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Avi Yemini

Imagine for a moment the tables were turned. A proud white senator. Walking into parliament, making a “white power” gesture. There would be national condemnation. Rightfully so. Lidia Thorpe shouldn’t get a free pass. We are all Australian. End the division..

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Leonardo Puglisi

Watch the moment Lidia Thorpe had to take a second oath after saying “colonising” before “Queen Elizabeth II”.

The Guardian

Australian senator calls the Queen a coloniser while being sworn into parliament.

RT en Español

La senadora indígena Lidia Thorpe tuvo que repetir el juramento de lealtad a la reina que hacen parlamentarios australianos, después de que calificara en un primer momento a Isabel II de colonizadora.

Guardian Australia

Australian senator calls the Queen a coloniser while being sworn into parliament.


The magnificent Jacinta Price is going to be a brilliant Senator. Her maiden speech was superb. She’ll expose people like Lidia Thorpe for the useless frauds they are..


Good on you Pauline. Someone has to stand up to Lidia Thorpe. She doesn’t speak for many indigenous people. We also know that the acknowledgment of country is contrived..

Judith Sevinc Basad

Mit erhobener Faust (Black-Lives-Matter-Gruß) verhöhnt Lidia Thorpe die Queen als „Kolonialistin“ und mit ihr das australische Parlament, dem sie jetzt als erste Aborigini-Senatorin angehört. Was für ein rassistisches und intolerantes System.

Russell Keast

@SenatorThorpe Lidia Thorpe represents everything that is wrong with the country and the rubbish we must stand against….

Populism Updates

The Guardian offering important context.

Lidia Thorpe Photo,Lidia Thorpe Photo by Populism Updates,Populism Updates on twitter tweets Lidia Thorpe Photo

Celeste Liddle

@StevenDavorin @SenatorThorpe Her “Aboriginal name” is Lidia Thorpe. It means “fuck you, racist” in lingo..

Fox News

Australian Senator Lidia Thorpe calls Queen Elizabeth II a ‘colonizing’ leader during swearing-in ceremony.

Hank Meyer 🇦🇺

I’m not sure if Lidia Thorpe is a moron or a shameless self promoter or a combination of both. But for sure she’s not helping the prospect of @AlboMP referendum getting up..


@TruthdriverOn What a fabulous maiden speech Jacinta made! She’ll close down any crap that comes from Lidia Thorpe. Interesting times ahead!.


Lidia Thorpe refers to the Queen as a coloniser while making oath in Senate
Source: Guardian Australia.

Narasi Newsroom

Lidia Thorpe, Senator Pribumi Australia, nyebut Ratu Elizabeth II penjajah bukan tanpa alasan sih. Tapi apa emang alasannya? Cek di video yaa~ | Narasi Daily.

Adam Creighton

Greens Senator repeats ‘coloniser’ Queen sledge.
So profound, brave, original.🤦.

Josephine Cashman

The fact they say nothing about these black lives murdered proves that Lidia Thorpe & Black Lives Matter is a total sham. They are both funded by UN billionaires..

Batı Raporu

⚠️Avustralya yerlisi senatör Lidia Thorpe, meclis yemininde Kraliçe II. Elizabeth için sömürgeci dedi..

Malcolm Roberts 🇦🇺

Does Lidia Thorpe accept her taxpayer salary? Or reject it because the Queen is on Australian money?.

Dünya Gazetesi

Avustralya’nın yerli halklarından birine mensup olan Lidia Thorpe isimli senatör, ülke parlamentosundaki yemin töreni sırasında Kraliçe 2. Elizabeth için ‘sömürgeci’ ifadesini kullandı..

Wharfy 🇦🇺

Jacinta Price has done more in one speech for Aboriginals than Lidia Thorpe has done in a lifetime of activism. @JNampijinpa #auspol.

Henrique Oliveira

Eu soberana, Lidia Thorpe, juro solene e sinceramente que serei fiel e mantenho verdadeira lealdade à colonizadora sua majestade, a rainha Elizabeth II..

jim cross

@catherine___c My great grandfather served in the 2nd Boer war, my grandfather fought at Gallipoli, my father fought in WW2, and they all died young. I was born here so am indigenous. My people helped bring this country out of the stone age.
The Lidia Thorpe types need to be pulled into gear..

Jim Ball

Lidia Thorpe makes Sarah Hanson-Young look positively Einsteinian. Where do the Greens finds these deranged and disgruntled social misfits and misanthropes? #auspol @SkyNewsAust.

Phil Anthropy

@kishor_nr Why do we allow Lidia Thorpe in the Senate when she claims to not be Australian, and working to infiltrate and destroy our democracy?.


@RobertCawood2 @SkyNewsAust Never ending virtual signalling makes little improvements in aboriginal people’s life, only benefiting the opportunists like Lidia Thorpe, and the leftards politicians. Waste of billions, ordinary taxpayers foot the bill..

RN Breakfast

Greens First Nations spokesperson, Gunnai, Gunditjmara and DjabWurrung Senator Lidia Thorpe argues a treaty should come before a Voice, but wants to hold talks with the government She joins us on @RNBreakfast shortly Listen live:.

Ucrania. Noticias del otro lado.

Para algunos países, Rusia es una potencia colonialista. Muchos siglos después, en Australia se jura lealtad a la reina colonialista. La senadora Lidia Thorpe tuvo que repetir el humillante juramento por llamar colonialista a la reina..

Paul G Hutchison

@SenatorThorpe Are you confirming you did not say the following: I, Lidia Thorpe, do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law. As per the Constitution.

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