Putin แนวโน้มของ Twitter : ทวีตด้านบน Thailand

Joyce Karam

Those 50 seconds that Erdogan made Putin wait, looking frazzled in-front of cameras say plenty of how much has changed after Ukraine:.

Iuliia Mendel

The Russian Embassy in Switzerland wants to turn to law enforcement authorities because of this cartoon of Putin in the Swiss newspaper Neue Zurcher Zeitung. High time to share it as much as possible and to stand for the freedom of speech.

Putin ภาพถ่าย,Putin ภาพถ่าย by Iuliia Mendel,Iuliia Mendel on twitter tweets Putin ภาพถ่าย

Peter Strzok

Mike Flynn, who who was paid by an organ of Russian state media to travel to Moscow to attend a dinner where he was seated next to Putin. Flynn later plead guilty to lying to the FBI about conversations he had with the Russian Ambassador about election interference. (/2).

The Kyiv Independent

⚡️Bloomberg: Putin says sanctions cause ‘colossal’ problems in Russian tech industry. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin told officials during a video conference on strategic development goals that Russia is facing colossal problems in the high-tech sector due to sanctions..

Michael McFaul

Mr. Putin, end your blockade of Ukrainian ports. Stop starving innocents around the world..

Michael McFaul

I agree with those that argue that the West must push harder to end the war in Ukraine. The focus of that effort, however, must be Putin, not Zelensky. Putin started this war. Putin invaded Ukraine. Without him on board, it will not end..

Yolanda Díaz

Cinco meses atrás, dijimos que las consecuencias de la guerra de Putin no podían pagarlas los de siempre. Europa ha dado pasos muy importantes en esa dirección, pero el anuncio del Banco Central Europeo de elevar los tipos de interés pone en riesgo lo avanzado hasta el momento..

Kylie Atwood

Putin is pretty much betting that the [] midterm elections will undermine Biden and that by 2024, the US will be in a great big mess, writes Fiona Hill. It’s not just Jan. 6. It’s this idea that the US is out of control. Putin feeds on this..

Guy Verhofstadt

Hundreds of brave Ukrainians die everyday defending European freedom. How is it possible close associates of war criminal Putin still enjoy luxury holidays in the EU?.

Bill Browder

The Irish Government’s veto of an Irish Magnitsky Act waves the white flag to Putin on all of his atrocities. An inexplicable and cowardly decision at a time when Putin is killing tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainians.

Putin ภาพถ่าย,Putin ภาพถ่าย by Bill Browder,Bill Browder on twitter tweets Putin ภาพถ่าย

Garry Kasparov

Aiding Ukraine in defense of its sovereign territory against Putin’s unprovoked invasion is only called escalation by Putin and those looking for excuses. If murderers break into your home and a neighbor helps you fight them off, did they “escalate”?.

The New York Times

Vladimir Putin casts himself as the leader of a global movement against domination by the and its allies. On Sunday, his top diplomat brought that message to Africa, hoping to turn hunger and social strife across the continent to Russia’s advantage..

Ana Navarro-Cárdenas

So glad this is the first thing on my news feed this morning. Watching Putin made to awkwardly wait for 57 seconds is going to make the rest of the day a little better..

Petrenko Andryi (Kyiv Ukraine)

як путін не плазував на пузі перед новими братами з Ірану зброї не отримав/////as Putin did not crawl on his stomach in front of the new brothers from Iran, he did not receive weapons/////
Малюємо разом:.

Putin ภาพถ่าย,Putin ภาพถ่าย by Petrenko Andryi (Kyiv Ukraine),Petrenko Andryi (Kyiv Ukraine) on twitter tweets Putin ภาพถ่าย

Julia Baumgarten

Im Herbst dann so „das konnten wir doch alles nicht so vorhersehen. Wer hätte gedacht, dass Putin kein Gas mehr liefert“ 🤮🤦‍♀️ #zib2 #gewessler.


Putin: Despite everything, Russia-Turkey relations are developing, trade is growing and at a very important pace..


Why are the west so utterly stupid at times? Now the EU are being forced into unblocking Russian banks. Regardless of your views of Putin, it’s really hard to deny that he runs rings around the EU and NATO consistently..


Putin Cumhurbaşkanımız ERDOĞAN’ı beklerken Işıldaklar bişey diyonuz mu …?.


@GeorgePapa19 Eat soot coffee boy. Stop mixing cocaine fentanyl and marijuana. It’ll make you think you’re Donald Trump mixed with Putin..

Putin ภาพถ่าย,Putin ภาพถ่าย by HUBERT TEMBA,HUBERT TEMBA on twitter tweets Putin ภาพถ่าย

mary angulo

Europa “Si quieres enfurecer a Putin, lávate solo estos lugares”
Están perdidos.

Putin ภาพถ่าย,Putin ภาพถ่าย by mary angulo,mary angulo on twitter tweets Putin ภาพถ่าย


Detrás de toda esta basura imperialista anglo-norteamericana que compran los idiotas locales, está el oscuro plan de dejar a la Argentina sin recursos, sin desarrollo y esclavizada para siempre. Todo bien con el soft-power eh, pero ojalá Xi Jimping y Putin los hagan concha..

Christian Wiesner

Gefühlt ein Drittel der 🇩🇪 fordern von der 🇺🇦 die schnelle und völlige Kapitulation, damit Putin den Gashahn wieder aufdreht. Dazu die absurdesten Vorwände: Der böse Ami, Nazis, Kosovo, Atomkrieg, WEF, etc. Menschen mit Prinzipien scheint es in 🇩🇪 nur noch wenige zu geben? 🤔.


@eli_costera @EmbaMexRus Como no amar a Putin, inteligente, sagaz, humanitario, y valiente, se tendría que casar con Cristina de una.🇦🇷✌️♥️✊.

Lucio One

@Libero_official speriamo di no! con i terrappiattisti pro putin no vax no ecc ecc schierati a destra dopo tre mesi consegneremo armi e bagagli alla sinistra perché questa melma mollerà tutto. non si può andare al voto con un elettorato così deficiente..

Fabian Hage

@mike_maass @derspiegel Wenn einem Putin-Troll die Argumente für dessen Verteidigung ausgehen, wird Relotius Ihr seid schon so ein armseliges Völkchen.


@apmassaro3 As a coordinated fighting force, NATO has never been caught with its pants UP. even if Putin attempted to send tanks across the Polish border, I think it’s a wide-open question which NATO countries would step up, and which would go all Vichy..

Gonzo Georgism 🔰🇺🇦

We should remember who the real asshole is here. Putin is the one cutting off grain shipments to starve Africa. Not Europe; him. Fuck our gas bills. Just beat the bastard..

Mike Twain Huckleberry

@JohnWReevesIII @MarkRexOfficial I can well remember all of these dire predictions which were made decades ago. Now lets deal with the real issues at hand such as inflation, rising gas and food prices not to mention a totally incompetent administration. Oh and please leave Putin out of the picture..

Charles Boyd

@TWLadyGrey There were all sorts of reasons Trump supporters gave for why we “needed” an alliance with Putin. At a certain point, we have to draw a red line..

Running 🏃🏽‍♂️ with 🗽 Libertad

Amigo sólo trato de alertar. Ojalá que toda Europa 🇪🇺 encuentre rápida la solución y tenga alternativas que evite a su pueblo pasar un invierno duro y difícil. Así evitar caer en los pies del sanguinario Putin 🇷🇺. Ahí estaría perdido todo..

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