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B/R Football

Last season: Arsenal lose 2-0 to Brentford in the opening Premier League match This season: Arsenal beat Crystal Palace 2-0 in the opening Premier League match 🎉.

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Julien Laurens

William Saliba, first ever game in the Premier League, at 21, away at Crystal Palace and he bossed it.
His stats are remarkable:
0 foul committed
67% duels won
6 clearances
7 recoveries 94% accurate passes
Man of the match. So impressive..

D.C. United

⚫️ 𝗕𝗘𝗡𝗧𝗘𝗞𝗘 𝗶𝘀 𝗕𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗸-𝗮𝗻𝗱-𝗥𝗲𝗱 🔴 United sign Belgian forward @chrisbenteke from Crystal Palace. #DCU || #VamosUnited.

Office of Cambodian PM 🇰🇭

Cambodia’s Prime Minister Samdech Techo @hunsencambodia greets visiting @BBhuttoZardari, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, at the Peace Palace this morning.

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Recap Bayern Munich 1H ML (-110)1u💵✅ Bayern Munich ML (-214)1u💵✅ Arsenal ML(-125)1u✅💵 Arsenal/Crystal Palace BTTS(-121)1u❌ Lyon ML(-286)1u✅💵 Lyon 1H (-118)1u✅💵 Our first day back to soccer and we ate who cashed with us Let’s go😁✅ #GamblingTwitter.

Julio Maldonado

Arrancó la Premier, ganó el Arsenal 0-2 al Crystal Palace y el partido dejó mucho para el análisis. Ya en el.

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Maritzburg United FC

Team News continued Substitutes Leaner 32 Monomodi 30
Skelem 21 Kiekie Kimvuidi 26 Hlongwa 4 Moloisane 23
Conco 17 Baloyi 35 Palace 28 #WeAreUnited.

*Mr. Joel Eshun*

Arsenal beat Crystal Palace 2-0 on the opening day of the 2022/23 season. *Subscribe, Share, Comment and Like the video*.

العرّاف ⚽️ 🧙‍♂️

Mikel Arteta hails Arsenal’s resilience after win over Crystal Palace The Independent00:10 Source Link: #العراف

Mr Good News

@andrewkabuura Oyije ogarukire ngu Crystal Palace 2 and Arsenal 1 nkwaate omutwe. @NBSportUg #NBSPressbox.

Leonardo Matoso

@Oledobrasil Hoje começam os campeonatos europeus! Diz aí, qual time vai ser campeão nas principais ligas da Europa? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Cristal Palace
🇩🇪 Borussia Monchengladbach
🇪🇸 Celta de Vigo
🇮🇹 Lazio
🇫🇷 Lille.


i want to get hit by a car but just as i get hit i turn into a cat. then i get transported to a beautiful place with a palace filled with cats. and all my friends are there but they’re cats too.

Sidelines - Hawaiʻi

@Devinching @TannerHaworth Just got word that Hawaiʻi will be launching a varsity men’s ice hockey team and will be playing at Ice Palace..


Good performance from arsenal, looked freakishly good in the first 20, palace did pull it back in the last 10 of the first half. Ramsadale looks sharp, both in terms of distribution and pulled two very very good saves. Saliba brilliant..

zoya quote bot

For a moment, it looked like she might lift her hands and raise a storm to blow the whole palace down. But then she bobbed a perfect curtsy that still somehow conveyed her contempt. “Of course, moi tsar.”.


@Arsenal They said is just Pre season
They said is just Emirates cup
Now they say is just Crystal palace
Soon they will say is just the EPL. We are the GUNNERS.
And is All or Nothing..

Rameshwar Thakare.

##सतलोक_Vs_पृथ्वीलोक Satlok is the internal palace of eternal god Kabir ,
Until we go to satlok we cannot attend Supreme piece happiness and immortality, To know more get free book 📚 Gyan Ganga, Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj u tube channel sadhana TV PM 7-30.

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Crystal Palace – Arsenal ( 1er Journée de Premier League ) ! ce soir 21H00 Match à suivre en direct sur Canal+.

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Crystal palace vs Arsenal ticket got a pair left… inbox me if you need one.


@FPL_Mihir I expect them to but with palace setpiece problems gabriel is still a good bet considering he has good long term fixtures.

Tech Jaun

Londoner makes the ultimate bucket list but major city landmarks like Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Tower of London are all missing.

Austin Rose lll

ไม่เหงาแล้ว…คืนนี้พรีเมียร์ลีกนัดแรก Crystal Palace vs Arsenal ต้องมี 1 ทีมที่จะเป็นจ่าฝูง…⚽️⚽️.

Günther Lause

@exMalwa Only Spurs, and probably Palace, supporters have reason for such optimism. Chelsea fans a little too down, on the other hand.


Score Prediction ! @Arsenal 3 – 0 Crystal Palace Goal scorers:
G. Jesus ⚽️⚽️
B. Saka ⚽️ #COYG.

Kevin Campbell

@Ch1Hudson Chris the season must be upon us 😉⭐️👍🏿 enjoy what should be a great game and test for us vs Palace ⭐️⚽️⚽️⭐️ i’m going for a 2-0 win ⭐️⚽️⚽️💎👍🏿⭐️.

Every Banana Fish Frame in Order (Now with subtit)

Banana Fish
Episode 19 – Ice Palace (氷の宮殿) #BANANAFISH
Frame 809/3843.

Palace Photo,Palace Photo by Every Banana Fish Frame in Order (Now with subtit),Every Banana Fish Frame in Order (Now with subtit) on twitter tweets Palace Photo


I’m selling my 2x Crystal palace Vs Arsenal tickets on 5th of Aug!… Kindly send me a DM for more details if interested 🤝🏾🤝🏾#CrystalPalace #ARSCRY.

Shiba Inu LORD 🐶

Crystal Palace Vs Arsenal Final prediction: 0:1 (Arsenal win clean shit ) ❤️🧙‍♂️.

The Other Salmon of Doubt #FBPE #Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦

@MalachiJaiEmet @cooke550 The last person to enter the Palace of Westminster with honest intent was Guy Fawkes. Just saying. 🤔😟.

Reiss Nelson

Innaki arsenal jeicha rendu naal nimmathiya match pakalam 🫡🫡 aana palace kooda enna panna porangalo 🥲🥲🥲.

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