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Liverpool FC

4️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ Reds appearances up for the skipper! @JHenderson ❤.

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Liverpool FC

1’ – Our 2022/23 @PremierLeague campaign is underway…UP THE REDS! [0-0] #FULLIV.

Clare Young

Picking up a card today for all our boys on the HMB15U Reds to sign. #Halifax #halifaxminorbaseball.

Ragnhild Lund Ansnes

Love back, Darwin! What a first goal to score in your opening Premier League match for LFC. You were a game changer today. Unfortunately the Reds needed the first half to warm up and that costed us two points. Also, a ridiculous penalty to Fulham and two in the woodwork for us..

Up the Reds Photo,Up the Reds Photo by Ragnhild Lund Ansnes,Ragnhild Lund Ansnes on twitter tweets Up the Reds Photo

oRED 🔴

🚩Bola já está rolando para o 2º Tempo. UP THE REDS!
🔴1×0🔵 #LiverpoolxCityNaEspn.

Up the Reds Photo,Up the Reds Photo by oRED 🔴,oRED 🔴 on twitter tweets Up the Reds Photo


Deserved opener for Fulham.
#LFC finally pay the price after an embarrassing start. Maybe the goal will wake up the Reds..

Keiran Evans

There’s a real buzz about the whole place, this is the season @Wrexham_AFC. Up the reds!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿⚽️.


Got exactly what we deserved there, not even worth moaning it’s 1 out of 38 go again against Palace up the reds.


@Hustler_One_9 I WILL FUCK UP UP YOUR SHIT A fukken nuclear detonation with every strike, locked in its earliest seconds into a deathball with the immertiasual lights of cyan and cerise and reds and blues SEGA special stage lights glistening o.


Not our best opening game of the new season but we brought it back for a point. Not that it actually matters but 2nd in the league. 8 days and back at Anfield. Nunez is our lucky star. Some work to do, but a long way to go. Up the Mighty Reds. YNWA..

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Two points dropped feels like hell after waiting all these days for football to return but mistakes happen. Really happy for Nunez scoring on his PL debut. Up the reds.

El Orli👌🏼

Lo que juega Darwin Nuñez y cómo se asoció con Mo Salah.👏🏼 ¡Partidazo! ¡Bendita Premier League! Up the Reds!🔴 #YNWA.

Adrian Chambers

If Salah goes down for that pen, Jenas would be wingeing all week. Onto Palace. Up the Reds!.

Chris Heal

Shot ourselves in the foot with a sluggish 55 minutes then a sloppy pass from Matip when we were on top. Frustrating start. Up the Reds 🍻.


If you’ve got the energy to sustain frantic panting over the course of 10 months, more power to you. Points will be dropped. All about how they respond. Take a breath. Take a walk. Take a bath. Up the Reds. Fuck the rest..

Michael Martin

I get emails every day from MLB Shop and the Reds begging me to spend money on stuff, but MLB is set up so that small market teams can’t compete, and I can’t watch the Reds in Tupelo, MS due to blackout rules. MLB is by far the most poorly managed major sports league in 🇺🇸..

LFC Jacksonville

Great 1st half! Keep it up boys! So good to see everyone again! Up the Reds! @liverpoolfc #YNWA #WalkOn @ Legacy Ale Works.


@Spurlock27Mark @dotsonc The Braves got pretty fortunate. The players they got were all underachieving & suddenly turned it around. Did the Giants make additions in ‘12? They won 94 games that season so it’s not as if the Reds lost to a lesser team. Look at how many times the Dodgers have come up short..

Ste Buxton

Not been good enough sadly, goal was always coming, maybe it was needed to give us a kick up the backside! Very disappointing reds.

Cathal Conlon

Not great so far from the Reds. If they needed a wake up call, this first half hour has been a big one. Getting outworked all over the field. #LFC.

OLSC Jersey Shore

After 30mins, Fulham appear to be sharpening their steel against the Reds. Tight defensively in their own end and pacey up front. #UpTheReds.

Shez Sheikh

30 mins of nothing from the reds so far We can’t get much worse than this Fulham look well up for it #lfc #ynwa.

Ryan Steele (ライアン)

FT | Nagoya 3-0 #UrawaReds
Bit of a quiet night for Langerak as his defenders were able to clean up most things and Grampus as a whole had so much of the ball. Often played around and through the Reds so easily. The visitors were asleep for most of that match. #JLeague.

OPE Betting WI 🍻🧀

MLB Brewers/Reds (-114) It’s going to be 90 today in Milwaukee. Expect both starters to give up a couple and more such bullpen to do the same. Game ends around 10. 6-4 Brewers. #OPE.

Sally Loves U ❤️

@TheIrisWithin Thank you! Just looked those up. Sounds beautiful and will have to go test. I do tend to like the reds. I have Giorgio Sì Passione which is a warm floral with a hint of vanilla but it’s a bit heavy so I don’t wear it much in summer..

yu chattri🥰 ft.มัมหมา🥕🥬

@LFC not good enough to win we started the game so poor🤦🏻 we cant use hendo fab and tiago along the season i think we should buy midfielders during this transfer window so that we can play or use another option of our midfielders 🥲 btw keep going reds hold your head up high YNWA 🔴💪🏻.


Bukan hasil yang diharapkan tapi tetap awal yang baik! Up The Reds!.

Craig W

Bit shite that to be honest! On our heels and it was a definite penalty! Will gladly take a point! Long way to go! Up the reds #lfc.

Paul D

Reds not at the races today. Happy they came away with a point to be honest. Glad Nunez scored but lots of scope for improvement throughout the team. Up the reds..


What was wrong about our lineup today reds? Imo Nunez would’ve been better starting than firmino purely because he plays higher up the pitch.

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