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🎵 HISTORY MADE: Big shout out to #JHope — First 🇰🇷South Korean artist to not just headline the main stage at a 🇺🇸 music festival, but at freakin @lollapalooza!!! #FirstOfMany.

SPAR19 – the US airforce aircraft that ferried house speaker Nancy Pelosi to Malaysia this morning appears to be flying over Kalimantan now possibly towards the Philippines airspace , making a big circle to avoid the hotly contested South China Sea as speculation intensifies.

Big South Photo,Big South Photo by Melissa Goh,Melissa Goh on twitter tweets Big South Photo

Eating a tuna sandwich and reading Joan Didion’s South and West sitting under a big swaying oak tree on lunch break.

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@WGR550 I got Lenny Dykstra to autograph a nail when I was a kid. One of those big ones they use for train tracks. It got lost in a move and I’m convinced it’s in a South Jersey pawn shop..

A fluid combination of digital, territorial and cultural sovereignty operating over multiple theatres. Excellent stuff-> Australia must speak carefully and carry a big enough stick in the South China Sea -.

Day 9: @BrianBengs is running against Mitch McConnell’s #2 guy The nice thing about South Dakota is it’s very cheap to run a campaign so we don’t need as much to compete. Because of this, our donations make a BIG impact! I just gave $10! Join me and RT.

A big win for supporters of abortion rights in conservative Kansas: 59% of Kansas voters rejected the amendment granting the legislature authority to regulate abortion. #HardNumbers.

Join us on congratulating our 16u All Stars. Also big shout out to Mr. Owen Grater on winning his second All Star MVP award this summer. He went 1-1 with a SAC fly and driving in 3 RBI’s. South All Stars win 4-1..

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@gcopel @contradiction70 ahhh, you probably came in to OKC by way of I40 and hung a left and caught i35 south. The Riverwind is a decent casino and the Winstar is obnoxiously big. We might bump into each other someday or pass each other on the road..

Campbell does have women’s lacrosse but the Big South won’t have their AQ affected. They’ll still have 9 teams left..

Africans are waking up to the dangerous agendas being pushed by Big Pharma and the one-world-order crowd, according to South African journalist and Children’s Health Defense Africa Chapter Executive Director Shabnam Palesa Mohamed. #NWO.

How many fossil fuel giveaways you’re willing to swallow in the process—how many more cases of rare cancers in the Gulf South or pipelines leaking into drinking water sources—depends on what your material incentives are and proximity to those problems..

Southern African python escapes from jaws of death after eating big meal on the South Coast.

@BlueCollarUTBT @cj_ball_is_LIfe South Oak Cliff Alumni Yes 👍🏿 Sir Congrats big ups.

@SenatorTimScott This is why the for-profit education grifters pay you the big bucks! Way to keep your promises to them! Great gob giving tax money to grifters instead of teachers (not like we have a teacher shortage in South Carolina, or anything)..

Luckily for the Big South, it has an association with the OVC set for 2023 The two conferences will share one bid for at least four years, through the 2026 season Together, the conferences will have 9 playoff-eligible teams from 2023-25 and 10 playoff-eligible teams in 2026.

In the last two years, 7 schools have departed or announced their departure from the Big South. Campbell is the latest to join the list..

@zakyarin97 @nuicemedia it is a concern,BIG one in a case that war realy happen in south china sea/natuna the majority of SEA chain supply is cutted off sc:.

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Realignment has been very unkind to the Big South, who is now slated to lose their 5th program since 2016. Two of their replacements for past departures were very briefly in the league before moving again. Difficult to build a sustainable league without consistent membership.

@KendallRogers @GoCamelsBSB The best 3 teams have left the Big South. Liberty, Campbell and Coastal. How much longer will the conference last..

@ArvindKejriwal Please consider Ayanagar area of South Delhi as well. Buses availability is very poor, we have to rely upon shuttle services which are not good. Big hope from you. Thankyou.

あまなつさん@MattDavidson91、我が母校、来年7月よりBig SouthからColonial へ、カンファレンス移籍が決まりました。
“Campbell University to join Colonial Athletic Association in 2023”
#rollhumps #gocamels.

@SemperTyrannis @POLITICOEurope Not entirely true.
“Most of Europe” ie the big central/south countries have reluctantly send quite restricted numbers of heavy weapon systems, led by Olaf “too little too late” Scholtz.
This in stark contrast to the eastern EU, who knows the.

福島さん@YoshFukushima、我が母校、来年7月よりBig SouthからColonial へ、カンファレンス移籍が決まりました。
“Campbell University to join Colonial Athletic Association in 2023”
#rollhumps #gocamels.

@LongwoodBlue It feels like such a precarious position. GW and CSU aren’t that attractive but you gotta think that with football they look to jump. It should have happened years ago, but the Big South would be better off adding a couple new members and binning off football entirely..

Big South’s turn to take a ride on the league in disarray roller coaster that the WAC, MEAC, SLAND, OVC and ASUN has all been on..

Google asked Keely Mahony, a small business owner in South Dakota, to participate in a NetChoice ad. “It was not our intent to be political,” she told me. “We knew that it would be a marketing piece that would help promote our business.”.

Almost half of total income of the richest 1 percent in South Africa came from their assets. So why should this wealth not be taxed, especially as we see middle class earned incomes are declining..


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