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Thanks for the kind words, @ambermidthunder! Loved what you said about Native People not feeling the need to be small, ask permission, or be “allowed” to find their rightful place. You embody the spirit of the times. Keep moving. I will meet you out there..

Next Big Thing: ‘Prey’ Star Amber Midthunder on Bringing an Indigenous Action Hero Into ‘Predator’ Franchise.

I would love for Amber Midthunder (star of the new movie #PreyMovie) to work consistently and become as big a star as she wants to become because the talent is there..

The 25-year-old star of #PreyMovie had been hesitant to try out for Indigenous roles: You very rarely get good representation. Good being accurate, respectful or something to be proud about.

Amber Midthunder has become a rare example of a Native American actress emerging as a leading action hero, with her roles in films like “The Ice Road” and her latest, “Prey.”.

Amber Midthunder detrás de las cámaras de Predator: La Presa..

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Agente de Marvel‏,Agente de Marvel‏ on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo

HOLY hell. Cannot overstate how much PREY absolutely kicks ass. A genuinely exciting, high concept pulled up with with upmost precision. Amber Midthunder is one of the coolest action heroes of recent memory. Dan Trachtenberg is 2 for 2 in my book!.

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Reyna Cervantes,Reyna Cervantes on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo

Well fuck me that was fantastic. Minor cg issues are legit my only issue. Perfectly paced, Amber MidThunder is a fucking Star. Tight action. Extremely well shot. Strips all the fluff of previous films. Delivers the best Predator film since 87. 5/5.

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Chris “Ginger Roy Kent” Barreras,Chris “Ginger Roy Kent” Barreras on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo

Welp. #PreyMovie is incredible. It respects the original while doing its own thing. It was shot beautifully and showcased Indigenous ingenuity and bravery. Amber Midthunder is 100% badass. This deserves the big screen. 10/10..

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Shane Hawk,Shane Hawk on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo

With gorgeous cinematography, outstanding choreography, and moving at a thrilling pace, @DannyTRS’s #PreyMovie is a welcome return to form for the Predator franchise, led by a dominant performance from Amber Midthunder as fierce warrior, Naru. Take a bow!.

#Prey was fantastic. A true sequel to the original in every way. I loved its pacing, the action was top notch and Amber Midthunder feels like one to watch.
Easily the third best film in the series. A big ol’ meaty actioner..

Congratulations to Amber Midthunder and Dakota Beavers for being *AMAZING* in Prey. The whole film was beautifully-acted…but hot-dang those two put in incredible performances..

#PreyMovie was really well done. Very intense. First half bit slow but ends so strong. Amber Midthunder killed it. Definitely worth the watch even if you aren’t a big predator fan like myself.

Our @RachelLeishman got to talk with the amazing @AmberMidthunder for her role in #PreyMovie!.

@ScottWamplerBMD If there is any justice in this world, Amber Midthunder will be a megastar. She is so good..

Loved that. Amber Midthunder was great and had more expression in her eyes than most others I watch have in their whole body.
Really enjoyed it.

PREY was everything I hoped it would be and more. Stripped down story, great action, brutal Predator kills and an awesome score. Amber Midthunder is a star and deserves more roles worthy of her talent. Top tier entry into the Predator franchise!!.

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Andy “Eternally Positive” Gorham,Andy “Eternally Positive” Gorham on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo

Fucking hell that was good. Amber Midthunder’s Naru is positively lethal. Beautiful score by Sarah Schachner. Bravo to all involved. #PreyMovie.

Amber Midthunder rocks this role. As someone who didn’t much care for 10 Cloverfield Lane I liked Trachtenberg’s style much more here, strong straightforward momentum and energy building towards a very memorable finale..

#PreyMovie slapped. Glad to see Amber Midthunder starting to trend because she freaking crushed it..

Just watched #PreyMovie and it was fantastic!!! Amber Midthunder you absolute badass!!! 🔥💖.

Prey watched. A great Predator film, and a good enough movie without that context. Relies on you knowing about the monster too much, and in doing so lessens its threat. Give Amber Midthunder all the awards tho – mesmering performance..

Amber Midthunder has only been onscreen for 5 minutes and I would do anything for her.

@RustBeltRebel The lead Amber Midthunder is amazing. She deserves a long career as a leading woman..

@DiscussingFilm Congratulations to Amber Midthunder, all the cast and crew. Indigenous people RISE UP. 💚 #PreyMovie.

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Sara Santos✝️🇧🇷,Sara Santos✝️🇧🇷 on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo

@NyxKillpop @ThaRealSamO Damn right. Amber Midthunder is my hero. Loved her in Legion and this was better.

Prey is amazing and exactly what the Predator franchise needed. Dan Trachtenberg crafts a fresh and exciting film that is the best in the series since the original. Amber Midthunder and the whole cast were awesome. I hope we get more movies like this in the franchise. #PreyMovie.

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Matt,Matt on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo

Oh, fuck yeah! PREY is an absolute killer. Trachtenberg can really make genre sing and Amber Midthunder rules. Awesome kills, hard hitting fight scenes, and incredible sound work. Just… yes..

#PreyMovie absolutely rules! Has everything I want from a Predator movie that made me a fan of the originals: teeth grinding tension, hyper violent action, and a kick ass lead in Amber Midthunder. If this ever got a theatrical release, I will sprint to the theatre..

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Adriano Lean Back Caporusso 🔜 TIFF22,Adriano Lean Back Caporusso 🔜 TIFF22 on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo

244. Prey (2022)
Todo lo que una película de supervivencia debe ser. Le da un toque fresco a la saga de Predator porque hacen que la criatura se adapte a este nuevo y fascinante mundo, no al revés. Magnífica fotografía, tensión potente y una Amber Midthunder soberbia..

Amber Midthunder Photo,Amber Midthunder Photo by Cesar Andrés 🎱,Cesar Andrés 🎱 on twitter tweets Amber Midthunder Photo


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