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Melaniya Podolyak

@AgnesCallamard I told myself I wouldn’t wish war upon anybody, but dear god I wish for a second you felt what we feel on a daily basis. I wish you knew what you’re advising. I wish you felt the despair of Ukrainians who saw their military being forced to retreat and leaving them on their own..

Franklin Graham

How did Col. James Lamar survive over 2,400 days as a prisoner of war after being shot down in North Vietnam? With prayer, faith in God, his family, his country—& by living each day, one day at a time. What a testimony!.

Matt Bell

This line of thought was possibly encouraged by starting to replay God of War this week….

God of War Foto,God of War Foto by Matt Bell,Matt Bell on twitter tweets God of War Foto

Comic Book Resources

God of War director Cory Barlog has a hilarious response to the Xbox rip-off, War Gods Zeus of Child..

God of War Foto,God of War Foto by Comic Book Resources,Comic Book Resources on twitter tweets God of War Foto

Andrezo Mandinga | GBG

GOD OF WAR LIVE | A QUIET RAGE Level 1 Kratos vs Everyone
22:00 PM UK GMT TIME 🙂.

God of War Foto,God of War Foto by Andrezo Mandinga | GBG,Andrezo Mandinga | GBG on twitter tweets God of War Foto

Lebanese News and Updates

🚨 Commander Ziad Al-Nakhala: We are going to war and we ask God for success. – The Ministry of Health in Gaza: A citizen was killed and 15 others were injured. (Revised and corrected numbers).

ڤيديو جيمز فور عرب | VGA4A

ريميك God of War الاصلية يبدو رائع باستخدام محرك Unreal Engine.


@KnicksKaiSzn @LebronEagIes God of War and Ghost of Tsushima probably have the best gameplay fluidity, feel and substance ive ever played in a game by far.


@AthleticSlasher @LebronEagIes Fr at its core it’s a basic zombie plot. Characters have a lot of depth but it wasn’t some god tier gameplay experience like people say. Complex story games in general are hard to make good. imo God of War is like one of the only ones where gameplay and story are both 10/10.

Schierke (Mr. Mau)

He terminado el papá del hijo alias God of War y definitivamente es un juegazo. Hasta por ahí aprendí un par de consejos de paternidad..

unlucky guy

DragonBall Budokai Tekashi 3, Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks e God of War.

Never mind. Rattle

@Sesugh_David1 @instablog9ja Sit down there dey wait for God because of noise not war or natural disasters.


Y con Sony me da un poco de pena cómo todo el mundo pone el foco en God of War, que ni ha salido, y parecen haberse olvidado de la bestia que fue Horizon FW que salió este año también..


GTA, Bomba patch e God Of War, quem for contra isso já tá morto por dentro a anos.


Sometimes I think war is God’s way of teaching us geography @kkundrra #KaranKundrra #KKundrraSquad.

I paint houses

I stopped after the 2nd sentence i never intented to get one , tbat tells it God Of War: Ragnarok Won’t Stop Me From Selling My PS5.


I like xenoblade 3 but god of war is the only thing that *might* be able to top elden ring..


@bombapatchgeo @andrerodrigs colossus, shaolin monks e san andreas, certo? e já indo pegar mais dinheiro pra comprar god of war depois..


@violetsshaft @micur23 Honestly I think she prefers red dead 2 over God of war personally.


@bubblestan06 @micur23 Considering she killed an eevee for that bag god of war is definitely there idk about the rest.


God of War, Mortal Kombat e Shadow of the Colossus 🤗e vocês?.


Know that someone cares. Here in Tel Aviv. We care about you. We think about you and your children. We’re afraid like you are. And wish it will end soon. No more war. No more bloodshed 🏳️
In the name of God. Allah. Elohim. No more war. #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack.

David Snodgrass

God of War – Puzzle Campaign 7 -The Magic Chisel Complete Story Mission … via @YouTube.

Oficina da Net

God of War: Jogo original está incrível em remake na Unreal Engine -> #games #godofwar | Por @GregoryFelipeEF.

God of War Foto,God of War Foto by Oficina da Net,Oficina da Net on twitter tweets God of War Foto


@Pitswife @Personaje_Secun WHAT?? has probado kenna, spiderman, god of war, celeste, valiant hearts, infamous second son, days gone, tlou 1/2, returnal, forza horizon 5?.


@borithium2 @WayneParker_ and time travel in god of war exists since it’s used in god of war 2.

Angelo Herrera

Vídeo sobre mi experiencia con God Of War 2018 terminado. Lo recomendaría a todos los que le echan mierda al juego por ser de PlayStation PERO también a todos los que lo alaban y dicen que es una obra maestra también por ser de PlayStation..

LeGOAT fan

@NDGotNext I barely play PlayStation I have an Xbox aswell but I played the last of us and a little god of war.

Steve Moody

@nealejones @RReidFU The right, worldwide, doesn’t do vision or policy anymore. It’s why they’re careening off to these god awful extreme positions, on all the culture war stuff.
Hollow people chasing power for the sake of having power..


The Gods versus Titans opening scene in God of War 3 is undeniably epic.

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