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Adam Schefter

NFL ruled that the Dolphins had impermissible communications with quarterback Tom Brady in 2019-20, while he was under contract to the New England Patriots. Those communications began as early as August 2019 and continued throughout the 2019 season and postseason..

Tom Pelissero

The NFL is docking the #Dolphins two draft picks and suspending owner Stephen Ross as a result of the league’s tampering allegation..

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Adam Schefter

Here is the notice and penalties the NFL is imposing on the Dolphins for Integrity-Of-The-Game Violations:.

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Joe Schad

In my opinion most Dolphins fans have and had no problem with tank season/s strategy and have and had no problem with Brady and Payton pursuits (even with Tua/McDaniel popularity.) Ross and Dolphins violated rules but they do go big in their efforts to change course of history..

Barry Jackson

News, notes, highights from Day 6 of Miami Dolphins’ training camp on Tuesday. Another good day for Tua:.


Dolphins get hammered with penalties and fines, but Washington gets away without ANY punishment? Roger Goodell definitely has his favorites.

Vinnie P.

This isn’t great. A sound case to be made Brady was as complicit as anyone in these Dolphins shenanigans..


Everyone talking about soto but the dolphins just lost their first and third round pick Wtf.


@SassyGingerNin1 @MiamiDolphins I feel that the Dolphins are getting way too good and the NFL is trying to knock us down a peg but as true dedicated phin fans we need to have faith in our newly founded team,coach,and we need to truly believe in our hearts that we will KICK A** AND TAKE NAMES !! This year.

Doug McMaster

@RapSheet Ross is bad for football and bad for the Dolphins. He should be forced to seel the team like the Clippers owner a few years back.


The dolphins tried tank and rap with Brady at the same time. That is poCory change to Steven Ross. Those two first rd 23-24 lost Draft picks will hit a little different tho..

Coach Middlescreen

@AlbertBreer It remains hilarious that the dumpster fire that is the Miami Dolphins was the only team Deshaun Watson was willing to waive his no-trade clause for until the Dolphins ultimately pulled out of consideration..

Craig M

Where’s all the naysayers who said, ‘I don’t believe for a second that the Dolphins were interested in Brady. They are truly committed to Tua’. To those people I say ‘fuck you’!! Yet another thing you were wrong about…..


washingtonpostさんからRT: The NFL suspended and fined Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and stripped the team of two draft choices for violat…   08月03日2時07分台のニュースでした.

linka dunkums

@GhostOfAdamGase Thanks for giving time on your space, I’m new-ish to dolphins twitter (used to fuck with B/R but it’s like a kids version of this 😂) it’s great interacting with passionate fans with me being out of state. Still super pumped for our future! LFG.

Jonathan Feliciano

@FieldYates If the Dolphins have two first round picks, shouldn’t they lose the highest of the picks instead of their own?.


NFL should hold an impromptu draft lottery for the Dolphins picks. Maybe some Oklahoma Drills done by head coaches. Or the best top 3 picked CB to get burned in practice drill. Just spitballin here..

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Bando Calrissian

Calvin Ridley gets suspended for a whole year. Yet the dolphins organization only lose a 1st round pick?.

Plática Patriot

Las multas son pocket change para Ross, y los #Dolphins todavía tienen la primera ronda de los #49ers 🤔😂 Así las cosas con la NFL y Goodell 🤷🏻‍♂️.


@OGTLC_Inniss Dolphins fans in their feels today. Even blaming Brian Flores for this haha.

DJ Khaled’s Stunt Double

Why does the Dolphins owner being suspended even mean? Dude can’t show up and watch the games? Lmao seems pointless.


NFL found a perfect slot under the Watson outrage to put in the soft ruling on the Dolphins tampering and tanking investigations..

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Breaking News: NFL Found Miami Dolphins Guilty For Tampering.


They can take the Dolphins draft picks, but they can’t take back those PLAYOFF VICTO… oh we gained absolutely nothing from this? Shit.

🐻‍❄️Chandler Stamm🐻‍❄️

Don’t let the news of the Dolphins distracts you from the the Watson stuff. There timing to release both is clear cut they are trying to already move on from that..

yo daddy

@mikebroms819 @HollywoodVon And the jets still can’t beat the dolphins it’s been 4 years give up bro.

Jose Oliu

There’s no way you can’t tell me that the NFL isn’t fucking the Dolphins 🐬 to take the heat of the Browns and Deshaun Watson.

Lowly Ian

@RapSheet @NFLprguy Why would Brady want to go to a Shit franchise after winning a SB and having another solid season after? If he wants to retire and become an owner, than I get it. But seriously why PLAY for dolphins in 2022 with Peyton? Trash team, nowhere near Bucs potential…I don’t get that.

Vikki Marshall

Dolphins docked draft picks, owner suspended for tampering🐬⚖️ My team needs a new owner this one is a dud..

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