Wouldn’t be super mad at that deal or anything..

Ayton ja ta em Atlanta aqui familia, vindo junto de Mikal Bridges e Cam Johnson. Meu informante disse que viu Clint Capela, John Collins e Kevin Huerter comprando passagens para Phoenix. Nada confirmado ainda..

I’d rather trade 8 for Cam Johnson than take Dieng & I don’t even wanna trade 8 for Cam lol..

@KeReturns When u look at it shi definitely makes sense cause Cam Johnson is really valuable Not to mention pels wanna win now with zion.

@Bullskickass How do y’all feel about the Bulls trading their first round pick for Cam Johnson? Reports are that Phoenix may be trying to move off him to clear space for Ayton. I’d love to have Cam Johnson.

Round 5 of the #SFB12 mock: Matt Ryan
Keenan Allen
Jameis Winston
Zach Wilson
Cam Akers
Mac Jones
Tee Higgins
Diontae Johnson
Mike Williams
Travis Etienne Dobbins
James Conner.

Y’all really excited for Cam? On one hand: “This could be the Pels last chance at a high lottery pick. Gotta go for highest upside and hit a homerun. But then: “Cam Johnson for 8? Let’s get it” So Cam is that homerun? Or am I tripping?.

@ProPelsTalk Perhaps maybe Griff can trade Cam Johnson to another team (assuming he makes the deal with Phoenix).

#Suns are interested in trading up to the Pelicans Number 8 spot to clear up cap space for Deandre Ayton. The only players that make sense for the Pelicans to go for in that scenario would be Cam Johnson or Mikal Bridges. DG will survey all options with the draft this Thursday..

Cam Johnson Photo,Cam Johnson Photo by Johnathan Bulot,Johnathan Bulot on twitter tweets Cam Johnson Photo


@nikotaughtyou Cam Johnson’s agent is a certain franchise player’s dad so that boy not goin nowhere for a draft pick lol.

No way in hell Cam Johnson worth the #8 pick. Maybe a 23 1st and Cam Johnson. TM3 is a younger Johnson.

Because cam Johnson for 8 makes 0 sense outside of “that’s the floor for negotiations.”.

Whole lotta people havent watched cam johnson hoop outside of our series with the suns.

Cam Johnson is going to want anywhere from 75-95 The Pelicans have to pay Zion and CJ McCollum. This shit is not happening. Good role player though..

i would love dyson daniels on the suns. i would not, however, love for that to be “at the expense of cam johnson so they can keep deandre ayton”.

So what does a Cam Johnson contract looks like when gets paid. If we talking a max. Hell no. But less than 19 million…what we talking.

2022 Aggregated Big Board Picks 1-14: Rumor has Suns dangling Cam Johnson for a lottery pick – NBA News.

2022 Aggregated Big Board Picks 1-14: Rumor has Suns dangling Cam Johnson for a lottery pick –.

@PHXFansApp I don’t think fans want “someone better” than CP but I feel like the CP has run his course. He’s going on 38 and can’t keep up with the quick, stronger PGs in the NBA anymore. And I think Cam Johnson is more expendable than you think..

• Cam Johnson for #8
• Draft Jalen Duren
• Trade Ayton for Jerami Grant PG: Chris Paul
SG: Devin Booker
SF: Mikal Bridges
PF: Jerami Grant
C: Jalen Duren This is a W.

@iamjamesnumber1 Biggest reason I can think of — Cam Johnson 26 and going to need to be paid. You can take a rookie at 8 who has promise and is 6 years younger, delay paying that big check for another 3 years or so, because who knows what this team will need contract wise in 2..


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