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Further disastrous #Brexit fallout for Scotland as Scottish salmon rots at Dover: “if the UK Government doesn’t do something our customers will go to Norway. Norway can guarantee the supply chain through the EU Single Market.” #BrexitReality.

Joe Wicks

Honey ginger salmon with veggie rice. So simple to make and tastes unreal 🙌🏻 One of the tastiest salmon recipe I’ve ever made. INGREDIENTS: Salmon fillets
Frozen peas
Spring onions MARINADE:
Soy sauce
Rice wine vinegar
Honey 😍😍.

Burgess Everett

Former Rep. Matt Salmon waited too long to drop out. He endorsed Robson but name was still on ballot and is taking enough votes to potentially change the outcome.

christian nicolussi

DRAMAAAA: Love the Stickman, but worried he will be in hot water for calling player a ‘weak gutted dog’ Told Jaeman Salmon will seek legal advice.


An investigation by @OPB and @ProPublica has found that the operator of Columbia River dams, the Bonneville Power Administration, has routinely prioritized its business interests over its obligations to ensure salmon recovery..


For almost a century, salmon have been blocked from what was once an iconic fishery in northeast Washington. Tribes are trying to remedy that. But there’s something blocking them, too: “The government’s been fighting us”.

Sammy Roth

Illuminating investigation from @OPB & @propublica finding that Bonneville Power Authority — a federal agency that operates dams across the Columbia River Basin — has repeatedly put its own financial interests ahead of legally mandated salmon recovery:.

Jaran Mellerud

My father is an engineer specializing in salmon farms. He said that #bitcoin mining definitely can provide heat for smolt production (baby fishes)..

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⭐️ Union Omaha

🎬 Rising like a salmon, @jpscearce97 heads home his fifth of the season! 🖐️🔥 #OneMeansAll | #CVvOMA.

Giveaway Lip Serum & Lip Peeling DEW ME 📌

[bb] mau liat lip produk yg lagi kalian sukaaa💞 kalo sender ini : etude shade salmon brick & wardah shade 14.

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【第1015回 サーモンラン オープン!】 日時:日曜 3時 ~ 月曜 21時
場所:シェケナダム ・オーバーフロッシャー
・? 報酬:アイアンマスカレイド.

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バクダンの同時撃破による爆風消失に関する資料映像のまとめと解説動画を投稿しました! 概要欄に長めに文章を書いております.

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They gave me the Penske file

REVEALED: Ricky Stuart’s run-in with an 11-year old Jaeman Salmon that sparked a bitter feud ‼️.


※ズタボロ 日記のようなものです

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High Country News

Bristol Bay is expected to have a record-breaking year with a total of 75 million sockeye salmon run expected. However, in another record-breaker, the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta expects the lowest runs ever for chum and chinook salmon..


✨2 Comm slots open!✨
Simple BGs only this time, payments through PP :).

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Candice Shy Hooper🖋

@notabattlechick I love salmon fried rice – cooked salmon, cooked rice, cooked veg (broccoli, asparagus, etc.) – fry all in chili oil, olive oil, soy sauce with an egg..


엘프고 30인 단사 완성되었습니다! 다들 수고 많으셨습니다☺☺ 기본 / 클랜X / 기본 보정 / 클랜X 보정.

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Foundational Omeiza™ MD MPH𓃵 ♤♤♡♡♡♤♤

D-sunlight, milk, liver, salmon, egg yolk
E-spinach, broccoli, avocado
K-spinach, broccoli, kale..

🦄🌈Betillo Cardoso 🌈🦄

Salmón marinado en naranja y frutos rojos, arroz blanco con elote, cebollitas de cambray y ravioles en salsa de 4 quesos para hoy 🥰🥰🥰.

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Chris Warriner

Feeling like a cat as I empty a pouch of salmon onto my bagel.

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Homunculi with tickets to the Apocalypse

@DFO_Pacific Do stressed Salmon spawn? Do you think their eggs will be able to thrive near excavators? I think we know the answer to this..

e jalo!! ortho charlie

i ate the hugest meal of wild alaskan cod and salmon and I’m literally so full I could die but it was so expensive and so fucking GOOD and it was fresh caught off the.







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Salmon Photo,Salmon Photo by しゃけデイジー,しゃけデイジー on twitter tweets Salmon Photo


@_salmon_anime wwwめっちゃ楽しかったです♪ボーラーさんの事、色々知れてよかった😊ホストのエイジさんとのおっさんトーク、最高でしたw.

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