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Rhys  Muldoon

This is a full “Save Perrottet!” piece. Looks like Stuey may have to throw himself on the grenade. Personally, I think the entire Liberal Party need serious time in the wilderness. All of them..

Peter FitzSimons

My column: Praise be to Perrottet for seeing the light on stadium madness.

9News Sydney

Premier Dominic Perrottet is tonight in a world of political pain, after sensationally sacking one minister and fielding deafening internal calls to dump another. @cokeefe9 and @lizziedaniels have the details. #9News.

Tamsin Rose

Sunday night statement from Premier Dominic Perrottet announcing Eleni Petinos’ ministerial roles would “cease with immediate effect”. #nswpol.

Perrottet Photo,Perrottet Photo by Tamsin Rose,Tamsin Rose on twitter tweets Perrottet Photo

Sam Connor

12,026 dead today! Well done, Australia! To all those refusing to wear a mask, we salute you!
To the authors of let her rip like @Dom_Perrottet and @ScottMorrisonMP, well done! You must be so proud! 12,000 Australians dead! Way to go, eugenics champions!.

Solo Monk

Dominic Perrottet’s sword may have fallen in the wrong place, but it certainly fell in the predictable place – the scalp of a junior female minister. @smh.

Darcy Byrne

We must save Leichhardt Oval. We have to defeat Perrottet & Ayres attempt to kill off the 8th wonder of the world 🐅.

Just 1 Thing

If Perrottet had any balls he would dump Matt ‘Green’ Kean as well. As long as he is in the party the Libs will lose the election next March..

Just Jules.

@ShiannonC Hopefully it will take down Perrottet. He knew everything from the beginning of this scandal..


1/2 Probably forever wonder if almost 7 pages of suppressed evidence given by former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian & Exhibit 531 in ICAC hearing on gave a hint as to why John Barilaro appeared to hold so much political power over the Berejiklian & Perrottet governments.


@NSWHealth The world has gone backwards in so many ways and it looks like things will get a lot worse before they get better. “Yeah this is fine” government certainly seems to think death”and infection are fine. Vote @Dom_Perrottet out.

🌱 Diana Ryall AM 🌏🌈🇳🇿🇷🇼💧

60% il f teachers planning to leave! Why? Poor resourcing, too much administration, salary plateau. One of the most important roles in our society. @Dom_Perrottet it is you job to fix public education and stop over-funding private schools #nswpol @karenmitchell.

Raves 🐀

Another 47 people DEAD. When are you going to do something, ANYTHING? @BradHazzard @Dom_Perrottet.

💧julie boyd

Did Perrottet and Ayres really imagine that serious Sydney businesspeople would queue to utilise the rare, door-opening diplomacy skills of Barilaro on Manhattan’s Upper East Side? The idea is right out there on the rugged fringes of preposterous. #auspol.

Daniel Best - Author

Ayres is denying that he has breached the ministerial code of conduct over the Barilaro saga. Of course he denies it. Just like Perrottet is ignoring the fact that Ayres and Barilaro played him like a cheap violin. #NSWPol.

💧Sally Lawry

@JonesHowdareyou Perrottet could win a gold member in gymnastics . The amount of backflips he can do is outstanding . From dishing out money to Darryl’s electorate on Gladdies’s orders to now taking a moral high ground on integrity must put him in gold medal contention ..


Dominic Perrottet wants to fine striking workers $110,000 for speaking out about poor wages and conditions – but we can stop him. Sign the petition to NSW Parliament here:.

Darcy Byrne

@Dom_Perrottet says he’s a Tigers fan but he’s really been doing a ScoMo all along – just a PR stunt. He’s sold out our fans and members for 12 long years..

🌱 Diana Ryall AM 🌏🌈🇳🇿🇷🇼💧

The UK trade appointment, Stephen Cartwright looks like another ‘jobs for mates’ – he was a late entry to the process #nswpol @Dom_Perrottet.

The Woke Bloke

@Peter_Fitz Well may you say Ayres needs to go. But nothing, will save Perrottet. He’s as dodgy as a used car salesman..


@9NewsAUS Perrottet led the let it rip charge. We all knew this would happen but he didn’t care. $$$ comes first with him..

Jeff Morris

Perrottet may have taken swift action, but not where it really matters. Perrottet has always struck me as a wombat caught in the headlights..

Peter Hannam

Praise be to Perrottet for seeing the light on stadium madness.

😷Andy Woodman 🦠💉💉💉💉

Hardman? A religious zealot from RW Opus Dei who champion small government to point of turning NSW Treasury into a hedge fund. Someone say Catholic Funerals Corp $9bn giveaway? #Barilaro affair has stripped the shine off NSW’s hardman premier Perrottet.

Guardian news

The John Barilaro affair has stripped the shine off NSW’s hardman premier Dominic Perrottet | Anne Davies.

Adam Curlis

‘… survey of more than 300 NSW science teachers conducted in June found eight in 10 science classes were taught by teachers without expertise in the subject.’ Why do you continue to put my kids’ education at risk @Dom_Perrottet? #MoreThanThanks.


Who will the lingering Bruz-stench take out next … Perrottet? David Elliott? Angus Taylor?.

DaJ Joe

@ScottyFromMktg who, is planning what dream job, after they leave dodge City? 3 people , the Premier , Ayres, and Brown Ayres may as well be the adviser for sports stadium development. Perrottet, ummm still waiting for a brief. Brown? H R recruitment consultant for the public sector..

💧Ron Jones❄

@brucehawker2010 @Dom_Perrottet The pain will eventually catch up with him at the next elections.


Dominic Perrottet, Peter V’landys go head to head as NSW government scraps suburban ground investment.

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