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Samuel Ramani

BREAKING: Estonia blocks Russian nationals from obtaining temporary residence permits or student visas.

Jon Morosi

Sources: #Padres and #Nationals have agreed in principle on a Juan Soto trade, with Josh Bell also going to San Diego. @MLB @MLBNetwork.

Julian Hill MP

Liberals & Nationals look completely shocked. As Labor’s Tony Burke outlines changes to the rules to allow more actual debate in Parliament. #auspol.

Knoxville Raceway

Come see 2021 Knoxville Nationals winner Kyle Larson unveil his champion pole wrap on Thursday, August 11 at 5pm under the front stretch grandstands!.

Nationals Photo,Nationals Photo by Knoxville Raceway,Knoxville Raceway on twitter tweets Nationals Photo

The Hill

Republicans victorious at Nationals Park for second straight year.

Nationals Photo,Nationals Photo by The Hill,The Hill on twitter tweets Nationals Photo

Randall J. Sanders

Source: the Nationals and Angels are deep in talks on a deal that would send Shohei Ohtani to Washington in exchange for Juan Soto. Negotiations are moving fast and a deal could be done shortly. I am a very serious MLB insider..

🇿🇦Protect SA sovereignty 🇿🇦

@Abramjee Lesotho Nationals raped SA girls from Alexandra township who were making video, stop reporting half story wena Yusuf..


@SenatorHume It has just been revealed your government funnelled $100 million to Nationals electorates against the advice of the Infrastructure Department. Have you no shame? Any at all?.

Knoxville Raceway

Countdown: ONE WEEK until the 360 Knoxville Nationals presented by @Great_Southern Bank! Order tickets by phone at 641-842-5431 or online now!➡️ @LucasOilASCS.

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Hatfield S.C.

The last final session of the British Summer Nationals 2022. All three swimmers stepped up from the heats improving on their times to hit personal bests. Fantastic swimming, WELL DONE! 🇬🇧 Caitlin Hartley 6th
🇬🇧 Ashley Ransome 8th
🇬🇧 Oliver Baskerville 8th 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

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106.7 The Fan

The Mike Rizzo interview you can’t miss. Loaded with details. ⬇️.

KTN News

DCI and IEBC settle row over Venezuelan nationals’ arrests, commit to work together and resolve differences away from the public.

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stella terpening

Some highlights from last month at AAU Nationals! @BoilerJuniorsVB @TAVCRecruiting.

Halifax Grammar School

13 Grammar players are on the six provincial teams run by Basketball Nova Scotia.
The U15 and U17 girls teams head to nationals in Quebec, while the boys head to Edmonton. The Canada Games begin the following week in Niagara Falls. Photo Credit: Tim Beers

Nationals Photo,Nationals Photo by Halifax Grammar School,Halifax Grammar School on twitter tweets Nationals Photo


@joelycett @pritipatel Great to hear you calling out tonight the xenophobia that non British people experience living in the UK Joe. It’s quite surprising Priti Patel hasn’t tried to send EU nationals to Rwanda.

The Conntrarian

Climate Activists gather to protest outside Nationals Park. The group @now____or_never has been planning to disrupt and cancel the Congressional baseball game for a climate emergency..

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McLennan Athletics

HEADED BACK TO NATIONALS!!!! The MCC Dance Company will compete for a sixth consecutive national title next April with a Silver-Paid Bid! Read about the slew of awards the squad brought home from camp at #MCCDance #BuildingALegacy.

Nationals Photo,Nationals Photo by McLennan Athletics,McLennan Athletics on twitter tweets Nationals Photo

Phillies Assists

If Nick gets going and has two great games against the Braves returning home to face the Nationals I would delete any slander I have ever said about him.


28/7/2022 MoFA confirmed that currently 53 Indonesian nationals are locked up by a fake investment company in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, that previously promised to give them jobs The ministry said it has requested help from 🇰🇭 police.

Eric Wilke

@KnoxvilleMoths @MI_Sprints Super excited to go back to the nationals this year doing some wrenching.

Todd Yancey

Juan Soto is one of the best players in baseball. He’s only 23 years old. He’s also available in a trade. But good luck figuring out how much it will cost to get him..

To Be Just

Coalition funnelled $104 million more to Nationals electorates, audit office finds.

Emma Henderson

“Fifteen of the 19 hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001, were Saudi nationals.”.

Chris Long

@PadreFanDan Can see it now. Padres and Nationals agree to Soto trade pending physical. We get our hopes up. Nationals find Gores elbow to me in worse shape than Padres are letting on and it nixes the deal. Next day Soto is a Dodger..

Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier 2024-Kaplan

Looking forward to getting to play another day out here @pgfnetwork Nationals tomorrow at 8 am! Let’s Go!! #boltsboom.

Nationals Photo,Nationals Photo by Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier 2024-Kaplan,Birmingham Thunderbolts Premier 2024-Kaplan on twitter tweets Nationals Photo

Jason Andrade

@Leo_Puglisi6 And the precedent being set exactly what ? Accessibility is bad ? We should do less of it ? Weird flex by Labor+Liberals+Nationals..

Ginger Whinger

@wattleiwear @jommy_tee Rusted on and whinging seems to be the way they like it. Never the nationals fault though. One of these days, now that urbanites are buying up here, that will change 🙂.


We are offering a #reward of up to £10,000 for information on the whereabouts of 48-year-old Marius Mihai Draghici, suspected of being involved in the manslaughter of 39 Vietnamese nationals, found in the back of a lorry at Tilbury in 2019. Find out more:.

Nationals Photo,Nationals Photo by Crimestoppers,Crimestoppers on twitter tweets Nationals Photo

Caroline Hansford 🇺🇦🌼🚲♻️🧶🧵

@ActiveLise @BeanzBoop My biggest gripe is the media. Both the nationals not reflecting Womans achievements, but also the social medias targeting girls (often by women) to be the next Love Island contestant perfect specimen. AND especially the naff clothing that says smile and be grateful.

Annoné Butler

@sophielouisecc Oh yes. I’m ready. When my OH was in hospital a couple of years ago, 95% of ward staff at certain times were EU27 nationals. I expect most have now gone. So thank goodness for the immigrants from India, the Philippines etc. who staff the NHS. We’d be stuffed without them..

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