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Alex Speier

Source: San Diego is paying down the entire Hosmer contract save for the minimum — paying about $44 M to Boston..

Ed Hand

Ferguson is #11 on the out of date MLB Pipeline list for for San Diego. 22-year-old 2B at High-A. Currently slashing .221/.365/.358 with 55 SB at two levels Rosier #26 also at High-A and 22. Outfielder. Slashing .263/.381/.396. Six HR and 33 SB..

Jose Antonio Mena

San Diego no se detiene y adquiere a Brandon Drury, mientras tanto mandaron a Luke Voit a Washington para completar el cambio de Juan Soto.

San Diego Photo,San Diego Photo by Jose Antonio Mena,Jose Antonio Mena on twitter tweets San Diego Photo

Michael Baron

Anyway, hopefully this Soto/Bell to San Diego trade opens up the market a little bit here. One or both of course would’ve been great for the #Mets – they need a right handed bat, perhaps in the for a catcher, and at least one reliever. All in the next 5 hours and 51 minutes..


Well this is a fucking dream come true. Couldn’t be more excited to be playing alongside our friends @deftones for this year’s Dia De Los Deftones on Nov 5th! Tickets on sale Fri, Aug 5th at 10AM PST 🎫 See you soon San Diego 🤘🏼.

San Diego Photo,San Diego Photo by PHANTOGRAM,PHANTOGRAM on twitter tweets San Diego Photo

Reyes Armando Moronta

Mitch White vs “Juan Soto” and the San Diego Padres in game 3 of the NLDS.

Mike Beauvais

I spent the past two hours painstakingly Photoshopping Juan Soto into a San Diego Padres uniform..

San Diego Photo,San Diego Photo by Mike Beauvais,Mike Beauvais on twitter tweets San Diego Photo

James Fox

Move over Dean, we have a new most hated human being in the city of San Diego..


@debraj112 I am so worried for women today. We have to get these Republican politicians out of our lives! We were on a trip to San Diego when mine ruptured. If I had not gone to ER immediately would have perished had I been in a red state. They understand nothing until it happens to them..

Andy Ford

John Mozeliak has officially announced his commitment to the San Diego Padres #FireMo #STLCards.

Keith Reardon

@gabbyhurlbut10 @JonHeyman True especially since San Diego is picking up your service salary that’s right up the Red Sox Alley taking the page out of the bill Belichick book.

Conor McGonagle

@BallParkBuzz What a fleece by Chaim. Eric Hosmer, 2 prospects AND san Diego eats most of the contract for Jay Groome? Make that trade every day..

Schaun Smith

@SotoP_23 If Arte and Perry can’t figure out this Angels team and how to build a winner San Diego looks like a team to root for Peller want to win.

Andrew R

Only pro team left in San Diego. The owner might as well go all in. Tired of being the Dodger’s little brother down the coast. (Or is that the Angels 🤣).

Lech 🤟🏽

I mean ask yourself do we really need Juan Soto ? 🤷🏾‍♂️ we 11 games up on the whole division…..San Diego exhausting pieces to catch us 😂😂😂.

San Diego Photo,San Diego Photo by Lech 🤟🏽,Lech 🤟🏽 on twitter tweets San Diego Photo

The Report App

The Washington Nationals have a deal to trade star Juan Soto to the San Diego Padres #WPOST.


Hosmer just decline that shit bro, who goes from San Diego to the District?.

Christopher Seymour

@DonnellySports We will see San Diego Padres traded whole top players for Juan Soto Josh Bell last year I heard had deal with Washington nationals only trades guys to Los Angeles Dodgers we will see what happened.

The Notorious MLC

@SonRanto I believe it was your juju that forced the trade to San Diego, Danny. Good work!.

Leo Izmir

If hosmer scuttles this deal then he will become the most hated baseball player in San Diego history.

Brittney Caan

@MLB @JuanSoto25_ Welcome to San Diego Juan!!!! Winning in 2019 was one of the best months of my life. Let’s do it again! Go Padres!.


Washington Nationals Juan Soto, Josh Bell traded to San Diego Padres: source.

Diego Arcos S.

Un jugador que rechazó un contrato de $440 millones de dólares, el dominicano Juan Soto a punto de llegar a los Padres de San Diego. Su nuevo equipo( sea cual sea) tendrá q negociar con el un contrato a fin de año o en 2023.

San Diego Photo,San Diego Photo by Diego Arcos S.,Diego Arcos S. on twitter tweets San Diego Photo

Carlos Abraham Avendaño Padra

@beisboladentro Igual, ya con Soto en San Diego es probable que llegue a cualquiera de esos 2 equipos.

Han Polo🏇

It’s not exactly that hard to sell San Diego to free agents lol.


*goes somewhere outside of San Diego* What do you mean your burritos don’t have tacos in them?.

Sportheads Radio GR

Sources: Nats agree to trade Soto, Bell to Padres – via @ESPN App.

Josh Logan

@Knieriemen @Reflog_18 So living in Cleveland is comparable to San Diego? That’s why we don’t get free agents.

Alan Yau

San Diego Padres did have that good shot indeed. NL West just got wacky for the next three pennant races. 🔥 #JuanSoto.


I am sure Soto in San Diego will lead to unreal amounts of success. There is 0 chance it doesn’t as San Diego is an unbelievable sports city with a rich history of winning.

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