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Putin says no one can win a nuclear war.

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Max Blumenthal

Morale must have been through the roof aboard the USS Ronald Reagan when sailors were ordered to risk their lives in a potentially nuclear conflict to protect this San Francisco-based ice cream aficionado on her destabilization mission..

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Iván Espinosa de los Monteros

¿!Que por qué la izquierda es negacionista en materia nuclear? Porque la energía nuclear es la kryptonita de su fanatismo climático..

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António Guterres

Today, humanity is just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation. The Conference of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons is an opportunity to agree on the measures that will help avoid certain disaster..

Iván Cepeda Castro

El significado crucial de la lucha por la paz en el mundo se entiende bien al oír hoy al secretario general de la ONU, António Guterres, decir que “la humanidad está a un error de cálculo de la aniquilación nuclear”..

Sky News Australia

Nationals MP Keith Pitt says the Australian people are “up for a conversation” about nuclear power..

Carmen Hertz Diputada

El mundo está a un error de cálculo de la aniquilación nuclear, advierte el secretario general la ONU.

Mohsin Khan

The safety of nuclear facilities becomes paramount in a politically destabilized Pakistan that further defaults on its economic debt.

Aurelio Hugo Tobar


El secretario general de la ONU dice que el mundo está “a un malentendido de la aniquilación nuclear”.

Geraint Davies

From 2015 the Tories choked off renewable energy – knowing onshore wind is popular, nuclear expensive and fossil fuel insecure & catastrophic – making a problem into an energy crisis.

Herman van Noordwyk

Is the US afraid of nuclear war? Well, get out of Ukraine! There was nothing for you to go in there! Now pray to your god that Russia does not turn you into radioactive ashes! Sleepy Joe suddenly woke up King of the Dead Joe Biden said his>>>.

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Washington Examiner

China seeks to dominate Western nuclear energy industry @Joelmentum reports.


Nancy Pelosi tiene 82 años, morir en una guerra nuclear o morir sentada atorada con una flema le da lo mismo….

RP McMurphy

@la_grenitas @beltrandelrio Estados Unidos tenía que hacer un statement. Se va a poner interesante. Todos los frentes abiertos. Esperemos haya prudencia en algún lado para evitar la escalada nuclear. Pero la jugada de USA es apropiada..


@team8otanao @Fallen_x_King mind yourself ,if you have nothing to do,just think about how to drink nuclear waste water.

Daily Maverick

Almost daily now there is talk of Russia using ‘tactical’ nuclear weapons should Vladimir Putin feel he is losing the war in Ukraine. For the first time in decades, the risk of a nuclear holocaust has become threateningly real again..


@TpyxaNews Russia launched a war against a neighboring sovereign state called Ukraine threatening with nuclear weapon” China is now saying the same as if they are the only nations having nuclear weapons and have no people to worry about, just mentioning nuclear weapons is a tragic.


@goofxist I am more care about the Japanese decision to release nuclear water into the sea than about the war. I believe that the human will be wiped out before the World War III #Pelosi.

Jonathan Gilligan

@JacquelynGill Disarmament would have been far more powerful than fallout shelters, but here we are 60 years later, still one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation. And we make the same policy mistakes about gun violence..

💧🌱Michael Springer🕯

So Dutton’s climate change plan for 2025 will be to set no target & then waste on average 14 years building nuclear plants which will cost the consumer 350% more than renewables, & then we will have to fund the cost of storing the used rods for 200,000 years. Right. As you were..


Peter Dutton is appealing to the far right nutters with his nuclear power brain fart. Australia will never have nuclear power..


@azrael2600 Yeah I saw similar referenced from Mars too an isotope that is nuclear but not naturally occurring.

Peter Klages

@MichaelSpring17 I’m all in favour of nuclear power if the reactor and toxic storage is located in Strathpine and environs. It’s only fair Mr Dutton should be willing to host it all in his electorate..

Buck Parish

General Flynn was also the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Irene Vasquez

Completamente de acuerdo. Además que Biden con toda su comitiva, están haciendo lo imposible por detonar una guerra nuclear picando a sus oponentes 😠😠😠😠.

Diego Arise

@VillaFernando_ Eso siempre y cuando no se desate la deflagración nuclear entre las.

snooby doo

@chasingbodies hes sleeping with her to gain her trust so she will give him the nuclear launch codes.

neil  small

@couriermail Dutton is just throwing a spanner in the works, he has no chance of getting nuclear power in Australia.

Ciera Horton McElroy

@MikeBezilla My debut ATOMIC FAMILY comes out in February! In small town South Carolina, a nuclear scientist wrestles with what to do with the damning secrets he’s uncovered at the bomb plant where he works…environmental feminist historical ficrion, there’s something for everyone!.

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