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Brian Klaas

Labour’s former leader Jeremy Corbyn condemning Britain’s crucial military aid to Ukraine in an interview he granted to a pro-Russian, pro-Assad, pro-Hezbollah, Iranian-linked propaganda media outlet. Yikes..

G-William Goldnadel

Allez -donc voir chez Corbyn si Obono y est . Parlez nous des étoiles jaunes à votre manif avec les Frères Musulmans. Expliquez nous les déclarations de votre sultan sur le peuple déicide. De votre complaisance avec les terroristes palestiniens. Et surtout, faites -vous discrète..

Chris York

Jeremy Corbyn preaching “solidarity” and “peace and justice for the world” and then almost in the same breath saying Ukrainians shouldn’t be given the means to fight against a genocidal, imperialistic world power.

Ben Dreyfuss

this post boils down to “I hate the current Labour leader bc he isn’t Jeremy Corbyn” but Jeremy Corbyn was super unpopular and your beliefs are super unpopular. You can either vote for, in your opinion, the lesser of two evils, or not. But your perfect candidate was widely hated..

Julien Bahloul

Ça suffit de les insulter d’antisemites ! Ils ne sont que fans de Corbyn !
Et puis Melenchon n’a que tenu des propos conspirationnistes sur les attentats de Toulouse !
Et puis ils ne sont que contre l’expulsion d’un imam antisemite ! Vous voyez ! Rien d’antisemite ! 😏.

Corbyn Photo,Corbyn Photo by Julien Bahloul,Julien Bahloul on twitter tweets Corbyn Photo

simon maginn

Welby is a dirty political operative who smeared Corbyn with Jew-hate to install Johnson. Gay-hate, obviously, comes with that package..


Lifetime long anti-war ex-Leader of the Labour Party talks in a nuanced way about Russian invasion of Ukraine. NATO centrists MR JEREMY CORBYN we need to pump more weapons into Ukraine until we defeat PUTIN who we installed in the first place..

Corbyn Photo,Corbyn Photo by UncleTrash,UncleTrash on twitter tweets Corbyn Photo


I said weapons not aid, because even with his Corbyn derangement even he couldn’t say Corbyn wouldn’t have definitely given aid to Ukraine and eased visa restrictions so Ukrainians weren’t stranded in France trying to get here which happened under Johnson. But yes Boris better..

Peter Jukes

@SheilaBurgoyne1 @jly1960 Because we’ve had six reporters on the ground in Ukraine, and I’ve been watching this even since I went to Kyiv after the Maidan in 2014. Most the commentators here – including Corbyn himself – have zero real knowledge of Ukraine or the 8 year war with Russia.

Scone of Destiny 🇺🇦 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

@MarinaPurkiss if people in England want to understand why the SNP became so popular, it’s because they implemented many many progressive left leaning policies in every area (many the same as corbyn wanted for the but got called a marxist for).

Medea Benjamin

Wise words from ⁦@jeremycorbyn⁩ re Ukraine: Pouring arms in isn’t going to bring about a solution, it’s only going to prolong and exaggerate this war..

★ Martin Black ★ 🇺🇦

Настрій – нищити русню to hell with this shitty country
to hell with the imbecile Corbyn.

Julien Bahloul

@MathildePanot Ce qui est odieux cest d’enlacer Corbyn. Ce qui est odieux cest de dire n’importe quoi sur le Vel D’Hiv. Ce qui est odieux cest de tenir des propos complotistes sur les attentats de Toulouse. Ce qui est odieux cest de s’opposer à l’expulsion d’un imam antisemite..

Cool D #ItWasAScam #starmerout #labourleaks

Our disgrace of a media have treated Corbyn appallingly; they never gave him a fair hearing. Even worse, the labour party have treated him and other socialists with contempt. We must do the same to Labour..

Eve 🕊

Remembering when Owen Smith said he’d extend Prevent in the labour leadership contest, which Corbyn won by a landslide.

Kosciuszko With Tanks 🇺🇸🇵🇱🇺🇦🇧🇾🇱🇹

Jeremy Corbyn is what happens when you become an idealistic but shallow idiot in your first year at University and then somehow get stuck in that state for the rest of your life. What a piece of shit..

Corbyn Photo,Corbyn Photo by Kosciuszko With Tanks 🇺🇸🇵🇱🇺🇦🇧🇾🇱🇹,Kosciuszko With Tanks 🇺🇸🇵🇱🇺🇦🇧🇾🇱🇹 on twitter tweets Corbyn Photo

George Aylett

Dawn Butler. We can’t mention Jeremy Corbyn but you never said anything about bringing John McDonnell back as shadow.

Shahmir Sanni

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with suggesting de-escalation. Corbyn might be a troglodyte at times, but the way white liberals in the United Kingdom are frothing at the mouth over him suggesting or criticising arms dumping into war-torn countries is not morally wrong..

Jarek Jakimczyk

Pomyśleć tylko, że ktoś taki jak Jeremy Corbyn mógł być liderem partii, która jest jednym z filarów brytyjskiego parlamentaryzmu. O tempora, o mores! #PutinsPuppet.

Laurie Rose BSC

@bendreyfuss Jeremy Cronyn was hobbled by factions of his own party because they felt he was too radical/left wing, not centrist enough. Corbyn increased general membership of his party to become the biggest political party membership in Europe. He was not unpopular..

Juliet Moses

I can’t think of any journalists who do a better job of exposing and critiquing tankies’ hypocrisy, conspiracy theories and atrocity apologism than Oz. This thread comes after Corbyn said the West should stop arming Ukraine, on Al Mayadeen, a pro-Russia Beirut-based TV channel..


Society if Jeremy Corbyn were elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Corbyn Photo,Corbyn Photo by WORLD PEACE,WORLD PEACE on twitter tweets Corbyn Photo

sandieshoes 🇬🇧🇺🇸

The fact Comrade Corbyn appeared on a pro-Assad Middle East TV channel – confirms voters in the were right to reject him..

The Blind Owl

@SeanR_1 @JamesHarrisNow Corbyn is arguing that the war can be ended with words. His position is no more radical or dangerous than John Lennon singing, “give peace a chance.”.

Dave Boyd

@paulmasonnews Corbyn stands with Ukraine, he just doesn’t want to fuel further war and would rather promote peaceful, diplomatic solutions. You’re misrepresenting, as usual. But you keep being you, hun..

Ben M. Freeman

This is a classic conspiracy fantasy which accuses Jews of manipulating world events for their benefit. Corbyn wasn’t smeared by Israel. He is a racist who actively targeted the world’s most continuously persecuted minority group..

Wojciech Filipkowski

Top story: Jeremy Corbyn urges west to stop arming Ukraine | Jeremy Corbyn | The Guardian , see more.

Roy Bennett

@brianklaas And Russia, Germany, America, Finland, Poland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Georgia, etc. But you fail to mention ANY of these, you utterly misrepresented his words and twisted them to suit your own agenda – Corbyn demonization, this tweet lost any credibility you had with me..


Piss diamonds admitting they preferred Johnson to Corbyn. And still some people believe in a progressive alliance. This on the basis of a video which says nothing what the tweeter claims it says..

Arnaud Bontemps

@MathildePanot Fallait pas défiler avec eux, soutenir des imams antisémites et accueillir Corbyn bande de clowns. Vous vous attendiez à quoi.

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