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A lot of people throwing Brooklyn 99 under the bus without acknowledging the fact that that is EXACTLY why— *in 2020*— Andre Braugher said he was going to leave the show, & why Michael Schur & the rest of the cast & production team decided to end it, & to end it how they did..

@shaun_vids Brooklyn 99 most egregious, because it occasionally tries to be self aware or address the issues in a way that serves as a justification for the rest of the show. The worst was in the final season when they successfully implement police reform?? He said/she said ep also sucked.

gotta be blue bloods, right? like brooklyn 99 and csi and paw patrol also suck but like blue bloods is the purest distillation of the conservative narrative surrounding policing.

Brooklyn 99 for sure. The cast was excellent and full of such good, funny actors. What got me to leave it alone was episode when they were running a scenario on who to shoot/not shoot & I realized it was so messed up. Runner up: The entire Law & Order franchise..

Rechte wollen Serien, in denen die Polizei verherrlicht wird, (Links)liberale wollen eine bessere, wokere Polizei sehen, wie bei Brooklyn 99, aber eine linksradikale ACAB-Serie wäre ein absolutes Nischenprodukt und wird es daher nicht geben..

Cuando en Brooklyn 99 Jake y Holt se emborrachan en el bar y juegan a los dardos:.

@awkwardlefty_cj @shaun_vids I thought there were a few good episodes of Brooklyn 99 that did address problems in policing, such as the episode “Moo Moo” but yes, the message is definitely overall very positive towards the institution, and the view that most cops are good people..

i have never watched a single episode of
-the office
-always sunny in philadelphia
-how i met your mother
-fresh prince of bel air
-modern family
-30 rock
-the it crowd
-malcom in the middle
-brooklyn 99
-unbreakable kimmy schmidt.


brooklyn 99. portrays cops as inherently moral/committed, while racial profiling = a few bad apples. deals with race in naive, fumbling, heavy-handed way. not to mention the main characters (the morally-upstanding Good Cops) break the law + commit police brutality regularly.

@awkwardlefty_cj @shaun_vids This completely. My partner, a socialist, is a big Brooklyn 99 fan for these exact reasons..

@shaun_vids Blue Bloods for conservatives
Paw Patrol for children Brooklyn 99 for democrats
Law & Order for regular people.

@StrewthQueen @shaun_vids In Brooklyn 99’s defense, the final season was being written at the time of the BLM protests and they turned the story around to focus on police corruption..

@shaun_vids Ok I like the show but Brooklyn 99
I know they every now and then (and in most of the last season, post murder of George Floyd) talk about racism in the police and racism+homophobia in the NYPD of the 70s but in the end it shows goofy well meaning cops who could do w/ less rules.

@AdKhey2105 Merci man u, grâce à vous frenkie va baisser son salaire tout en restant mdrr.

I absolutely love the show and it pains me so much to acknowledge that Brooklyn 99 is actually copaganda.

should’ve known Brooklyn 99 trending would be because they brought back copaganda discourse gfdi.

@BreakMayberry @shaun_vids Yeah, feel like all the modern stuff like Law and Order and Brooklyn 99 are walking in the shadows of Dragnet and Andy Griffith..

@theeclarkjones Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and New Girl are both great about that. Superstore is pretty good. All are very funny. CxG is funny, but also might help you learn to deal with mental health issues in healthy ways. Brooklyn 99 showcases the cast in pilot pretty well, too..

Brooklyn Nine-Nine saison 8 : Jake Peralta va-t-il quitter la brigade du 99 ? #Brooklyn 99.

@shaun_vids Brooklyn 99. It makes all the horrible cop tropes into jokes. It’s a dystopian television show..

@mssaniston Pretty litte liars Brooklyn 99 Friends Modern family Gossip Girl Gilmore Girl Lendas do amanhã The Flash Super Girl Elite (até a 3T) Desejo Sombrio.

I feel like Law & Order or CSI are the easy picks but I would honestly choose Brooklyn 99 for how it suckers in people normally critical of cops because of episodes where they tackle issues with policing but just turn around and say cops are good anyway, just some bad apples.

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@shaun_vids On the conservative side, Blue Bloods; on the liberal side, Brooklyn 99. Blue Bloods shows cops as warriors fighting on the frontline of a war against crime, and any criticism or oversight is unacceptable. B99 shows cops as loveable goofballs who are just like everyone else..

@shaun_vids Brooklyn 99. wide appeal gobbledygook that paints the NYPD as a bunch of well meaning and compotent pals with a few bad apples mixed in..


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