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That. Was. INSANE!!!! 🤯 @TheProblem155 just closed the show with a 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓! #DWCS.

MMA mania

Chris Duncan ends one of the best episodes of Dana White’s Contender Series off all time in violent fashion.


Chris Duncan and Charlie Campbell just delivered a WILD fight on #DWCS 🤯 (via @ufc).


The hype is REAL! @NoBickal gets the submission in just over a minute 😳 #DWCS.


🗣️ WELCOME TO THE SUGA SHOW! @SugaSeanMMA reflects on what the #DWCS means to him, and shares advice to this season’s competitors 🍬 [ New episode of #DWCS season 6️⃣ airs TONIGHT on @ESPNPlus ].


Jamal Pogues let out all the emotions moments before being awarded a @ufc contract ❤️ Take a listen. #DWCS.


The odds are in – who do you think leaves #DWCS week 3 with a UFC contract? 📝 [ B2YB @DKSportsbook ].

#DWCS Photo,#DWCS Photo by UFC,UFC on twitter tweets #DWCS Photo




ダナが何故DWCSでボー・ニッカルを契約しなかったのか 🧑🏻‍🦲 彼は今回3-0の相手に楽勝したがまだ2-0だ。もう1試合テストして、そこで見事に勝てばUFC本戦に出す。
DWCSはまだ8週間あるし、ここでもう1試合させよう 💯.


Week 3️⃣ = 3️⃣ Contracts 👏 Welcome to the UFC! 📺📱 Watch all of #DWCS back on @UFCFightPass!.

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Craig Allen

If Marshall doesn’t get a contract due to utilizing his excellent groundwork en route to a lopsided decision win I’ll be dumbstruck, but not surprised #DWCS.


You heard it here FIRST with @JohnMorgan_MMA and @simonhead at International Fight Week with Malki Kawa. #DWCS stud Bo Nickal, doesn’t get UFC contract last night but….

Jens Pulver

I lost my shit during the @ufc DWCS Check out this clip! From @UFCStreams Just Chatting!.


ニッカル「あざす」 ダナ「これまでの戦績なんて関係ない!」
ニッカル「あざす」 ダナ「一本勝ちしたけどまだ戦績2-0だし契約しない、同じこともう一回やれ」
ニッカル「…」 #DWCS.

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This is what the show is all about! 🤩 The Boss Dana White welcomes five new fighters to the UFC roster on week two of the #DWCS!.

Lewis Simpson

Chris Duncan (@theproblem15) has punched his way into the UFC roster after knocking out Charlie Campbell in the first round during Week 2 of #DWCS. Duncan was determined to redeem himself, and boy did he.

Nolan King

Up next, Zack Borrego. I spoke to him about being the guy fighting Bo Nickal, a tall task. Seems like his head is in a good spot (although he did miss weight). High reward opportunity right here. #DWCS.

Hayden Doumergumedov

Why the fuck would you even have him on DWCS if you’re not gonna sign him when he gets a first round finish, the fucking disrespect.


#DWCS ニッカルが契約できなかった件だけど、2勝しただけで本契約した人がいたような

#DWCS Photo,#DWCS Photo by アンディ,アンディ on twitter tweets #DWCS Photo



Adam Martin

Connor Matthews has an iron chin. This is absurd that he’s taken this much damage and is still standing. Dude is so damn tough. #DWCS.

Right $ide

ROSS ML -250🤮
GOFF ML -140💰.


Buen trabajo de Carprenter en el segundo bajó un poco la intensidad y pudo aprovechar. No pudo capitalizar mucho el derribo al final del asalto, pero hace diferencia 19-19 después de dos #DWCS #DWCS3.

Lou Betya

19-19, carpenter better go to tds immediately to win #DWCS Or as Adam martin would say, 19-19 and they are both fighting well.

Borys Rudz

W końcu Carpenter pomyślał i poszedł mocniej w zapasy. Mądry ruch, bo Chairez zdecydowanie nie umie w parter tak jak w stójkę. 19-19.


Damn that shit was deep af I don’t know if his performance will get him a contract but maybe that heartwarming speech will #DWCS.


@PrzemekMMA @RudziqMMA Zdecydowanie, to by było lepsze, a tak jedną zastopują. Tak samo zestawienie Klinkhammera z Bonfimem jest absurdalne. Genialne, ale na UFC, nie Dwcs. Dostają się przeciętniacy, a któryś z tych kotów nie wejdzie..

Chris Rini

Given that DWCS is essentially “regional MMA with better branding” maybe they’re gonna keep him on the show to build hype while also getting to be his matchmaker..

mad max

All the people complaining about Bo Nickal not getting a contract are the same people that would’ve complained if he did get one lol #DWCS.

Cody Merrow

Ok, so that everyone can stop talking about this from #DWCS last night.

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