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The ABC of John Howard follows #abc730 on the National Broadcaster tonight. A must miss episode in an otherwise wonderful series of interviews by David Wenham..

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Joanna Mendelssohn

@LesStonehouse David Wenham’s interview in the ABC of John Howard was one of the best pieces of self-incrimination I have ever heard. All those suffering & dying from the disasters precipitated by #ClimateChange should curse this man who prevented any action & enabled the destroyers #auspol.

Joanna Mendelssohn

David Wenham did an amazing job getting Howard to reveal the full extent of his appalling attitudes & the damage he inflicted on Australia over many years. So glad we got rid of him #TheABCOf #auspol.

Melissa Green

@bruce_haigh And doesn’t match with the person I saw interviewed by David Wenham straight after.

Kristin Dawson

@mormorlady @AlboMP I viewed her interview afterwards with David Wenham. Sarah Ferguson is a most impressive human being who has such an extraordinary depth of human compassion, insight, intelligence and skilful use of language. I have nothing but admiration for her.


David Wenham’s face when dinosaur John Howard questioned climate change was a sight to behold @730.

Helen Lewers

Am certainly not watching his David Wenham interview. hoWARd lost his seat, the election, the primeministership and any miniscule amount of good will fit him in the Australian community. Good riddance!.

Agnes Mack

I could happily live without the ABC of John Howard. Still too raw. Sorry, David Wenham..

💧Elizabeth Marr

#JohnHoward enjoying this interview, David Wenham the actor is a perfect interviewer because it’s not about his career it’s about drawing Howard out & revealing the man behind the famous words. Media take note.


Saw the Elvis movie, it was in typical Baz Lurhman style. Austin Butler was amazing as Elvis, Tom Hanks a great Col T. P. Great to see Aussies Richard Roxburgh and David Wenham, and Catherine Martin design the costumes. Bring back the 60’s fashion ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Claire Heaney

Missed @abc730 to see why #SarahFerguson is trending over Albo interview. But loved the follow up show with David Wenham. She has such a wonderful way with words. No doubt influenced by her passion for poetry..

Caitlin Byrne

Just WOW. The ABC of @FergusonNews with David Wenham was superb conversation. @abc730.


So interesting- just not long enough!! SARAH FERGUSON joins DAVID WENHAM for this week’s edition of THE ABC OF via @TV_Blackbox.

Norelle Feehan

Dear #SarahFerguson @FergusonNews that #theabcof was SUPERB Thanks David Wenham

Adam Halo

David Wenham’s interview was fascinating and worth watching. I don’t like Howard, never have, but you get a really good sense of the bloke. But when he refers to the “so called” forgotten generation, OMFG. What a %{#}*}%{%|£~>. #auspol.

Pink Lamington

@chrisaibloom @LesStonehouse Arghhh I just accidentally saw some of it just as he revealed himself to be a climate change denier. David Wenham was almost speechless. What an irrelevant dinosaur John Howard is and I hope this is the last we have to see of him..

Selina McGrath

@GrogsGamut @RonniSalt I would appreciate a welfare check on David Wenham. Did his best to keep his crumbling soul upright……

Annie Brownie

@Primmy8 @LesStonehouse David Wenham should have had an award for Gettin Square. Wonderful physical comedy..

ralph horowitz

Could easily have been self indulgent, but #TheABCOf has been very good TV. All have been interesting people happy to open for David Wenham who just lets the chat flow, and a good example that less is more/under-producing works 👍.


The look on David Wenham’s face, when Howard explained his position on climate, spoke for all of us. 😳 #JohnHoward #WellDoneDavidWenham.

✊🏾 Brimful_Of

I would happily watch David Wenham and Jonathan Swan interviewing all the toads of world politics purely for their inability to control the disgust manifesting on their faces. Someone pitch this show to the ABC.


@LesStonehouse Gettin’ Square with the magnificent David Wenham. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a funnier movie.

Rhonda Garad

Well done David Wenham for drawing Howard out on his climate denying stance.
He says we tossed him out from boredom and not cuz he led the most cruel, racist, elitist, divisive govt in history..


David Wenham let John Howard off the hook on #TheABCof re:Timor witness K for a plum job for Downer post politics. While entertaining he didn’t hit as hard as he could. But I guess this is entertainment not politics #Auspol.

David Wenham fansite

David Wenham spends $ on a four-bedroom home in Brisbane via @DailyMailCeleb.


@oldlillipilli @AstraKate David Wenham could be employed to teach the journalists their jobs – so natural and so good!.


The make-up and costumes in Elvis are so good I didn’t even recognise Kelvin Harrison Jr., Xavier Samuel, or David Wenham. I even read that Harrison Jr. was in Elvis months ago and I still didn’t recognise him..


@zanrowe @FergusonNews Really enjoyed this episode with Sarah Ferguson. And, I’ve been watching again. Also, thanks to the great questions and research by David Wenham’ s team..

Liv 😷

David Wenham’s TV guest on tonight’s ABC – seen here in decades past..

Selina McGrath

@LesStonehouse We watched it – I was tempted to ring and ask for a welfare check on David Wenham…. His attempt at hiding a crumbling soul after asking the desiccated coconut about climate was bessa brick sturdy. But his eyes told me everything…….

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