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Dominic D. Goodman

To all the First Kill fans; I have nothing but love for every single one of you! Thank you all for taking the show in as your own, seeing you all feel seen made all the hard work and hours worth it🫶🏽❤️til the next project 🚀.

Nora Dominick

was season 1 of first kill perfect? no. but I hate that lgbtq+ and bipoc shows are expected to be perfect right out of the gate?!?!!!! why can’t they be campy and fun and that’s enough?!?!.

RELEASE BATGIRL ||💛💕⚡️brady🌟☂️🤠

okay i haven’t seen first kill but lesbians gotta whole lotta rep compared to other queers.
just saying..


Not at all surprised that First Kill got canceled. Also not surprised that the fandom can’t talk about it without mentioning every other queer streaming rn..

aslan ama a naju • ⚢

first kill cancelada no mês da visibilidade lésbica? Netflix isso tem nome e minha terapeuta vai ficar sabendo..


eu e meu gato estamos de luto aqui. #FirstKill.

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Netflix Cancels Supernatural Drama Series After Only One Season.

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danielle saw abel in renissance

I had to watch a man get traumatically assaulted with the stick of a mop just for shits and giggles but yet a show as comforting as first kill is being cancelled.

Sir Tea

Schwab baby we gonna get First Kill on a new platform cuz Netflix is so ugly for that. HBO? Hulu? Whatever you want..

jupi ✿

was first kill perfect? no. it had bad cgi, it was cheesy, the dialogue was awkward more than some of the time. but it had next to no budget (i wonder why!), it hit all the traditional tropes (and was criticized for the same tropes every cishet tv show uses), and it was cute..


circulo de oração pra empresa vizinha comprar os direitos de first kill e renovar pra mais uma temporada, sem medos pois a série ja era ruim, a cw não vai conseguir deixar pior do que ja era, só queremos um final de caliette.

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@Just___Leila @korysverse انا من ساعه م اتكلمنا وانا التايم لاين كله عندي ع first kill.


Nao vo nem comenta sobre first kill, um dia ainda espero q lesbicas possam ter ALGO nessa vida q diabo a série super interessante plot pika relacionamento saudavel mas nao ne sao alergicos a couro ENCAPETADOS EU VOS AMALDIÇOO דיין משפּחה וועט ליידן פֿאַר דיין זינד.


Eu compreendo total vcs estarem revoltados com o cancelamento de first kill,se eu fosse fã da série tbm n gostaria,mas só peço pra que vcs não envolvam hs e yr nisso,eles n tem nada a ver com esse rolo,vcs tem que reclamar da Netflix eua,não deles,até pq são de Netflix diferentes.

saudades do FIG

lesbofobia descarada da Netflix não me surpreende Casais sáficos nunca ficam juntos, séries sáficas são sempre First Kill teve não sei quanto de audiência e é essa palhaç
Sinceramente, desisto.

sora ☁️ | missing pink haired bora

@siyeonsbiogesic gurl after nila icancel everything sucks and teenage bounty hunters sinunod nila first kill 😀.

sum | drusilla specialist

@DerpSwan 100% and the writing got better as the show went on i can only imagine how much better season 2 would be.


first kill fue un proyecto al que le dieron pocas esperanzas incluso desde antes de que saliera,, aún así las morras queer, que era el público principal para el que iba dirigido, nos las arreglamos para darle vistas y que fuera más conocido,, Y AÚN ASÍ LA CANCELAN.

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• gail •

first kill was not a great show, in fact most of it was pretty bad- as a lesbian, why fight for bad representation when we could be fighting for good representation?.


MAS A QUALIDADE NÃO FOI BOA. Porr se n tem dinheiro pq faz? Só p dizer q fez e joga dinheiro fora? repercussão faz diferença? na outra lá cm gays eu não vi sequer 1 homem gay falar de alguma série lésbica q foi cancelada nos últimos anos first Kill ainda fz milagre cm migalhas.


Riverdale has how many seasons? I’m actually not forgiving this first kill was so good even if it was cheesy WLW AND NBLW DESERVE THAT.


woke up to pee and found out first kill got cancelled. when i tell you wlw can’t have anything..


@netflix stop ending all the lgbtq+ shows. But if you want less money that’s on you. First kill was amazing #savefirstkill.

Inês Salvado

First Kill had five bucks, a KitKat, and a dream, and it was still going toe to toe with Netflix originals for the first few weeks it was out. You know Netflix got back more than what they put into the show..


@DiscussingFilm I got like 2 more episodes left. Idk how it ends but from what I seen so far. It wasn’t that bad. But I’m not surprised. I’ve seen shows way worse than First Kill get second seasons. They should’ve gave First Kill another season just to see if it could get better..

libby ⁷

first the wilds and now this… if i lose rebelde i will kill myself.


@WingofC @jnkorange Ya lo han hecho, hombres hetero y gays han hablado pestes de First Kill cómo si les correspondiera y comparando siempre con HT..


Nah I don’t know your trend of first kill but True Romance is the first kill movie that should always come to mind. So f’d up..

sky 🛒


bia. COAST

cancelaram the wilds com o casal lésbico separado e agora first kill que terminou separado também…não aguento mais.

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