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Sky News Australia

Tony Abbott has warned the Indigenous Voice to Parliament is ‘wrong in principle and it will work out badly in practice’ as he defends Jacinta Price as ‘relentlessly practical’ on First Nations issues..

Sky News Australia

The proposed constitutionally entrenched Voice to Parliament is wrong in principle and will work out badly in practice, former prime minister Tony Abbott says..

Sky News Australia

Jacinta Price has lived the lived the life of remote Australia unlike so many of the people who talk a lot in this area, former prime minister Tony Abbott says..

Mike Carlton

Pleasing to see Tony Abbott’s fierce opposition to the Indigenous Voice. Makes me ever more certain that the Voice is the way to go. #voteYes..


I’m sure I just saw Tony Abbott star as a dinosaur in the latest Jurassic Park movie…….

Albo is my PM

Tony Abbott is another who should join One Nation with his cruel stupidity about Australia being Terra Nullius before colonisation. There were separate nations all over the continent each consisting of hundreds of indigenous people..


From a great man who was cut down by those way less competent than he could ever be @HonTonyAbbott.

🌱🐝 Mel J

@JonesHowdareyou Tony Abbott’s white supremacist leanings are hardly a secret..

Tony Abbott Photo,Tony Abbott Photo by 🌱🐝 Mel J,🌱🐝 Mel J on twitter tweets Tony Abbott Photo


@Mike47455471 @catherine___c No, but he was better than Hawke 😂 sadly we haven’t had a non controlled government/PM in decades, Tony Abbott came close to pushing against the grain.

Koala Bill

@MikeCarlton01 I thought Tony Abbott was always going to visit Indigenous Communities and spending time with them ? Obviously fake caring on his behalf..

Call me Dutto 🥰MP

@JonesHowdareyou Haha‼️🤣😂You lefties are too The LNP WILL win the climate wars in a canter. We have the BIG 🔫’s. 🤔 Tony Abbott & John Howard‼️😐 But enough talk of climate war weeds ..🤣😂😅, but seriously though 😐.. Newks will 🤔,the seniors tennis open🤣😂.. but seriously☹️.

Lord Sedgwick. ‘If not now, when?’

@manthatcooks @SkyNewsAust Former prime minister Tony Abbott was wrong in principle and worked out badly in practice..

John Delmenico

@TamePunk The phrase ‘Former Minister of Indigenous Affairs Tony Abbott’ is more than enough proof that meaningful change needs to be made.

Trevor Smith

@TamePunk Tony Abbott is the personification of our past attempting to prejudice our future. It’s his raison d’etre..

david wilkes

@SkyNewsAust As always Tony Abbott is on the wrong side of history and Sky News is right there with him.

david wilkes

@SkyNewsAust As usual Tony Abbott doesn’t know what he is talking about and should probably go back to the anti progress era from whence he came.

R Shankar

@SkyNewsAust Nothing could be more wrong than having Tony Abbott as prime minister of a progressive nation like Australia. Per Paul Keating, he is an intellectually impaired person..

Ian Tucker

@andrea_weymouth @SkyNewsAust Don’t think Tony Abbott is a “has been” at all!
In all the years in Parliament he’s never been an initiator or a fervent supporter, or passed ANY legislation!
Tony Abbott is in truth, a “never been”!
Even as PM, he was still leader of the opposition!
Never Leader of a government!.

Fragile men fear me.

@SkyNewsAust Is that the Tony Abbott who was supposed to go to a community as soon as he got elected?.

Simon St Hill

💯 This 👇- I do wonder whether Tony Abbott feels any shame over repealing the carbon tax?.

Orphan Tunes

I’m against the referendum I’m also against Tony Abbott’s ideas of why it’s a bad idea It’s a bad idea because it’s not a treaty question accompanied with us becoming a republic – There is no point amending this constitution from 1901 #auspol.

Tina Kendrick

When will Tony “people skills” Abbott realise no one cares what he thinks??.

Rhys Needham

@TamePunk So, no Vergangenheitsbewältigung for Tony Abbott when we perhaps need a version of it ourselves?.

Jim ozbod

@Your_Avg_Punter The worst thing for the future is people who think like you Tony Abbott..

Liza Doyle

@marquelawyers Whenever I read Tony Abbott’s I go to my happy visualising the time he was headbutted by a 🏝 #auspol.

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