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Matt Ramos

Leslie Grace. Michael Keaton. Brendan Fraser. Adil El Arbi. Bilall Fallah. All of their hard work deserved to be seen by the world. #Batgirl.

Patricia Gomes

eu nunca vou perdoar o cancelamento do filme da Batgirl porque ESSE HOMEM NÃO MERECIA 😭
justiça por brendan fraser.

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fraser 🦦

i’ll never forgive hollywood for blacklisting brendan fraser because he tried to speak up about being sexually assaulted genuinely such a horrible and fake industry that is full of the absolute worst people.

Pedro J. García

¿Te imaginas que Brendan Fraser acaba ganando el Oscar? Sería el giro que él y todos nosotros nos merecemos..

super yaki

Hey if anyone else out there is thinking about axing a yet-to-be-released Michael Keaton and/or Brendan Fraser movie I am begging you… please don’t!!.

Courtney Howard

Get yourselves a colleague who will praise you like Brendan Fraser does Sadie Sink on their work together in THE WHALE..


Creo que lo que más me duele de la cancelación de Batgirl es el no poder ver a Brendan Fraser en otra película popular
No es ningún secreto que Hollywood le dio de lado muy a lo bestia, y casi todos vimos La Momia.
Es ya una cuestión de nostalgia y su carrera merece un repunte..


A24 revela 1ª imagem de Brendan Fraser caracterizado em The Whale, novo filme de Darren Aronofsky:.

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@PoorlyAgedStuff leslie grace, brendan fraser, and michael keaton really do deserve better tho..

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habitual line-stepper

I wanna watch this but idk if I am in a good headspace to watch anything where Brendan Fraser is sad.


Este 2022, Brendan Fraser regresa con The Whale, de Darren Aronofsk, donde interpreta a un sujeto solitario que pesa unos 270 kilos. 😲👇
Así es como el actor llegó a este papel..

ScreenAge Wasteland

Imagine choosing to use Batgirl as a tax write-down instead of releasing it on HBO Max. Need I remind you this film includes:
– the return of fan favorite DC characters JK Simmons’ Gordon and Keaton’s Batman
– a Black Canary cameo
– BRENDAN FRASER as the villain WB fucked up….


The actor will portray a lonely man living with obesity in the A24 film “The Whale.”.

El Universal

#Foto Brendan, que robó suspiros en la década de los 90, ahora está irreconocible.

Justo Parreño

Brendan Fraser siempre me cayó bien, a pesar de que nunca ha demostrado tener talento interpretativo. Ojalá aproveche esta oportunidad de la mano de uno de los pocos cineastas (irregular, eso sí) que quedan en Hollywood..


Brendan Fraser est méconnaissable sur la 1ère photo de #TheWhale de Darren Aronofsky. Le film est sélectionné en compétition à la 79e Mostra de Venise qui se déroulera du 31 août au 10 septembre..

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Freut mich so Brendan Fraser bald wieder in wahrscheinlich guten Filmen zu sehen. The Whale, Batgirl (bitte lol) und dann noch in Scorceses Film 2023. Hoffe ihm gehts gut.

Dr Joanne Paul

also starred Michael Keaton as Batman; Simmons as Barbara’s father, Commissioner Gordon; and Brendan Fraser as villainous Firefly. — I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THIS FILM..


anyway do you ever wish there was a hilarious and well written superhero team show with multiple seasons where all the main characters are disabled and most of them are queer? if only there was one starring someone awesome like brendan fraser or diane guerrero or something idk.

Daily Mail Celebrity

Brendan Fraser transforms into 600lb recluse for new film The Whale.

LADbible News

🔔 | Fans Praise Incredible Prosthetics Used On Brendan Fraser As He Transforms Into 600lbs Man For New Role.

Soñando con Munchkins

Aronofsky y Brendan Fraser, un tándem que me apetece muchísimo. Espero que nos den algo potente e inolvidable.


@solacecinema Super excited for this film! Brendan Fraser will win an Oscar for sure..

Milk bar patron

@meerkat_ink Brendan Fraser in The Whale perfect for a Champions themed thumbnail.

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Jornal Extra

Após Brendan Fraser engordar para novo filme, relembre outros atores que ficaram irreconhecíveis para papéis no cinema.


Brendan Fraser, el protagonista de La Momia, interpreta en el filme a un hombre que pesa casi 300 kilos👇.

fatboy summer 2022

Si hago ((fat nandolini + fat folillo) + brendan fraser) + señor salmones me sale Maria del Monte.

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@roxannesno Like. She looked like she was going kill that role AND Brendan Fraser?? Wtf..

Amber 🐨🇦🇺

If we can’t have Brendan Fraser in #Batgirl he should be in season 5 of Stranger Things..

Omni-Man’s MMA Burner

@CombatCr Only sad thing is that Brendan Fraser doesn’t get his big screen return to a huge audience anymore but I hope people will come out to see The Whale.

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