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SURPRESA! Paramount anuncia três filmes animados de Avatar: A Lenda de Aang.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is getting three new animated films:.

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@theecali @keyon And so does Aang but we’re still retelling that tired story. Y’all mad Korra shook the table and made some changes in the avatar world ?? I call that Boss Girl.

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@OvOBrezzzy Put some respect on Korra. She was facing more menacing people than Aang back to back 😭.

@keyon I love korra but I feel like y’all be disrespecting Aang when y’all call her a better avatar.

@ItsCartier_ @OvOBrezzzy Korra has one bad season (season 2) two very good seasons 1 and 4) and one excellent season (season 3 is goated). A lot of people just don’t like it because it’s not Aang..

@sifuarrowhead no literally I kept thinking about how much I would also want a fourth movie of how Aang grew up post-war beyond the comics, their marriage, raising their kids and subsequently getting to see glimpses of the other gaang kids like.

@Platinumphazer @AvatarNews_ Ho oh, cek aing geh mending Avatar Aang dibanding si Korra hideung 😰.

Oh, great, another pointless and childish Aang vs Korra debate is going on. Could we just celebrate new Avatar media in peace?.

@lostinmissouri1 @OvOBrezzzy Lets be flagrant rq, Zaheer is a better air bender than Aang and would beat his ass, mid-high def.


@confucishx @imarhenny I mean you can’t be an air bender cause aang was the only one in ATLA 🤣 unless you fast forward to Korra.

all i ever wanted was a sequel of avatar where we got to see aang, sokka, katara, toph, and zuko etc etc grow up and more of their fun little adventures together but what did we get instead??? 🙄.

imagine after the dance party a fire nation kid became a professional dancer bc of aang.

Você percebe que aquela adaptação de dobras que aparecem em Avatar Kora já existia no Avatar Aang, onde tinha um dobrador de terra que conseguia fazer lava e a Azula que fazia o relâmpago..

@keyon like lets be real, yall hate tLoK simply bc its not ATLA, and that we didnt get more Aang content, and i wanted more too but it doesnt mean you have to take it out on a well written show.

E pensar que Avatar A Lenda de Aang tem mais referências aos povos orientais do que os próprios animes do Japã 🤔.

@sittinwithana @sohosultry Aang got to see the entire world before 12 Korra was locked in a compound for all her you expect sienoen who has never experienced the outside world to be a sage? The fuck?.

@firelightjinx ppl hate korra bc she wasn’t aang. but she wasn’t and her story comes after aang is gone. new struggles, a new world. her story was really good too. ppl just hating to hate.

@KingKyberrr an aang one would be interesting too but im not to sure what they could focus on?? maybe more of his adulthood? im just excited for more content 🤧.

@AvatarNews_ I want a good movie on Aang 🥹
The movie they made in d past was shitty. We deserve a good trilogy.

@iBerleezy @MattHadouken Aang had his movie and it was a f****** mess. We can only hope that these three are successful and then Aang gets the movie he deserves..

Esto va a ser ideológicamente Aang o ideológicamente Korra?.

Y por eso para mí Korra siempre tendrá mucho más mérito que Aang (Amo a Aang, pero seamos honestos, la tuvieron fácil con el calvito).


미개봉 엔시티 재현 스페셜 엽서북 포스트카드북+쁘띠트리니티 쁘띠잰
일괄 반택 배송비 포함 에 판매합니다!.

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@PedroxArg Porque lamentablemente la comparan con aang, no entienden que son personajes distintos y que salvo el título de avatar no están unidos. Sería diferente si tenzin es el nuevo avatar, se entendería ya que es su hijo..

sebaiknya @CCICPolri @DivHumas_Polri declare aj siapa orang di balik akun resty. kalaupun ternyata orangnya di luar negeri ya gak apa belum bs ditindak. tp minimal sudah ditandai..

@Drakengs @AvatarNews_ SIM EU VI, queria muito um focado no avatar Roku (o antecessor do Aang).

@Hauntterr imo Korra learning the struggles of being the Avatar > Aang learning how to master all the elements Im sorry.

The best series ever, avatar legend of aang. Korra busuk sampe ke tulang.

@TeamSaath Bol mc q bolti band ho gai hai dalle bol aang jani karne walo pe v tho lagu hota hai bol salle.


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