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Ottawa Senators

“There’s no question there’s a different optimism. You can tell they’re excited about the changes on the roster.” Daniel Alfredsson on the buzz in the city around the team heading into the season. #GoSensGo.

Ottawa Senators

That’s all for game one. We’ll be back at 7pm for the second of our back-to-back games! #GoSensGo.

#GoSensGo Photo,#GoSensGo Photo by Ottawa Senators,Ottawa Senators on twitter tweets #GoSensGo Photo

Pesky Sickos

Garry Galley highlighting some of the plays from Jake Sanderson so far today: #Sens #GoSensGo.

Liam ♠️

Jake Sanderson is Mattias Norlinder with brand name and less hands #GoSensGo #GoHabsGo.

LongonGÜLK 🇨🇦🇺🇦✊🏒

@senstennial Looking forward to seeing Motte and Crooker tonight. The PP looks good, just needs to finish. #GoSensGo.

Land of the Rising Sens!

Great looking first PP for the #Sens with Stü and Cat showing their rapidly developing chemistry. ❤️🖤🤍💛 #GoSensGo.

#1 sens fan

Stocks so far: Sandman: 📈📈📈📈
Stützle: 📈📈
Jarventie: 📉📉📉 #Sens #GoSensGo.

Gerry Mercer

Well, well. What do we have here on a Saturday afternoon? #GoSensGo.

#GoSensGo Photo,#GoSensGo Photo by Gerry Mercer,Gerry Mercer on twitter tweets #GoSensGo Photo


Hey now, it’s only preseason! Plenty of time for Zaitsev to be replaced right? …DJ? DJ no, no wait stop- #GoSensGo.


Calm down, folks. It’s preseason. Toronto has top players against our 2nd line that just played their first shift together this game. It’s gonna be alright. #GoSensGo.

Sens thoughts

Judging by twitter it sounded like a rough game, but this pass and goal was a thing of beauty #GoSensGo.

🇨🇦Humble Senators Fan🇨🇦 🏒

Yeah, very promising team on the back end, but we need that top 4 guy back there. #Sens #GoSensGo.

Josh Erickson

3:41 | P3 Oh my god something happened. Gio heads to the box for holding and the #GoSensGo will head to the power play to try and get one late..

Cousin Eddie

@SensCentral Validates what we already know in who we have with SP. Were spiked down the middle, good teams have to be. #GoSensGo.


Maple Leafs’ Malgin, Steeves combine for two goals in 18 seconds vs. Senators #GoSensGo.

Doc Naismith 

Not a big fan of Erik Brännström but pairing him with Zaitsev isn’t the best decision by Smith. Talk about a significant liability with those two. #GoSensGo.

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