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I actually hate silly season, I’m having such a horrible time.

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Sinceramente creo que ya han pasado suficientes cosas como para terminar la silly season y que Belgica sea este finde :).

Enda Fanning

The silly season has arrived and not a chocolate bar in sight..

Bandeira Amarela 🟡

Estamos no ar Muita silly season
GP da Hungria
E claro, notícias de última hora.

a goose 🍾

this silly season is silly seasoning like no other silly season has silly seasoned before.


I thought he was in Australia. This silly season is even more silly..


Can i just say one thing? Sebastian, once changing the whole frickin Driver-Market/Silly-Season is absolutely mind-blowing! remember when news broke out in 2020 he is leaving ferrari? exactly the same chaos but not with frickin wrong still tho.

Andrew Cleary

Oscar piastri has produced the biggest bombshell in silly season history that I can remember holy shit (Schumacher to alpine😉).

The Casual(F1) Fan

Thank you Oscar for making me stay up this cheers to better be bloody good #F1 #Alpine.

Nadia Katie-Marshall

If we’re talking silly rumours then if Chelsea are looking at offloading midfielders, and his contracts up at the end of the season then I’d throw everything at Kante. Forget Gallagher, we need serious improvement in our midfield and we need a game changing signing #AVFC.

Ruth Baider Meinhoff

@StepBaker1 @davegladow The only argument I can see is that Cam and Burrow only had one season each, and VY did it for two. But that seems like a very silly argument to have to make..

Ressaca F1

😂🤔Tá engraçado ver os canais e páginas que criticam o Ressaca por falar de Silly Season (canal fofoqueiro) mas nos últimos dias os mesmos tem vivido basicamente disso😅😂 Não esqueçam que as fontes ficam na descrição 😉
#F1 #F12022.

ᴹᴬᴰ & ᴳᴵᴬ JAVANG

hace 3 días pensaba que esta iba a ser la silly season más tranquila de los últimos años y me vienes con esta coña, a mí me dejáis de grabar.


@tpwkmillie__ It’s silly season but like really really silly 😭
All caused by Fernando doing Fernando things too hahah.

Frank de Jong

@jeroenscholte50 🤔 die had ik ipv de Vries neer kunnen zetten. Maar heb deze keuze gemaakt omdat Leclerc geen onderdeel is van deze summer break silly season..


I went out for a meal and full on drama happened. I never knew why they called F1 summer break “silly season” but I am starting to understand… 2 days in and this shit is wild!.

Ale Villegas

@liliestrada_mx La Silly season, también estoy viendo que está pasanda. Pero en corto: Alpine se quedó como el perro de las dos tortas jaja.

Katie ☁️ sad seb hours

the way I thought this silly season was gonna be so straight-forward, LAT out PIA in and maybe yuki and mick possibly loosing their sits.

Íñigo Rolán Taboada

La silly season de este año está siendo mejor que la temporada en sí.

Remy Bergsma

@JasmijnF1 And summer break has only started. Silly season has become crazy season, wow!.

Jonathan Hodges

You’ve got to love Formula 1 silly season 😂 Vettel announces his retirement… chaos happens!.

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SamuraiT-X 👹🗡 #JFT97

@JoeS31 It legit makes them look so silly! What a massive fail on their part, silly season has lived up to its name this year for sure!.

Dave Spurs

Do we think Skipp will last the season? Should we go for another CM or am I being greedy/ silly?.

Brad Huber

Wow this is the same wording that we saw with Alex Palou and Ganassi a few weeks ago. Craziest Racing Silly Season ever!.

Nacho Olivares

@mora_matt @SoyMotor no se donde diablos leí q Ricciardo podría recalar en HAAS y Mick en AlphaTauri 😅….en fin silly.

Juan Pablo Otrosky 🇦🇷🏁

El retiro de Vettel destrozó la estabilidad de la F1. La silly season es una locura, y lo que falta por saber..

Theresa Laethem

@RGrosjean Popcorn suppliers will not be able to keep up with the high demands if this silly season continues the way it is 🍿.


Menino que Silly Season doida essa temporada. A F1 TV poderia fazer um programa apresentado pela Sônia Abraão.

Steven Summerfield

What on earth is happening in #f1 right now? We call it silly season but this just getting a bit too silly right now #oscarpiastri.

Jacco Slok

@OscarPiastri Well, silly season has really started now! Hope you signed with McLaren.

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