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I must say I’m starting to warm to the Slippery Italian, he’s doing a fantastic job fking the NSW LNP IN THE BUM…🤣🤣🤣👍🏿 onya Giovanni 💋💋💋.

Shane Matthew Neave

Covid is still very much a Labor vs. LNP thing to many people.
It was. It isn’t now. Neither side cares. Both sides need that big business money coming in.
Here in Vic, Dan told us he was listening to the science. He now listens to the mega rich.
Same as Dom in NSW, etc..

Richard Wright

@SarkySage I was busy cleaning the house before the cleaner arrived and only just saw this. NSW is running out of ministers. NSW LNP will soon resemble their counterparts in WA and Victoria..

Jack “not positive I’m negative” Leonard 💉💉 💉

@MFWitches The NSW Land Titles Office
(Now “Land Registry Services)
Still gobsmacked that the NSW LNP govt sold that..


Another NSW LNP Minister gone, 𝗦𝘁𝘂𝗮𝗿𝘁 𝗔𝘆𝗿𝗲𝘀 #auspol.


The scandals and rot that is the NSW LNP just sums up the entire #LNPCorruptionParty. It shines a light on how self serving,arrogant and corrupt they are..

Martin Jones

@Graham59486957 @ChrisMinnsMP Maybe you missed out in last NSW ICAC 12 LNP MPs were caught out rorting..

joan kunze

“Absolute train wreck interview with man child Perrottet. The NSW LNP are completely unfit to govern” If #Perrottet were a Labor lad the press would be screaming for his & that of the gov. Opus Dom’s presser. The Boy Premier was lying. #StuartAyres.

NSW LNP Photo,NSW LNP Photo by joan kunze,joan kunze on twitter tweets NSW LNP Photo

💧🌱 wentworth falls

@SabraLane @ChrisMinnsMP is no better, having enabled many of the LNP projects, legislation including 99 year leases at moore park benefitting consortiums like Gerry Harveys Carsingha NSW needs a revolution.

David Bridges

@jemaggie @TonyKoc69285191 What NSW LNP have done in the past few years is worth a hell of a lot of bottles of Grange!.

Keith from Cartwright

@Julxxx0 @mbrinky Good luck having members of the LNP being held to account by a seemingly bias NSW Police Force & AFP , who all but turn a blind eye towards any member of parliament ,or associate of the LNP , in recent times ..

Chris Rawlins

@ChrisMinns The Saga of the corrupt LNP NSW Government rolls on. Could the NSW Labor Party & independents move a Vote of No Confidence in the Perrotett Government and then call on Margaret Beazley AC QC, governor of NSW, to Stand the Government down & call an election ?.


It looks as if Barilaro is doing almost as much damage to the NSW LNP as feral horses are doing to the high country national parks..

Tim Leane

@bugwannostra If you want to see the end of the LNP movement grab popcorn and checkout the NSW government doing the best impression of the Hindenburg disaster ever..

Shannon Luxford

Gladys is probably laughing watching how utterly screwed the NSW LNP are 😂😂😂 #nswpol #NSW2022.


MSM try hard for the LNP. Not really helping.
Never watch or read the Qld news about the Qld Opposition slamming the Qld Premier. Still remember the Qld Newman Govt. and then there is the recent Fed LNP Govt and NSW Govt., it’s too much..


@RonniSalt What the NSW LNP we’re doing is copying their federal counterparts who were shielded by their powerful media mates. Seems those powerful media mates have had to pull their heads in and not look after the NSW LNP, less we take to them with serious hostility.

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