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Jon Morosi

NEWS: #Nats are in process of calling up multiple minor leaguers to @MLB club — a sign that trades are imminent. @MLBNetwork.

Starting 9

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak and Nats GM Mike Rizzo just shook hands. What does it mean?.

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Jon Morosi

Mike Rizzo and John Mozeliak shown on #Nats telecast smiling and chatting in a suite at Nats Park. Have at it, Trade Deadline Twitter. 😂 @MLBNetwork @MLB.

GaysPro Videos

Belamionline Models – Tim Campbell and Bobby Noiret:.

Gautham Rao

Given how many of my friends and neighbors are Nats fans…even I feel bad for them (until tonight when I return to my normal banter).

elmtree 🏳️‍🌈

@Darth_Stout @FullCountTommy Well he’s got a no trade to the Nats so who fuckin’ knows what’s happening 🤣.


@nats_tired Here is @NicolaSturgeon being so sweet and kind in her usual loving everyone way..

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@holly_nats 扇風機回してるけど
汗ダラダラよ💦💦😊 焼き鳥って

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8TeenBoy Models – Jared Scott, Jimmy Andrews:.


@NycRichm @SteveGelbs Dominating scub teams hasn’t been a given… splitting tons of series early on. Sweeping the Nats and Marlins would be awesome..


ガチなんだけど ※クリームヒルト完凸しました.

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Best of Playboy

Playboy Cybergirl – Blair Snell ! Best of #Playboy #Erotic ! See more >> <<.

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@MiamiMarlins_UK Give me Andrew Chafin. Wilson Contreras or Jd Martinez or if the Nats will move him to us in division Josh Bell.


In the last few years the nats lost Rendon, Harper, Trea, Schwarber, Max, and Soto lmfao that 2019 ring was a blood sacrifice.


@magsmags8 true just felt like nats could’ve got more plus if the deal goes through they have to take on that awful hosmer contract.

Michael Kagebein

@ChiSportsFanJoe I understand the reasoning. It just seems hard for me to believe they did everything they could to keep him. He’s a generational talent. I not a Padres or Nats fan so I don’t really care. I’m just saying it’s odd to see a guy like him get traded..

JSelga23 ಠ_ಠ

That’s a good haul for the Padres. I feel like the Nats didn’t get much in return though..

Olson’s Bat

Everyone join me in prayer tonight for Nationals fans. First soto and bell get traded and then they have to face DeGrom tonight… it will be okay Nats.(it won’t be).


@tractorgirly Fuck me, how can the Nats slag off anyone, they are the most inept government/glorified Council on the planet. GO LIZ (would have preferred Kemi though).


Well, if the Nats were willing to take on Hosmer and trade Bell for that haul…idk if we were ever in the running. Go get Joc and Rodon..


@timkawakami Legit would have offered the nats any 4 players of their choosing from our active roster/farm system; and we still couldn’t really compete.

John Taylor

The @fangraphs list makes it all look a little more appealing for Nats fans.

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District AI

@onestrikeaway Soto is one of the best hitters in baseball and very young. The Nats have traded Turner, Soto, Scherzer, lost harper and lost rendon. Just unreal.

Tino Quagliata

All my Nats friends should pop on the 2019 World Series DVD and have a good cry. Trading away a future hall of famer must be hard.


As a #Padres fan, I’m torn up seeing Wood & Susana go. #Nats fans – you got GREAT return right there. To have Hosmer included …. oof. 🤗 hugs 🤗.


@JeffPassan @Wisco__ Well, I called it lol The other major league player I’ve been hearing going back to the Nats is rumored to be Eric Hosmer. What a haul! WOW, what a trio of talent in that lineup now!.

Joe Garofalo

Nats didn’t get enough for Soto. You’ll probably never have convinced me there was a fair prospect return… but to also take Hosmer’s contract – the Nationals lost big time. How you actually trade Juan Soto I will never understand. Props to Padres… Soto, Tatis, Machado DAMN.

Joey Nagle

the 2019 nats world series team is gone now which is crazy. gonna be one of the most forgotten champions of all time.


I need Hosmer to say no and honestly why would he wanna go to the nats. Chaos!! Let’s gooo.

Kyle Ashton

Sad to see him go, but at least we got something for him – unlike Harper and Rendon. I know the team won’t be competitive for a while, but I’m excited to have this influx of young talent, and look forward to cheering them on. Let’s go Nats!.

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