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😱 “Boo hoo… Woe is me… Welcome to the world of football Dean Henderson!” 😡 “There are so many things that really annoy me about his statements!” Danny Mills HAMMERS Dean Henderson for his comments on #MUFC! 🫣🔥.


“Nobody followed through with anything they told me. I turned many loans down.” “Wasting 12 months is criminal at my age.” Dean Henderson hits out at #MUFC in an exclusive interview with talkSPORT. 🚨 Everyone is talking about this 🔥.

The Athletic UK

Dean Henderson has criticised Manchester United for not following through on their promise to make him their “number one goalkeeper” for the 2021-22 season, adding: “To sit there and waste 12 months is criminal really, at my age. I was fuming.” #MUFC.

Dean Henderson Photo,Dean Henderson Photo by The Athletic UK,The Athletic UK on twitter tweets Dean Henderson Photo

James Ducker

Dean Henderson has admitted he could not wait to get out of #MUFC this summer after slamming the club for making false promises and a “criminal” waste of the past 12 months of his career. Says he had no interest in talks with Ten Hag (via @talkSPORT).

Adam Crafton

Not wholly convinced by Dean Henderson’s argument about promises. Sympathise if he was promised a place, but positions in a team are also picked on merit and De Gea started last season superbly when Henderson absent and made himself undroppable in early months of season.


⏰ “I prefer players to be outspoken, but I question the timing…” 🧤 “I’d have waited a few months, playing really well at the top of my game.” Darren Bent can’t understand the timing of Dean Henderson’s comments.

BBC Sport

Dean Henderson called his treatment at Manchester United last season criminal Read 👇 #BBCFootball.

Man United News

Dean Henderson has inadvertently piled pressure on David de Gea with Manchester United outburst #mufc.

Trent Hutson

Dean Henderson spoke positively on Orel Mangala’s first #NFFC training session “I think we’ve got a gem, he’s unbelievable. I can’t wait to get working with him – he wants the ball, he’s quick, he’s powerful, he’s got everything. I’m really excited to see him.”.

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Charlie Austin

This dean henderson interview is funny, safe to say he thinks very highly of himself, was told he was going to be no1 and no one followed through after he was I’ll… fight to be no1… let’s hope he has a good season otherwise this interview will be brought up a lot!!!.

The Sun Football ⚽

‘To waste 12 months was CRIMINAL’ – Fuming Man Utd keeper Dean Henderson blasts club for breaking No 1 promise.

The Sun Football ⚽

Dean Henderson told he will never play for Man Utd again after slamming club as furious fans call for him to be sold.

Man United Swahili

Dean Henderson: Ilinihuzunisha sana. Nilikataa ofa nyingi zuri za mkopo kwasababu hawakuwa tayari kuniachia. Ilikua mbaya. Kukaa benchi na kupoteza miezi 12 ni makosa kwa umri wangu. Nilikua na hasira. #MUFC.

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Separate note… I’d run through a brick wall for Dean Henderson already, that is against the world mentality has continued on from last season Can not wait for Saturday!!! #nffc.


Ten Haag has added Eriksen and still wants De Jong.
James Garner needs to listen to Dean Henderson and submit that transfer request. He’s too good for reserve team football or another Championship loan.
Go where you’re loved Jimmy.

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Want more from our explosive interview with Dean Henderson? The full version is on YouTube channel:.

Sun Sport

Henderson told by pundits & fans that his Man Utd career is OVER after remarks.

Levi Roberts

Honestly, fuck this transfer window, fuck Ronaldo, fuck Dean Henderson, fuck Frenkie de jong. Fuck it all off and just fold the club @manutd.

Billy Meredith

I wish Dean Henderson well but to be brutally honest this is a nonsense.
If he was better than David De Gea he would have played because it’s a RESULTS business.
He didn’t…”Nobody cared” cry me a River! Be like Scott McTominay & fight!.

The Sun Football ⚽

Dean Henderson reveals he REFUSED to meet new Man Utd boss Erik ten Hag over fears he’d be persuaded into staying.

Nottingham Forest ARG 🇦🇷

Dean Henderson sobre Orel Mangala : Lo he visto en los entrenamientos y creó que tenemos aquí una verdadera joya en bruto, no puedo esperar a seguir trabajando con el, es rápido, fuerte y con un control de pelota extraordinario 👀.

Dean Henderson Photo,Dean Henderson Photo by Nottingham Forest ARG 🇦🇷,Nottingham Forest ARG 🇦🇷 on twitter tweets Dean Henderson Photo


I must say, I look forward to watching Dean Henderson be kept extremely busy this season. Let the football do the talking..

𝑰 𝑻 𝑺 𝑹 𝒀 𝑨 𝑵 (Deji Stan 3-0 🐐)

Yeah i have a feeling that Dean Henderson is trending might just be me though 💀.

Dean Henderson Photo,Dean Henderson Photo by 𝑰 𝑻 𝑺 𝑹 𝒀 𝑨 𝑵 (Deji Stan 3-0 🐐),𝑰 𝑻 𝑺 𝑹 𝒀 𝑨 𝑵 (Deji Stan 3-0 🐐) on twitter tweets Dean Henderson Photo

Real Red Devil 🔰

Ole the fraud clown gunnar solskjaer selected this news leaking, entitled, bad vibes dean henderson over de gea. Ffs. #mufc.

Manchester Derby

#MUFC Dean Henderson has slammed his parent club Manchester United for breaking their promise to make him the club’s new goalkeeper. Continue reading at | 10z viral.


Yesterday, Ten Hag hired me to find the leaker. To my shock, I discovered Dean Henderson hiding in the pipes! I called for backup and the Eibarman immediately rushed over! Pessi captured his fellow bottler with ease and sped off in his tractor! Thank you Pessi for fixing my leak!.

Manchester United como estilo de vida 🔴

Le tengo mucha fe a Dean Henderson pero que mal timming para declarar. Siempre alguien se dedica a dañar todo 😅.

Kieron Bradley

@__mufcmais We do need a new goal keeper and I do not care for Dean Henderson or DDG. It needs to be someone else.

The Independent

‘It was criminal’: Dean Henderson hits out at broken promises at Manchester United.


Dean Henderson doesn’t have a future at Manchester United , guys done #MUFC 🔴⚫️⚪️.

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