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Mollie Katzen

For the first time since the 1940s, a European leader is openly using the race-mixing language of the Nazis. Knowing this (and largely because of it) CPAC has invited him to give a speech on its first day..

Ben Collins

(Alex Jones says $800k a day was a really good week during CPAC, where they were doing better business.).

Scott MacFarlane

At CPAC conference just now, Rep Andy Biggs (R-AZ) talked about defunding federal Justice Dept agencies and impeachment articles against judges (for pretrial detention rulings) .. because of the handling of January 6 cases.

Anne Applebaum

CPAC admires Orban because 1. He bent the rules, changing his constitution and altering voting laws in order to remain in power, indefinitely 2. He destroyed the independent media; nothing remains but a few websites.

The Republican Accountability Project

Viktor Orbán urges attendees at CPAC to see themselves as fighting the same fight he is fighting in Hungary..

Matthew S. DePerno, Esq.

Look who I ran into at CPAC! I’ll be on the air tomorrow throughout the day with Steve Bannon. Tune-in!.

CPAC Photo,CPAC Photo by Matthew S. DePerno, Esq.,Matthew S. DePerno, Esq. on twitter tweets CPAC Photo

Rolling Stone

‘Fight the Barbarians’: The MAGA Movement Lays Out a Warpath at CPAC.

Grace (ultra/MAGA) 🇺🇸

Dr Malone is at CPAC in Dallas. Stop by to meet him and Steve!.

CPAC Photo,CPAC Photo by Grace (ultra/MAGA) 🇺🇸,Grace (ultra/MAGA) 🇺🇸 on twitter tweets CPAC Photo

Eric Slater

Is it me, or does the fascist CPAC have a convention every damn month? What could they possible have to discuss? Wrong answers only!.

The Independent

Watch live: CPAC opens with remarks from Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Sarah Palin.

John Pavlovitz

I know that religious people ended up abandoning God and mindlessly worshiping a golden calf, so it shouldn’t be surprising that so many today are now bowing down to this orange jackass. It’s just more terrifying seeing it with this proximity. #CPAC.

CPAC 2022

@repronnyjackson shares how we can save our great nation. #CPAC #FirePelosiSaveAmerica.

Kram Otrop

@nicowsn Wondering the same thing! Seems like every other week there’s a CPAC conference where those losers are doing weird things..

Rob Xemu Fermier

Republicans in Texas cheering what is basically a straight up Nazi speech at CPAC is nightmarish. Glad I got the hell out of there but increasingly worried that madness is going to spread beyond just a handful of proto-fascist state governments..


“Far right, European racist and anti-Semite strongman, the Trojan Horse of Putin holds speech at conservative conference” – Victor Orban, Hungarian Prime Minister describing to his fellow white, racist, fascists how the media see him at CPAC Nothing fake about that news.

Jeff Sites for Ohio

The far right pandering to a dictator. Proof the mid-terms are about saving our democracy! #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy.

Amanda Carpenter

I mean everyone seems to be freaking out now that Orban spoke at CPAC Dallas, but earlier this year CPAC went to Hungary..

Immah COZY Bey ✨

Watching #DeadlineWH hosted by @MichaelSteele today, #Cpac in Texas is driven by fascism..

Guardian US

Viktor Orbán turns Texas conference into transatlantic far-right love-in.


Viktor Orban is speaking in Texas along with Trump.
Are two famous anti-immigrant orators and somewhat political view kinsmen [anti-LGBTQ, great replacement theorists, far-right] great for the conservative movement?.

Krystyna Piórkowska

No tak – odbywa się zebranie CPAC – dziś Orban, jutro Barton a w sobotę DT – każdy z nich przykład tego co najgorsze..

Country over party

I am completely disturbed that CPAC keeps catering to Orban. Why isn’t this being shouting from the rooftops! The GOP being in cahoots with him is the beginning of the end! Should this be in all the news cycles?.

Teresa Pearson

Why is someone from Hungary speaking at a US Republican event?Trump and Orban set to take stage in Texas as activists gather for conservative confab.


@DanEscoobydoo You mean, the Hilton Anitole has a CVS vending machine in it, which has nothing to do with CPAC. Nice reach..

Carol H Tucker

He has extolled the value of racial purity, is vehemently anti-immigration, has cultivated close ties with Russia’s Vladimir and his party, and his messages, dominate the media. via @nbcnews.


@CPAC_TV Canada’s Promise or the WEF promise via Nazi Freeland? There is a difference.


Hungary PM Viktor Orbán Addresses CPAC as American Right Embraces His Authoritarian Rule via @democracynow.


He ought to be sitting in prison. And he would have, had it not been for a presidential pardon. Bannon is a corrupt, wicked man..


@cspanwj Hungary PM Viktor Orbán Addresses CPAC as American Right Embraces His Authoritarian Rule via @democracynow.

Benjamin Novak

When a group funded by the Hungarian government to the tune of many millions of dollars is listed among the Supporting Sponsors for CPAC Texas, where Orban is expected to speak later today..

CPAC Photo,CPAC Photo by Benjamin Novak,Benjamin Novak on twitter tweets CPAC Photo

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