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@Reuters My daughters & yours officially have fewer rights in America than their grandmothers thanks to the Supreme Court Overturning Roe. We must #expandscotus asap. It has been done many times before. #dobbs #fridaymorning #FridayFeeling #prochoice #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

We must take to the streets. #RoeVWade #RoeVsWade #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #AbortionIsEssential #AbortionIsHealthcare #BlessedBeTheFruit #UnderHisEye #VoteThemOut #VoteBlue.

@amnesty This is a dark day for American history. US Supreme Court rips into shreds a 50 year precedent supported by a large majority of Americans that gave women control over their bodies. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #RoeVsWade.

#VoteThemAllOut2022 #VoteBlue #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

To the men on Women will remember if you sit silently while our fundamental human rights are stripped away. Be an ally. This is the first time in generations that the Court has taken away rights. #RoeVsWade #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

The SCOTUS when they lost RBG.
#AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #SCOTUSisBOGUS #uspoli.

We must stand up to ensure that everyone has access to the care they need and the ability to make their own decisions for themselves and their futures. #RoeVsWade #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

Midterms are coming and now women, the #LGBTQ community, men and everyone else is organizing across the states against radical religious fanaticism. MAGAS are going to drown in this blue wave. #DNC #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #RoevsWade #WomensRights.

So let me get this straight. States can regulate abortion but not guns. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #abortionrights.

The SCOTUS made their decision.
So where is @DesJarlaisTN04 mistresses going to get an abortion?
#roeoverturned #triggerlaws #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

don’t know what to say, but caryl churchill does #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

#AbortionRightsAreHumanRights Photo,#AbortionRightsAreHumanRights Photo by samro,samro on twitter tweets #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights Photo

I despair! Backwards. Wrong. Degrading. Women will never be equal. #mybodymychoice #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

I cried when Hillary lost and I’m crying now. I feel so much anger and sadness. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

#Liveupdates: #SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, ending #constitutionalprotection for #abortions #abortionrights #AbortionIsHealthcare #AbortionBan #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #AbortionIsEssential #RoeVsWade #RoeWade #RoeOverturned #SCOTUSstench.

Time to overturn the Supreme Court. #ExpandTheCourt #ExpandSCOTUS #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

What the hell 😱 #TheResistance #KeepAbortionlegal
#FuckthePatriarchy #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

u have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. stare decisis means NOTHING now? our country shreds individual rights & has ZERO respect for precedence & accepted law. Yes, i’m mad. This is a reversal of what our country is supposed to stand for. History won’t forget. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

Abortion remains legal in #Nebraska – for now. Do not cancel your appointment. Do not despair… yet We need to fight like hell. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #AbortionisHealthcare.

Abortion is health care. Plain and simple. Six people just took us back half a century… and they’re only just getting started. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #AbortionIsEssential @ACNMmidwives @AWHONN.

#AbortionRightsAreHumanRights This is the saddest day for American women since as long as I remember! Fled Iran because of reactionary patriarchy to fall into it in DC!.


#AbortionRightsAreHumanRights F the SCOTUS they only care about rich white Christians.

Thank you for taking the rights away from so many women. Will you be the one too adopt or take care of the mentally anguished women who is put in that circumstance? Sometimes not by choice. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights
#womanrights #abortionrights.

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, ending decades of federal abortion rights. #RoevsWade #WomenRightsAreHumanRights #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #ProChoice #RapeCulture #Patriarchy.

Sending #Solidarity to all in the USA who are impacted by the utterly despicable decision to overturn #RoeVsWade – please know you have siblings all over the world who will support your right to access abortion #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

My heart goes out to all the women who are going to be affected by this ruling. I cannot comprehend how scared and powerless women will be feeling towards their own governance over their reproductive choices. This is a sad day. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #WomensRights.

This has been decades in the making. It’s not a recent thing. This was in the works for years before Dump came on the scene. 45 helped put this in place tho. #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

#AbortionRightsAreHumanRights #abortionrights #Abortion.

What I want to do to #SCOTUS #RoeVsWade #SCOTUSTheocrats #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights Wordle 370 5/6 ⬜⬜⬜🟩⬜

Just absolutely awful. The fact that in this modern day people feel they can govern women’s body is just a substantial regression for women’s rights. I stand with all the US women who will be affected by this utterly backwards decision. #RoeVsWade #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights.

@TuffTiffResists #AbortionRightsAreHumanRights Time to resurrect #Biden’s campaign promise to seriously review adding 4 new #Justices to @SCOTUS. NOW, Joe! Not later. 4more gets us a majority and protects our freedom.


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