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Aditya Mukerjee, the Otterrific 🦦 🏳️‍🌈

Sometimes the mask slips, just a little. When Dr. Khan says Monkeypox spreads from close physical contact (per WHO!) and Stigmatizing LGBTQ people will not serve any good, think about what Ryan is implying when he says he strongly disagrees with that characterization..

Dr Ryan Photo,Dr Ryan Photo by Aditya Mukerjee, the Otterrific 🦦 🏳️‍🌈,Aditya Mukerjee, the Otterrific 🦦 🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets Dr Ryan Photo


I don’t appreciate being interrupted while speaking on serious risks of repeated covid being interrupted by shouting LNP MPs who refuse to wear masks. Put your masks on! – Dr Monique Ryan GIVING IT 🔥 @Mon4Kooyong By request ❣️ prints:.

Dr Ryan Photo,Dr Ryan Photo by nordacious,nordacious on twitter tweets Dr Ryan Photo


# NASCAR: Ryan Blaney has a great year in statistics, except for the win column. @drdiandra identifies the stat that may be the key to putting together a complete performance..

Naomi Gnomie 💃🌈🤓

@Mon4Kooyong Wonderful speech Dr Ryan 👏👏👏 it’s a shame that Barnaby Joyce & his fellow parliamentarian felt the need to be rude and snigger in the background and walk out during your speech 😡.


@Mon4Kooyong Thank you Dr Ryan for your decency and humanity. A truly good Australian unlike the two fopdoodles behind you, who are an embarrassment to parliament..


Dr Ryan was head of neurology in a children’s hospital, she’s used to wrangling immature tantrum throwing toddlers and young children.

Jane Munro

So yes – look after each other. Full strength to your arm Dr Ryan @Mon4Kooyong #putyourmaskson 3/3.

Dr. Ryan

I mean at least I’m addicted to this and not like heroine or whatever..

Dr Ryan Photo,Dr Ryan Photo by Dr. Ryan,Dr. Ryan on twitter tweets Dr Ryan Photo

Ming The Merciless 🇦🇺🇪🇺✡️ 💉💉💉💉

‘Put your masks on’: Dr Monique Ryan blasts COALition MPs Careful @Mon4Kooyong before the Aust Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (@Ahpra) censures you for using intemperate language, as it seems to have authorised itself to do to other doctors #auspol.

Jenny Frecklington-Jones #VoteYes ❤️💛🖤

@BrentHodgson @DianaRyall Yes it would be very nice to fill the House with representatives of the caliber of Dr Ryan. 2025 looks full of promise..


Dr Ryan has navigated both academia and medicine to reach the absolute top of her field, so her eyebrow game is olympic standard.


I suspect Dr Ryan is a nice centrist woman generally when it comes to politics but so far I’m super impressed with her and she’s is absolutely not taking any of your nonsense.

🇦🇷☆Domadora☆🇦🇷 {3.ª cuenta}

El Dr. Ryan Cole nos explica aquí el **Síndrome de Muerte Súbita en Adultos** (SADS por sus siglas en Inglés) que parece tener a tantos en la comunidad médico-científica muy desconcertados..

Driving the Truthmobile

@JDHaltigan Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Madej, Dr Tenpenny, Dr Lee Merit, Dr Jessica Rose, whistle blower Brandy Vaughan who wanrned us of the dangers of vaccines prior to the mRNA ones who was murdered by big Pharma..


@i_petersen Because you Irene know soooo much more than the @WHO_Europe right? 🙉🙊🙈😂.

SN7 🌱

Dr Mo speaking on very serious issue, showed up the immaturity & care-less-ness of the opposition making it clear the bullys will not hold sawy in this parliament either

‘Put your masks on’: Monique Ryan gives Coalition dressing-down during question time.

Raves 🐀

Thank you for asking this question Dr Ryan, as every other politician seems to be ignoring Covid 👏👏👏.


Very excited to finally share this Resident Evil audio story by @LAiB_Gaming ! Taking place post-RE5, Jill Valentine returns to the I play as both her old partner Ryan, and her therapist Dr. Kirk. Please use headphones for maximum enjoyment! 🥳.

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💧Yuan (Joseph) Lin 🍩

#PutYourMasksOn is trending in Australia right now. Amazing work everyone. Please keep spreading the message about mask wearing. Thank you to Dr Ryan for your leadership on this issue..

Dr Ryan Photo,Dr Ryan Photo by 💧Yuan (Joseph) Lin 🍩,💧Yuan (Joseph) Lin 🍩 on twitter tweets Dr Ryan Photo

petitetreelites. 🇺🇦🇭🇺🇦🇺 Life is a gift.

Fabulous tweet, Dr Monique Ryan MP, is already showing up the fools opposite, in such an eloquent manner. Finally we have such intelligence in Parliament House..

Charles Cavallaro 💉💉💉💉

@Thomaskrit Hello Thomas, what in your opinion makes Dr Monique Ryan a “disgrace” please? Thanks..

Sue J

@martris6 We need to elect an Independent with strength and character to stand up in question time and call them out on their politicisation of masks – just like Dr Monique Ryan did in federal parliament- hopefully it’ll be the new independent member for Kew who does it in a few months 🤞.

I, Malcontent

Dr Monique Ryan demonstrates how Covid and mask use depend entirely on the politics of the situation. #Mon4Kooyong #auspol.

Karen Dissident Selick

@JDHaltigan Fortunately, there have been many heroes: Randy Hillier, RFK Jr., Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Peter McCullough, Mike Adams (aka “The Health Ranger”) @JCCFCanada head John Carpay, Tamara Lich, etc..

Wiktoria Krasnopolska 🇵🇱

WHO jest całkowicie skorumpowaną organizacją”, która musi odejść — dr Ryan Cole
„WHO jest własnością firmy farmaceutycznej; 70% jej finansowania pochodzi z firmy farmaceutycznej. Reszta pochodzi od Billa Gatesa z Chin [i innych darczyńców krajowych]… WHO jest organizacją.

Maz and Kate

Absolutely don’t miss this one! Dr Ryan demolishes the rowdy LNP with deadly accuracy. She takes no prisoners!! ‼️😊WATCH😎👇.

Just Jules.

@anna_prole Yes she gave it to them & good on her. Dr Monique Ryan is off to a great start.


🤩💪🏽 “COVID-19 infections in this country are at a record high & increasing. Can the minister please explain how he proposes to manage the oncoming national significant burden of disability & chronic illness from repeated infection with COVID-19?” Dr Ryan.


One does not even need a glimmer of intelligence to figure this out. Can someone please advise the LNP to listen to Dr Ryan?.

Dr Ryan Photo,Dr Ryan Photo by Stellaimber,Stellaimber on twitter tweets Dr Ryan Photo

Tom von Alten

With a cloud of confusion, misinformation, and outright lies around Ryan Cole, he says everyone else has a problem, lies about his own statements, claims unique access to scientific truth The signs of sociopathy are crystal clear. via @idahocapitalsun.

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