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Latrell, Walker go MIA as rookie half taught lesson by master: Souths Player Ratings 🧐💹❓ 👉.

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Ross Martin

@MichaelChammas Cody Walker.
A massive liability on the field and an even bigger mug once the game is over..

Nat Butcher Stan Account (Harley)

@NRL Cody Walker not only getting bumped off but also stopping Cook from making the tackle was one of the best moments of 2022.

NYGiant Balls

It’s nice to know that Cody Walker is single handedly responsible for souths losing to Penrith in the GF and now the prelim..

Freddie Faraj

Cody Walker has massive issues in his head, can’t handle himself when the game is going against them. #NRLPanthersSouths.

Ninja Kenny 🇦🇺

@MichaelChammas Cody Walker in an altercation? Has to be a first. In Other news once he got rattled and starting being a grub souffs lost all momentum and got rid of the wrong half..


@NRL On a team with Cody Walker, Taane Milne tries to prove every week he is without doubt the biggest grub on the field.


@FOXNRL Cody Walker proves to everyone year after year he’s so easy to bait. Why anyone at south’s thought it was a good idea to keep this clown over Reynolds I’ll never know. That To’o tackle was legendary.


@rev_all_spirit @aussiechic81 Watching To’o steamroll Cody Walker for that try was a highlight. Fattrell was cooked in the first 20 mins. See you next year grubbitohs!.

NRL on Nine

Cody Walker has been filmed engaged in a fiery run-in with a Penrith trainer following their preliminary final. #NRL #9WWOS.

Robert Crozier

@NRLonNine In my opinion Cody Walker needs to pull his head in ,he’s got the biggest chip on his shoulder,he resents being tackled gets up pushing and punching opposition players and always third man in skirmishes needs to give himself two upper cuts just in case the first misses.

Benny H

Taane Milne is a grub. But to be fair, his role models are Latrine Mitchell and Cody Walker, two of the biggest grubs in the game..

Sharon Good 🐶🦢

There is nothing better than watching Cody Walker get run over like a speed bump 😍. C’mon panthers.

Latemail Man

Cody Walker really dropping his bundle in the last quarter of this game. #NRLPanthersSouths.

Luke ⭐️⭐️

I was told Cody Walker wanted the Big moments. And yet. Here we are. #NRLPanthersSouths.


How people are making that last try about Cody Walker is beyond me, incredibly stupid to not just go for the field goal on offer or to not push a pass which wasn’t ever on. Frustrating to undo all the great work of the first 40 minutes to such a soft try.


@bryannina @MichaelChammas Cody Walker is a sore loser and a grub so happy he will never win a grand final.

SuperCoach Guns

Okay the fact South’s made the prelim without Reyno and Wayne is good however our main problem problem is the way Latrell and Cody act on the field, and no this isn’t a racist rant on 2 of our aboriginal players but it’s always Latrell out of position, Walker catching 3….

Michael Chammas

UPDATE The sledge that ignited Cody Walker’s attack on Panthers trainer.

Mark Tramby

Dumb play from Cody Walker , behind on the score board and starts loosing his shit #NRLPanthersSouths.


Has Latrell Mitchell and Cody Walker played tonight for @SSFCRABBITOHS as they have gone missing yet again #NRLPanthersSouths.


@tomhay18 No team with Cody Walker on it can be the good guys the bloke is a grub and went MIA again in the big games.

Chloe Jones 💙⚡️💛

Brian To’o knocking over Cody Walker was an absolute delight to watch 😄 #NRLPanthersSouths.

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight !🇳🇴🇮🇸🇬🇩

Cody Walker is going to bring out more of the cheap stuff now Souffs are losing #NRLPanthersSouths.

formér protégé 🤬

Latrell Mitchell MIA and Cody Walker doesn’t know what to do 😂 #NRLPanthersSouths.


Someone put one on Cody Walker’s chin please? The grub cannot handle losing. #NRLPanthersSouths.

formér protégé 🤬

Hey Cody Walker … you’re a disgrace to your club and the game. Also, thanks for going MIA again 😂 over hyped cry baby #NRLPanthersSouths.

formér protégé 🤬

Cody Walker is the most over rated player in the NRL. He has been riding off Latrell Mitchell for 2 seasons and again tonight he is the reason why the Panthers are infront. #NRLPanthersSouths.

gemma rogers

Nothing better than seeing Cody Walker chuck a tantrum on national television #NRLPanthersSouths.

Zac Bailey

WATCH for EXCLUSIVE vision of the confrontation between Cody Walker & a Panthers trainer following last night’s heated prelim final against the Bunnies..

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