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Christine Milne AO

Exxon Mobil made $18billion in profit in the last three months but is seeking an exemption from its obligation to remove all its property from Bass Strait as it decommissions its oil and gas wells. @AlboMP do not give in to them. #auspol #NOPSEMA @EnviroVic.


If you are serious about learning music, listen carefully to the bass line rather than the melody line..

cammyboo AO

Coalition MP for Bass Bridget Archer has completed her statement of interests. It declares quite a few shares of mining companies held by her and her partner.

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▼8/25(木)Creative Center OSAKA
BASS ON TOP presents
「SOUND SHOCK 2022」 前売¥2,000
(+1ドリンク代) バウンダリー初出演です🔥

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ご質問いただいたので 愛器5弦ベース2本の弦高📸📏.

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BlueStar-A Love letter to Gaia is a declaration of love to planet earth,noting a duty of care.
Written as blues lullaby to Gaia,it features a Crossfire electric Banjo duetting with a resonator tenor, anchored at the bottom by a Guild Bass Now on YouTube:.

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Anthony Bass this year has been one of the best relievers in baseball and slots in as the second best relivers in the pen..

F1rst Place Fish

@Danny__MIA I am not sure what else anyone could possibly expect in return for Pop and Bass. This is a good move. If it works, great. If not, it’s Pop and Bass. Time to move on.


zack Says i only play bass cau se i got fou r fingers But That is UNtRUE and HURTfULL . .. :(.

Brad Pomerance

I actually think this twin endorsement is significant. She is running against another Democrat, albeit a newly-minted one. What do you think?
“Biden and Harris endorse Bass for Los Angeles mayor” via @politico.


#これを見た人は無言で昔の相棒をのせる TL1000Rにナイトラス✌️ こいつで最新バイクをなぎ倒してきた.

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Spin And Destroy Events

ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: Beginning his production journey 7 years ago, Sacramento-based artist, @spukemusic has quite the record. He has paved his own way by creating a unique style, blending elements of funk, soul, future bass, house, and acid jazz into his production..

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Doug Doucette

@tmlfaninvan Bass is a wonderful pick up. Former Jay who by all indications is a great human and a great teammate. He’s having an incredible season and he has a really cheap team option for next year. Pop is a GTA boy with a really good fastball and not much else, but it gets the job done..

Gregory Friesen

@AlexForgay Couldn’t agree more. Bass has been tremendous this season, while Pop has been solid..

Blue🌼 ):) Ohmnon lovebot ♡

@ohmsmiles Yarr darao matt tum 😭usko khana deti hun main toh wo aahati hai i sleep late nah so wo bass room ke pass ajati hai.

(8/3~5 대구) Yeon

@Bass_Elind 아 ㄹㅇ 보니까 섹트계인듯 호다닥 차단하고 왔는데 하필 나 대구가는데 대구사람인거 줮같네
트위터에 지역 언급할때마다 저런 인간들 옴 ㅅㅂ.


@RichardForgets Lowkey. My partner and I are really, uhh into the old ways ig so I really want to genuinely go fishing lmfao. Used to do it a lot when I was younger too. AOmg I actually do have a photo of me holding a bass!!! I was like 4 though so I have to dig through the books.

marilinha e o parmera de 2012

Impossível Nuggets de legumes fazer mal pra saúde. É de legumes. Mó gostosinho (Saudades).

Morgana 🌸

Salmon and sea bass fillets topped-off with fried eggs, with a side of mixed rocket salad, gherkins, spring onion, Nocellara olives, pickled chillis, tzatziki AND Dijon mustard?? Sometimes, I genuinely wonder about my sanity levels. Or pregnancy status 😳. (Joke! 😂) Delicious!🤤.

Sonari (he/him)

Does a presidential endorsement have in any influence on mayoral races?.


@rickfriel me too. But I recently put the tail piece HW on my P bass and my Jazz bass just for the cool look!.

بـســوم ..💛

@4_zxwr @Ayat2o ابك والله مخليك لحالك ي بنت عمي 🦦🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️.

Kendall Jarboe

@lex_basss You’re the best A Bass ❤️❤️ you’ve truly been there for me through it all!.

Josiah Hunter

@domvanford Good lord bass knob to 10, you’ll drown out all the John tone right out of there.


@ShadowTodd @QuentinFox136 Eh, I’d say the last measure of the intro is a 7/8 rather, since the bass synth pattern matches when it’s used in the prechorus in a standard 4/4..

Gold Coast Greens

Exxon Mobil made $18 billion in profit in the last three months but is seeking an exemption from its obligation to remove all its property from Bass Strait as it decommissions its oil and gas wells..

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