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Michael Rowland

I’m in Sydney, and hearing and reading a lot about the NRL vs NSW government clash. Very spiteful encounter and may have to go to the match review committee 😀. But, seriously, flood victims need the money right away. The footy stadiums can wait just a bit, surely? #NRL #NSWpol.

10 News First Sydney

The scandals embroiling the Perrottet Government are intensifying tonight as new documents reveal Former Deputy Premier John Barilaro was not considered the best candidate for a plum New York job posting | @SarahNavin #nswpol.

Peter FitzSimons

I reckon the Govt. has been reading FitzFiles too, and finally gets it! The people are sick of hundreds of millions taxpayer dollars going to the NRL, and has finally said, ENOUGH!

🇦🇺 Mark Rodda

Hell hath no fury like a minister scorned: Ayres’ resignation won’t bring end to scandal The Party’s Over @Dom_Perrottet @PaulTooleMP thanks to Giovanni Barilaro. Now all that’s left is that humiliating wait until the March 2023 election. #nswpol.

Cate Faehrmann 🌏🐨

Meanwhile the NSW Environment Minister just signed off on the National Party’s plan to hand out around 340 gigalitres of floodplain harvesting entitlements for free. More than 290GL over the existing limit in the basin plan of 64GL. #nswpol.

Jihad Dib MP

We are calling fo immediate release of the independent inquiry into floods report. Devastated communities deserve their voices to be heard and a pathway forward post haste. Government’s internal problems are stopping them from the core job of governing for the people. #nswpol.

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Van Badham

YOOHOO! Latest episode of our podcast the @WeekOnWednesday is OUT and it includes a “quick bites” run down of parliament this week, happy news about climate/plastic, CHAOS in #nswpol & me *admitting to a mistake*. You will groove! Move! Love! #auspol.

Prof Kerryn Phelps AM

Another 33 NSW people reported to have died in the past day from #covid19
Profound condolences to the loved ones grieving their loss
Thanks to healthcare workers who cared for them & 2213 hospitalised
Waiting to hear about forward strategy for reducing transmission #nswpol 🦗🦗🦗.

Variety Garage

Dodgy Stu was drowning, Dom didn’t lend a hand
A pack of lies saw his demise, despised but right on brand
We’ve waited for this moment, much to Minns’ delight
The winds of change are coming, in the Ayres tonight! #nswpol #BarilaroGate.

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Gwyn Hooper

If Chris Minns goes to the election promising to sack Amy Brown he would win in a landslide

Michael Smith News

Snake Matt Kean – Disgraced and Disloyal. Now running for Leadership #nswpol.

ferdi magellan

“…on Tuesday the news broke that [NSW] will instead put the money to things like the recovery of flood-ravaged Lismore, and a hospital system overwhelmed by COVID-19. (I know. Revolutionary, right? Public money, to public need. Amazing.)”

Fiona M

Pork-barrelling, privatisation, land-clearing, toll roads, hospital neglect, jobs for NSW LNP are ruining Sydney and NSW. #thedrum #nswpol.

David Sentinella

With Ayres gone, the NSW deputy premier position is open. Poison chalice anyone? #BarilaroGate #NSWPol.

Sewer Rat.... #BlackLivesMatter

Amy Brown is publicly smearing the reputation of Jenny West to cover up the appalling corrupt conduct of NSW Gov. Morrison did the same thing to Christine Holgate. Atrocious!


‘Barilaro didn’t keep himself at arms length from the ’ How can Amy Brown reconcile her testimony today with the answers she gave the inquiry 3 weeks ago?? #BarilaroGate #nswpol.

Emily Mayo

I feel like we’ve heard all this and know the problems well enough now. Time for action in #nswpol and #MoreThanThanks for teachers..

Lachlan Kennedy

So it was the latter. Admitting she didn’t feel the process was at arms length would’ve been enough (had he not resigned last night) #nswpol.


Now for @Dom_Perrottet and @icareNSW how could he sit on thousands of injured people being abused because legislation does not reign in insurers poor behaviours towards sick vulnerable pple. So bad. Thousands of lives fractured beyond repair #nswpol.

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🌏💨🔥💧TurnLeft-2022 😷

lost in all the discussion #nswpol of who is the best person for the NY trade job is why is there a NY trade office, these trade offices all over the world, from states, from fed – way too many pigs with snouts in the taxpayer funded gravy trough.


@BelindaJones68 I see a theme where all these so called Christians in govt and pollie roles are just blatantly dishonest. What would Jesus say! 🤣🤣🤣#nswpol #barilaro.


Amy Brown. The decision to appt Barilaro was not skills based, not an assessment of criteria. ‘The vibe of the thing’ Two women ranked 1st (one in each round), both ‘not suitable’ to Ayres. No probity Ax. A complete 🔩⬆️ #nswpol #auspol.

Daniel MZ Hogan 🐀 👿 💉💉💉

Amy Brown said decided Jenny West was not suitable because of ‘performance issues’ which would have required her to be ‘managed’. Does anyone know how Amy Brown’s qualifications and experience stack up against those of West and the other know senior female candidate Cole? #nswpol.

Liberal Party Shill

Amy Brown is folding like a deck chair, hope you send her some money for her troubles John Barilaro #nswpol #barilarogate.

Variety Garage

@ChrisMinnsMP A poem to mark the #nswpol #BarilaroGate.

Joanna Mendelssohn

@BernardKeane Memo to anyone working with/for Ms Brown: if she suggests a “walking meeting”, do remember that your phone is also a recording device #nswpol.

💧Terry Serio 🕯

The John Barilaro affair has seen Matt Keane (who was rightfully outspoken on the inadequacies of the Morrison Govt & more recently the sacking of yet another woman, Eleni Petinos) emerge as a real contender as the shine dulls on Dominic Perrottet #nswpol.


@ChrisMinnsMP Why are tough questions not being asked of Perrotett? He lied to parliament. Tried to claim national security over the #barilarogate job communications. Not much imagination needed to see there is a problem that stinks all through the top jobs and public service. #nswpol.

🍿 Popcultured4 💚

I mean good if he goes out for corruption but the media were dead f*cking silent when he rorted the fk and sucked the life out of iCare. Australia is a parody of itself. #nswpol #auspol.

Wendy Bacon

40% of women in prison in NSW are #FirstNations ! 2 RC in past decades recommended drastic reductions in imprisonment. LNP & Labor have both contributed #nswpol.

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