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With Zdeno Chara retiring, there are now no active NHL players who have lost a playoff series to the Maple Leafs. 🤯.

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Barry Petchesky

Now there are no active NHL players who have lost a playoff series to the Maple Leafs.

Chris Johnston

The first-ever sponsorship patch on #leafs game sweaters will be the Dairy Farmers of Ontario’s “Milk” logo..

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Active Stick

I say this with all due respect and affection – there is no bigger collection of inconsolably crusty bitches anywhere in any corner of the social media universe than hardcore Leafs Twitter. It’s like if the cast of Seinfeld were all manic depressives..


I suck at leafs but I just wanted to try water things bla bla.

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Frank Senators

Your great grandfather watching you drive Leafs and Habs fans up the wall because their windows are closing and the Sens window is opening again.

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Sportsnet Stats

Earlier on @timandfriends The Maple Leafs are the betting favourites among Canadian teams to win the Stanley Cup.

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Curvy Emily

@BadWeaponTakes I would like to see the study where break-in burglars, rapists and murderers were more afraid of leafs than a gun..

Kristen Shilton

The volume of “how does this affect the #Leafs” takes does not dilute the instances where they are -actually relevant-.


i keep rewatching that leafs golf video i really missed them so much i cant wait for hockey season to be back.


Should the Dairy Farmers of Ontario push the Leafs to make this their third jersey? 🥛😅.

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Climate Save Ottawa

@MapleLeafs @OntarioDairy Shame on the #Leafs for teaming up to destroy our planet.
Cows milk has the highest emissions, land use, and water of any milk..

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Leafs are back baby here we go again oh the excitement.

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The Leafs winning the Stanley Cup in The Love Guru shatters the suspension of belief and hurts the movie itself..

luke fox

Toronto Maple Leafs training camp preview: Battles, question marks, and our best guess at opening night roster.

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Milk is the perfect sponsorship for the Leafs because like milk, whenever you need them most, they expire..


Nature Communications A temporal sequence of thalamic activity unfolds at transitions in behavioral arousal state.

Kyle Cushman

#Leafs organizational depth chart, Day 1 of training camp edition Likely 30 cuts to come over the next three weeks unless Toronto creates space to carry extra skaters.

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@leafguy403 Suuuuuper excited for the season and cheer on the boys💙🤍✨ GO LEAFS GO.


i’ve been very critical of some of his moves at times but i don’t know if i actually want him gone. i’d love to upgrade but scared that the leafs franchise will go back to dinosaurs in the front office..

Toronto Star Sports

Maple Leafs’ Auston Matthews on his future in Toronto: ‘I consider it home’.

Vintage Hockey Showcase

#WaybackWednesday Leafs Captain Mats Sundin and Toronto Raptors star Vince Carter (wearing a custom Carter Leafs jersey) on the cover of Leafs Insider Magazine (2002) @MapleLeafs.

Leafs Photo,Leafs Photo by Vintage Hockey Showcase,Vintage Hockey Showcase on twitter tweets Leafs Photo

NHL Rumor Bot

The NHL has announced that Vegas will host the 2023 Winter Classic, their opponent will be the Toronto Maple Leafs..

Kyle Cushman

Former #Leafs US amateur scout Tony Martino has joined the Winnipeg Jets staff in the same role.


You know hockey season is around the corner when people talking non-sense like: Mathews is leaving the Leafs soon, the Habs are actually good, the Jets have solid team leadership and the Sens are all of this is stupid talk people. ✌🏒.

Tim and Friends

The Leafs history with milk runs deep, just ask @douggilmour..

The Fielder formerly known as Prince

I like that they made it a picture of him beating the Maple Leafs anyways.


Toronto Maple Leafs get milk sponsor and you see what happens?.


Merryweather pure 💩… and Atkins thought they didn’t need any real pitching at the brutal. #fireatkins #BlueJays.


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