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Channel 10

Congratulations to Rob and Stathi for being the first two #HuntedAU winners after 21 grueling days on the run 🏆.

#HuntedAU Photo,#HuntedAU Photo by Channel 10,Channel 10 on twitter tweets #HuntedAU Photo


not me making my prime time tv debut on a random tuesday night while in a timothee chalamet shirt??? #HuntedAU.

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Ben Owen

#Thailand pics post filming of @HuntedAU with the beautiful @DanniGBrooke 🇹🇭🇦🇺😍.

#HuntedAU Photo,#HuntedAU Photo by Ben Owen,Ben Owen on twitter tweets #HuntedAU Photo

Jobelle | Amazing Race AU

Plot twist: the bus driver is Graeme from a few episodes ago and he opens the door #HuntedAU.


“Your exact location has been given to the Hunters because they couldn’t catch you and we don’t have $100k to actually give away” #huntedau.

Todd Eastman

Do we know if that’s Rob? Check the tattoo… or the fucking cameraman following them? #huntedau.


Why bother dressing up as a woman when the cameraman is right there lol such a terrible show #HuntedAU.


What the Hunters get their location when they are given the extraction point? What kind of cheating bull shit is that?? #huntedau.


“Your location has been disclosed to the hunters because they couldn’t do this without cheating” #huntedau.


#huntedau Are the hunter drivers exempt from road safety rules? Using phones while driving constantly..


How on earth did they flag that ‘sighting’ from Warragul? Description sounds nothing like them and they are supposedly ‘monitoring’ hundreds of stations in Victoria #HuntedAU.

DTGTO ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Did that Motel have complimentary moisturiser? Asking for a friend on the run #HuntedAU.


Not necessarily how I would phrase it if I needed help “I’m a fugitive on the run please help me” #HuntedAU.


Now that’s an absolute joke. Rob didn’t even have a chance with TWO cameramen with him #HuntedAU.

The Cheap Seats

The Fugitives will go to any length to evade capture #HuntedAU #CheapSeatsAU.


Hats off to the lady on the bike who helped @GingerStathi make it safely to the beach. True Australian, unlike the bus driver who dobbed a team in. @HuntedAU #HuntedAu.

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Dan Clark

.@HuntedAU is a fucking scam. Worst show on TV. Hacking phones, freezing credit cards, etc. The show is a farce. No skill involved by these clowns at all. None of these advantages would occur in real life pursuits. Embarrassing by @Channel10AU. #HuntedAU.


One night to go kids, then we can move onto another show to bitch about!! 😆#HuntedAU.


That Hunter going to push his head down as he got into the car. As if she’s an actual police person 🤦‍♂️#HuntedAU.

Anthony Grice 💉💉🧪

Again so frustrated seeing the faux CCTV, cameramen following them around, AND SHOWING up in the images. These contestants are set to fail #huntedau.

MandyKerr 🐾

Cops asked my (old) work for footage once and I think it took over a day to figure out how to playback, isolate what they needed and then get it to them 😂


I have literally given real time location info to police about bank activity from a stolen card and they have done nothing, these guys acting like they can find and track any active phone lol #huntedau.


Me: Yeah they used my phone to call someone and then used Google Maps.
Hunted HQ: Can you tell me the address they looked up?
Me: No worries. *proceeds to give address 100km in opposite direction* #HuntedAU.

Bich Kweef

we have skills and [cut to a clip of them using Google Maps] #HuntedAU.

Angela 🇺🇦

Surely the line of the series has to be the Hunters yelling ‘Stop … 🛑 Stop’ to the extraction 🚁 helicopter🤣🤣🤣 #HuntedAU.


Why are Australian TV editors so bad. In the same set of scenes, one Hunter was no jacket then had a jacket. Come on. Too obvious. #HuntedAU.

Ollie 📺

First Grahame, now Forrest… I know Jackie and Neville would never give intel the hunters 😔 #HUNTEDAU.

Puneet Gulati

All good things too have an end – so was this amazing journey. For now Gratitude for the love and honours the community and everyone we met on the way bestowed us with. 🧡
We played the game and finished it on our own rules 😎 just how we wanted 🙏🏼💪🏽. #HuntedAu.

#HuntedAU Photo,#HuntedAU Photo by Puneet Gulati,Puneet Gulati on twitter tweets #HuntedAU Photo


Is that Robert, HQ ask. Well considering the cameraman on they big screen is standing next to him filming, id say lol
This show is laughable #huntedau #Hunted.

Matthew Whiting OAM

Wonder what gave it away that was Robert. I’m tipping the fucken cameraman #huntedau.

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