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Pope Francis

Dear #Indigenous brothers and sisters, I have come here as a pilgrim also to say to you how precious you are to me and to the Church. May the Lord help us move forward in the healing process, towards an ever more healthy and renewed future. #Canada.

Pope Francis

I thank all those who made this penitential pilgrimage possible, beginning with the Civil Authorities, the Chiefs of the Indigenous Peoples, and the Canadian Bishops. I sincerely thank all those who accompanied me with their prayer..

Janis Irwin

I too have many opinions on the Pope’s visit. I don’t need to share them. Fellow settlers, it’s not about us. Amplify Indigenous voices. Give space to survivors. Take a step back. Learn..

Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon

I am sending love to Indigenous friends who are processing a lot today ❤️🙏🏽.

Dr David Frawley

India is the main country preserving native and indigenous traditions, of which Hinduism is the oldest, largest and most diverse. It is crucial this older and deeper spiritual heritage of humanity is preserved with its ecological and nature-based wisdom and its vast yogic vision..

Viva Frei

@JustinTrudeau Gaslighting racist! You dress in blackface. You grope women. You fire indigenous women. You implement racist vaccine policies. YOU ARE THE RACIST!.

Erik Solheim

India 🇮🇳 did something amazing this week.
It elected a woman from tribal background to president.
I am not aware of any other major nation with and indigenous woman leader. The world should bow in respect! Droupadi Murmu – her moving life story:.

Indigenous Photo,Indigenous Photo by Erik Solheim,Erik Solheim on twitter tweets Indigenous Photo

Kon Karapanagiotidis

Shame the level of anger directed at Lidia Thorpe today is nowhere to be seen by these same critics when it comes to 10 year old Indigenous children being jailed and Indigenous deaths in custody continuing at record rates. Where is your rage then? It’s stilled by your racism..

The New York Times

“I’ve waited 50 years for this apology, and finally, today, I heard it.” Indigenous leaders reacted to the apology from Pope Francis for the Catholic Church’s role in the abuse and forced assimilation of Indigenous people on their native land in Canada..


Ain’t too proud to beg, babe! Not only is it funny af, our show has also provided work and much-needed visibility to many Indigenous writers, producers, directors, performers, designers, journalists…a whole ecosystem of Native talent comes with #RutherfordFalls..

ABC News

FBI releases list of more than 170 Native Americans confirmed missing throughout New Mexico and Navajo Nation. The list will be regularly updated, as several federal agencies try to address the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous and Native people..


Pope Francis said the Catholic Church should accept institutional blame for the harm done to indigenous Canadians in residential schools that tried to wipe out native cultures, taking his historic apology for the abuse they have suffered one step further.

Tanya Talaga

Again, as in the April 1 apology to the Indigenous delegates in Rome, he did not apologize for ALL of the Catholic Church, only the few; nor for their Doctrines of Discovery, which allowed papal bulls based in racial superiority and greed to continue to rule the day..

Vatican News

#PopeInCanada: Pope Francis concludes second day in Canada. Tomorrow, Holy Father will fly from Edmonton to Quebec..

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semi ia • san month 🏔🤍 GUERRILLA SOTY

Straight up stealing indigenous Atiny email template over a single Russian man that lives in Korea.


Since 1992, Black and Indigenous women across Brazil have taken to the streets on July 25 to protest their lack of rights and the rise of gender violence and racism prevalent in their communities..

NDN Collective

The brutal traumas inflicted upon Indigenous Peoples worldwide by the Catholic Church can NEVER be undone by an apology. Rescind the #DoctrineofDiscovery, and then come back with your #PapalApology..

Indigenous Photo,Indigenous Photo by NDN Collective,NDN Collective on twitter tweets Indigenous Photo

Jayne Christian - @Jayne6Christian

Didja know in 2020 there were only 632 practicing Indigenous lawyers. That‘s of the practicing profession. 376 (59%) were practicing on lands now known as NSW, making up of the profession. The profession should be treating mob-lawyers top shelf, not p!ssing us off. 💡.

Vatican News

Pope Francis walking with Indigenous on Tuesday The Pope was visiting historic pilgrimage site of Lac Ste Anne, as July 26th marked Feast Day of St. Anne & St. Joachim, parents of Mary, grandparents of Jesus #PopeinCanada #PopeFrancis (© Andrea @Tornielli).


Many indigenous people are disappointed that Pope Francis avoided mentioning sexual abuse in his apology. Some also felt that the apology didn’t go far enough in accepting responsibility for institutional wrongs dating back to centuries..

Paul Dutton - Kali Mukwarra Barkindji

I’m sorry but I don’t ever see Peter Dutton accepting equality of voice for Indigenous ppls..


Pretty sure that, in teaching how to write good essays, educators are meant to instruct students on avoiding gross appeals to authority such as I am a white professor of what I’ll call BIPOC—Black, Indigenous and people of color—history to advance their arguments lol.

Jason Kenney 🇺🇦

Wonderful to welcome His Holiness Pope Francis @Pontifex to Alberta for his historic pilgrimage, together with indigenous leaders & elders..

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3/ The groups argued that Indonesia’s nickel mining activities are notorious for their environmental impact, as it harms the nation’s forests, pollutes the water, and compromises the lives of indigenous communities. ⛏️.

fresh prince$$ of nablus

well, i****lis are the only people that use DNA tests to prove that they’re “indigenous” 🤭🤭.

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Senator Alex Padilla

We all have a responsibility to preserve indigenous cultures, traditional practices & sacred lands. Honored to introduce Karuk Chairman Russell Attebery as he testified @IndianCommittee on the need to pass my bill to transfer 1,000 acres of sacred land into trust for the tribe..

James Adomian

100 million Turks manipulating the fate of 3 million indigenous Armenian survivors, seeking to normalize a gruesome genocide that is proudly celebrated in Turkey and Azerbaijan – and no opposition anywhere among all the world powers.

George Scott

I have so many many times in my life visited and spent so much time with pure Indigenous Australians in their homelands. There are very subtle rituals that those who understand and recognise do respect, but I have NEVER been ‘welcomed to country’ on those occasions..

andrew lambkin

And there we have it. To Jacinta “bureaucracy” = corruption. and apparently enshrining justice for indigenous people in law just means bureaucracy. Might as well give her the night off and read the Telegraph in the morning. #qanda.

Guardian news

‘Keep this place open’: hundreds protest closure of Redfern’s National Centre of Indigenous Excellence.

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