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Masih Alinejad 🏳️

These are the scary scenes capturing a man who tried to enter my house in New York with a loaded gun to kill me.
Last year the FBI stopped the Islamic Republic from kidnapping me.
My crime is giving voice to voiceless people. The US administration must be tough on terror..

Donald B Kipkorir

On August 10, Raila Odinga will be declared President of the Republic of Kenya & finally breaking the glass ceiling of Kikuyu-Kalenjin Duopoly & thus allow 42 other tribes the chance to aspire for Presidency. This is is the only Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity to FIX KENYA..

Maryam Rajavi

We have risen up for an #Iran without torture & suppression & devoid of discrimination and inequality for the establishment of a democratic republic based on the separation of religion & state, for a non-nuclear Iran, where the death penalty is abolished. #StopExecutionsinIran.


Received at the embassy of the Republic of #Djibouti in Riyadh His Execllency Mr. Duncan Mulima, the new Ambassador of the Republic of Zambia to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia..

The Republic Foto,The Republic Foto by #ضياءالدين_بامخرمة,#ضياءالدين_بامخرمة on twitter tweets The Republic Foto

Wyatt Bearp 🇨🇦

@SamRamani2 Once again, I remind you that there is no such thing as the Donetsk People’s Republic..



Brandon Letsgo 🇺🇸🇺🇦

The FBI now represents a clear & present danger to the Republic..

Peter Faur

Our country is already on its way to becoming a failed democracy. The question is now what we intend to do about it..


@wamunyinyi Last kicks of a dying horse, the question❓ is why now? Why now?
The Babu is unsellable Kenyans will vote William Samoei Ruto as the 5th president of the republic of Kenya.

Bart Barber

@composerchris Wichita Falls. For those who do not know, Wichita is in Kansas, where the poor, benighted citizens mispronounce the name of the glorious river that flows through their city. Wichita Falls lies within the sacred confines of the Great Republic of Texas..

Paul Dukes fan Ultra Beer Dude🇺🇸🇨🇦

@Billybobwalter1 Plus we all know how his behavior on this platform was the greatest threat to the republic . Thank God that was vanquished. But having record inflation & a president who is frail & barely coherent is A-Ok🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.

Grimlocke mask against micro-scraplets

@TransSalamander Very true. But when it is being condemned by the Jedi and other Republic people in Episode I, I can just imagine R2 internally going And just what the fuck am I to you? A screwdriver with a sense of humor?.

Child Rights Network

GREAT NEWS! The bill providing stronger protections against Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (OCSEA) has lapsed into law as Republic Act 11930. Congratulations to all child rights advocates and champions who pushed for this landmark piece of legislation! #ShutDownOCSEA.

The Republic Foto,The Republic Foto by Child Rights Network,Child Rights Network on twitter tweets The Republic Foto

ดูดวงจีน☯️ - ทนายดูดวง⚖️ Astrology and Poetry

@loyuau Taiwan is the real Republic of China that contains the will of Sun Yat-sen. C-h-i-n-a is just a piece of shit founded by bastard baldy M-a-o.

Mohamed Ibrahim

President @HassanSMohamud held tonight meeting with the new council of ministers of federal republic of #Somalia.

The Republic Foto,The Republic Foto by Mohamed Ibrahim,Mohamed Ibrahim on twitter tweets The Republic Foto


Chief Hustler the incoming President of the Republic of Kenya 🇰🇪 #KenyaDecides.

Andrew Fowler

@ListenHere12 @mattgaetz sad that the left wants to imprison all there political advisory’s like a banana republic ….shows how sick they are and how corrupt our legal system has become.

The Republic Foto,The Republic Foto by Andrew Fowler,Andrew Fowler on twitter tweets The Republic Foto


@simon_ekpa Our freedom is non negotiable this time around. Our resolve to exit the zoological republic is sacrosanct! No going back to Egypt!.

Gautamiputra Satakarni🇮🇳

he is true though.
The Republic of India was created by Britain by bringing in legislation in the UK parliament..

Furrowed Brow

Joe Rogan: Jeffrey Epstein may have been CIA or Mossad spy — The Republic Brief.

Behram Attique ( official )

On the glorious occasion of Republic Day of North Macedonia, the Youth Diplomatic Institute extends warmest congratulations to the government and Macedonian people. Look forward to Strengthening social,political, economic, cultural 🇵🇰🤝🇲🇰.

The Republic Foto,The Republic Foto by Behram Attique ( official ),Behram Attique ( official ) on twitter tweets The Republic Foto


What would ⁦@Popehat⁩ say about this law? A Forgotten 1990s Law Could Make It Illegal to Discuss Abortion Online | The New Republic.


@_tileewa @bod_republic Na so my understanding lady tell ms 😂😂 i collect No girl fit scam me with this I know there some girls that are not after buoyantly cash but at least bring something to the table..

dom ☭

As a decorated veteran of the Great Culture Wars (on the side of The People’s Republic of Identity Politics) serving as Fleet Admiral, isn’t is funny that during the height of the trans liberation discourse, I was suspended? 🤔 CIA op?.

alfa isah

@bod_republic E no just May God bless and help all the responsible men out there😢😭.

The Republic Foto,The Republic Foto by alfa isah,alfa isah on twitter tweets The Republic Foto

Collins O. A 🇳🇬

@samomatseye Na so Reno Omokri cry last Obidient are Obedient citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But a little vawulence on the streets of twitter will make some persons behave..

Free and Open Indo-Pacific

The Chinese don’t like to be dictated by foreign powers, so do the Americans. The has the sovereign right to conduct business with Taiwan, called officially as “Republic of China” (ROC) only in Taiwan, as it is still within the discretion provided by Taiwan Relations Act..


@BungaraSaid Mwite #ZittoZinedineZubeirZizouKabwe Teacher/Fundii *The Only Hope For The People Of the United Republic of Tanzania. #IshaAllah2025NiYeye.


@Scapaflow114514 @TerceraVenida For those who read English: Long live the Motherland! Long live the Republic of China!.

Solomon Solomon (B.Sc, MNIM, FIMC, CMC, CMS)

@PeterObi You are the next President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, God has endorse you so also Nigerian citizens endorse. We are your structure, your teams and come 2023 with God on our side, Aso Rock you must be there. From Solomon Solomon.

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