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The New York Times

Literary figures and public officials expressed shock over the news that Salman Rushdie had been stabbed in the neck while onstage in western New York on Friday. He’s a good man and a brilliant one and I hope he’s okay, the author Neil Gaiman said..

FIP en direct

♪ #nowplaying Revolution blues – Neil Young (On the beach – 1974).

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Mr Mum

Twice now our friend has described something as “Gaiman-esque” only for Ben to reveal that the source material was written by Neil Gaiman and I think that’s beautiful.

Victor Simões Leal

@NatalieXHunter @WeebXanadu Reading their opinions about it, they seem to believe they know more about the story than Neil Gaiman himself. Their criticism seems to be focused on the switched genders and races of some characters and nothing else..

Wans⁷ ☥

chororo de nerdola homofóbico é minha felicidade is it like the comics? sim neil gaiman bota lgbt por metro quadrado em todas as histórias dele se você só percebeu isso agora sinto muito.


“You’ve been taken for a ride”. Spot on, again, Neil @thecoastguy.

It’s Still Raph

Sandman is pretty damn good. I adore the book, and that first episode felt like it was doing A LOT, but this shit is fuego. I still wished the costumes were pushed more, and even like 3-5% prosthetics on the Morpheus, but, that’s just me. Glad Neil and the team got a winner 🫶🏿.

Ella 💋🔞

@Neil_Bloch @RonFilipkowski ever watch Shark Tank? young entrepreneurs & chefs come to me to get help opening a restaurant. i have a share of over 60 restaurants throughout Southern California. I bought a Waste Management company years ago, my son manages it..

Hop David

@pedalthroughit @neiltyson Saying outrageously stupid things is a way to get publicity. was a forgotten has been before Neil became his publicity agent and reinvigorated his career..


pencils jeff sumo nuts purple popz larpfacey principle of the thing mark buff Eddie Murphey bucky o neil deluxe 45.

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@mrjoelclark Absolutely astonishing article by @afneil! 😳😢
It is further evidence to the dossier that Andrew Neil lost it years ago & has appalling judgment. If anything, it did the opposite!.

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