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Tim Young

Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are willing to risk starting WWIII for personal but tell me again how you think Trump was reckless with foreign policy..

Tim Young

WWIII is does that mean Biden finally got it started to cover for all his other failures?.

Alex Svanevik🐧

Future history books: WWIII was started by Nancy Pelosi running an elaborate insider trading scheme involving semiconductors in Taiwan..

Alfredo Montanez🇺🇦🇺🇲🏳️‍🌈💛

WWIII really guys? There is no evidence that another world War is imminent you guys need to calm down.

Left Zeppelin ☭

There is a 55,000 acre wildfire spreading across Northern California while Speaker Pelosi plays WWIII chicken with the PRC in Taiwan.

WWIII Photo,WWIII Photo by Left Zeppelin ☭,Left Zeppelin ☭ on twitter tweets WWIII Photo

That Scottish Guy Ⓥ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

#WWIII will be won on twitter using memes, winner can print there own NFT. @BoredApeYC.

Raynott Woodbead

#WWIII The first two world wars corresponded to the classical image of war. The first ended the supremacy of Europe and the colonial era. The second put an end to Nazism. The third, which has indeed taken place, in the form of cold war and deterrence, put an end to communism..


I mean how else would WWIII start!? 😂 This fits perfectly with the rest of the absurdities the Roaring 20s has given us..

Deep State

@GrahamAllen_1 Yeah right, as North Korea threatens the USA #WWIII nuclear war just this week as they obtain 50 nukes thanks to Trump saluting their generals. I guess you are too young to remember when JFK went to Berlin in 63 and shoved their warnings in their face..

Mike Smith

I admit, I was wrong. I thought magats could not get any more stupid after watching trump steal $250M from them because stop the steal. Idiots. Then they post a ton of moronic comments about China starting WWIII because Nancy Pelosi is going to Taiwan. I was wrong..

Mart (Musky) Kenney

If you think an 82 year old women taking a trip to an island in the pacific is justification for startng #WWIII then you are an idiot. Only a crazy madman would give two hoots about it tbh..


sometimes i see the trending page and realize how dystopian shit really is
WWIII, stocks and choco tacos🧍🏻‍♀️.

WWIII Photo,WWIII Photo by Bre,Bre on twitter tweets WWIII Photo


@RepAdamSchiff You and your party is literally about to get us into WWIII and your main concern is to rob us of our 2A rights?.

Street Racing 🌃🏁

A lot on the far right are Chinese/Russian hacks! And it shows. Stand down for China but take the Saudis in their ass. Hilarious! #WWIII.


@JakeSherman @zerohedge I bet: Pelosi is not on that plane. China will shoot it down. WWIII will ensue. 5% chance, but possible..


WWIII the good news is X-Ray and radio therapy waiting times will vanish instantly the bad news is getting the results could be an issue.

vlad the impaler

Поки не буде типу тривоги WWIII, немає чого переживати.

Mr. Magnum

@___R0man___ @derspiegel Wenn China wegen einem Besuch irgendeinen Angriff startet, liegt die Verantwortung zu 100% bei China, und nicht bei den USA. Nach ihrer Logik könnte China fordern was sie wollen und Sie würden das unterstützen, um keinen WWIII zu riskieren..


@Duangkamol100 ที่นี่ก็ระอุมากเลยค่ะพี่ รอลุ้นอยู่ว่า WWIII มันจะเกิดไหม น้องเป็นกำลังใจให้พี่นะคะ ขอให้พี่ ครอบครัวและชาวยูเครนปลอดภัยจากอาวุธฝั่งรัสเซียนะคะ.

Rohan Raj Bisoi

WWIII is already started from 24th Feb but it will trigger on 2nd Aug yuppp🔥🔥🔥🔥☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️.

A. R. Wuehler

@Fallen_x_King Feminism is the radical notion that women are people, too. Marie Shear. Why would being a housewife exempt people from WWIII? I assure you women have and do join militaries on a regular basis. Why are you trying so desperately to pigeonhole women , cowards? Kurds..

WWIII Photo,WWIII Photo by A. R. Wuehler,A. R. Wuehler on twitter tweets WWIII Photo

Mu Qing

@AdamKinzinger What the fuck??? Her provocative move could lead us all to WWIII, is that what you wanna your children to go through?.

Henrik Harholm 🇩🇰

Wow, her visit has brought all the China trolls / wumao out – demanding everything from invasion of Taiwan to WWIII 🤦🏻‍♂️ Taiwan 🇹🇼 Is Not China. Good for Nancy Pelosi to take a stand 💪.

Adrien et Scratchy🐈 STOP WAR 🇺🇦

@Mediavenir Vous mettez ALERTE comme si ça allait être la WWIII. Je me suis effrayé. Pire moment de la journée.


We’re on a blink of WWIII (a whole human extinction) and we’re chilling, fine and not aware .. I like it 👍🏽 #Americaisback.


Remember this moment. You just witnessed the beginning of WWIII as Pelosi landed in Taiwan..

Car Hartt

If they are gonna get us in WWIII can we quit sending our strategic oil reserves to the ones we are gonna be at war with?.

John Not Real Name

@Aodanism WWIII is trending on twitter which translates to Anytime a degree of tension increases between the and Russia or China it seems all logic as to what military capability the two nations have goes out the window.
Literally anytime, actually even Iran was considered worthy..


@heiheizhang3 WWIII is in the works. The globalists need it for the financial reset. Diegel’s population drop prediction for the US by 2025: we’ll go from the current 330 Million to 100 Million..


@SpeakerPelosi Is Paul going to be buying TSMC calls soon? We need to pass the Anti-Pelosi Stock Trading Ban today. Risking WWIII so that your family can make more money doesnt seem worth the risk.

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