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normal people: heh Biden fell over on his bike Benny Johnson:.

@bennyjohnson Fun fact about Benny Johnson. He committed plagiarism and got fired for it..

@Generat00179632 @bennyjohnson God has a plan for Benny Johnson and you never know… it might be enacted sooner than later..

@patrick517941 While I definitely find slapstick comedy funny, this guy Benny Johnson is the actual clown here. “Collapsing while riding his bike” should have been “gets his right foot caught in the pedal strap without knowing and goes to step off.” Let’s not be shallow..

Benny Johnson is a fragile, weak little man who probably never rode a bike in his life..

@bennyjohnson @elonmusk Conservative Benny Johnson has been accused of being verbally “abusive” to contractors for Arsenal Media, a company which is known for producing viral political ads for conservatives. Johnson reportedly co-founded the company, but has since distanced himself from it..

@aCryptoGodzilla For falling off of a bike? That’s makes him not physically fit, mentally fit? How about reading a tweet from Benny Johnson and not knowing what the hell you’re talking about? Makes you not mentally fit..

Hey Benny off a bike makes Biden unfit for office? So what does that make Trump? His attempt at trying to collapse the country might be a bit more serious right? Get a f**ken grip..

@bennyjohnson Seditionist/traitor Benny Johnson is a well-known radical right extremist and political terrorist who posts lies and false accusations on social media for the corrupt republi-CON party that tried to overthrow the Govt. for criminal trump on Jan. 6, 2021..

@MattBinder Benny Johnson, probably less stable than Joe Biden on a bike, just sayin’.

@Steelersdepot I really like both free agent signings at RB. But would rather Johnson than Benny Snell.

@bennyjohnson Benny Johnson is demonstrating what a sickening sycophant behaves like..

Benny Johnson claims that falling off a bike is a sign of illness. This man is not well..

@bennyjohnson Just a reminder who this fu***ng weasel really is..

@bennyjohnson Well” training wheels “ back on “ oh and Benny Johnson you drama queen HE FELL, he didn’t COLLAPSE😂.

@bennyjohnson BREAKING: Benny Johnson is a liar. Nothing worse than a jesus loving liar..

@bennyjohnson Lulz. Alleged traitor Benny Johnson trying to distract from his traitor traitoring..

@bennyjohnson JUST NOW: Benny Johnson picks on an old man who fell while riding a bike.
This man is a pathetic fuck.


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